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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITION

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Patanjali, 74:abstract mind egoic body mental plane 5. Buddhi intuition buddhic body buddhic plane. 6. AtmaPatanjali, 159:apart from the lower mind, sometimes called the intuition, whose nature is love-wisdom. This is thePatanjali, 234:things can be known in the vivid light of the intuition. 34. Understanding of thePatanjali, 267:future, past and present, stand revealed to his intuition. It will be apparent therefore to evenPatanjali, 308:in each human being, students who have their intuition developed will see the correspondencePatanjali, 315:things can be known in the vivid light of the intuition. There are three aspects of knowledgePatanjali, 316:light is touched. Thirdly, the "light of the intuition" is one of the terms which can be applied toPatanjali, 317:yogi comes to know everything." These flashes of intuition are at first simply vivid flashes ofPatanjali, 317:walks in the full light of day. When the intuition begins to function, the aspirant has to learn toPatanjali, 317:of his edition. He says: "This divining power of intuition is the power [318] which lies above andPatanjali, 318:formulates a question and lays it before the intuition, which gives a real answer, oftenPatanjali, 318:which the rational mind brings questions to the intuition for solution, that the truths of sciencePatanjali, 323:7th 2. Healing 6th 3. Divine vision 5th 4. Intuition 4th 5. Idealism 3rd Atmic 1. Beatitude 7th 2.Patanjali, 323:Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. e. The Fifth Sense - Smell.Patanjali, 353:upon the sixth sense, the mind. With him, the intuition has been developed into a usablePatanjali, 361:are the probationers, the aspirants Those whose intuition is awakening and who demonstrate aPatanjali, 364:is here given. "Through the development of the intuition there will arise exact knowledge of thePatanjali, 364:other of these streams. The development of the intuition enables the seer to know the nature of thePatanjali, 365:that the liberated yogi who has developed the intuition can know all things about all forms ofPatanjali, 417:the path of return, and though in due time the intuition will supersede the mind, and directProblems, 55:colleges and universities the unfoldment of the intuition, the importance of ideas and ideals andProblems, 55:These three factors - instinct, intellect and intuition - provide the keynotes for the threeProblems, 62:that basic triplicity: instinct, intellect and intuition. Their numbers were relatively few in theProblems, 151:of which wisdom, mental perception and the intuition are aspects. Then came the next great Teacher,Problems, 160:to arrive at knowledge of God, to awaken the intuition and to understand the nature of truth. ThesePsychology1, xxi:will serve to convey truth and to develop the intuition. The last book, A Treatise on White Magic,Psychology1, xxii:him [xxii] may be developed and the power of the intuition be brought to bear on all problems andPsychology1, 12:There is to be found today in the realm of the intuition much of wonder; this can be contacted. ItPsychology1, 24:in terms of the lower concrete mind, and whose intuition is dormant or only manifesting in flashes,Psychology1, 51:of spirit, atma. Ray IV - Harmony - Plane of the intuition. Ray V - Concrete Knowledge - MentalPsychology1, 59:a downpouring of the abstract mind or of the intuition, and this, in its turn, stimulates andPsychology1, 71:comprehension. They require an exercise of the intuition and are conveyed by six short andPsychology1, 112:are of moment to you. The training [112] of the intuition to recognize spiritual truth should bePsychology1, 112:that which they need. In the light of your own intuition and illumined mind (developed and broughtPsychology1, 121:of Knowledge (synonymous to the merging of the intuition and the intellect in highly evolved man)Psychology1, 132:Sight Taste Smell The mind, the common sense The intuition or the synthetic sense. [133] ThroughPsychology1, 133:5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God.Psychology1, 134:to which there has been a sentient rapport. The intuition is literally the synthetic and immediatePsychology1, 136:as a result, the growth and substitution of the intuition for the intellect. [137] May I urge uponPsychology1, 153:complexities and problems. But the illumined intuition, with its power to synthesize (which is thePsychology1, 163:representing Sun. Flame. II Widsom. Balance. Intuition. Raja Yoga. Mercury. Yellow. Rose. IIIPsychology1, 172:responsive to subjective influences and to the intuition. It was found wise to bring about aPsychology1, 181:These will be men and women in whom the intuition has awakened at the behest of an urgentPsychology1, 199:of synthetic love or understanding which is the intuition. This intuition is a quality of mentalPsychology1, 199:or understanding which is the intuition. This intuition is a quality of mental matter and of thePsychology1, 200:of the underlying truth which we call the intuition. This is after all the response of thePsychology1, 202:and endurance, love of truth, faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence, and serene temper. VicesPsychology1, 203:and foresee possibilities; he would have an intuition as to the best course to pursue, and he wouldPsychology1, 204:but a spiritual rule of living, thus bringing in intuition and true wisdom. A bad type of thePsychology1, 208:Devotion, single-mindedness, love, tenderness, intuition, loyalty, reverence. Vices of Ray: SelfishPsychology1, 217:Concrete Knowledge Personality. II. Love-Wisdom Intuition. 6. Planetary Lives VI. Devotion to IdeasPsychology1, 316:2nd ray souls. In the 6th root-race. Perfected Intuition. 2nd and 6th subraces. Ray III.Psychology1, 321:eventually in man the appearance of the intuition. The fifth ray is responsible for the developmentPsychology1, 322:the one after his own. The kingdom of souls - Intuition. The human kingdom - Intellect. The animalPsychology1, 322:also say that through the union of the positive intuition and the negative instinct the intellectPsychology1, 338:that in that race the intellect will serve the intuition. Human activity is now regarded as havingPsychology1, 357:expressing a developed synthesis of intellect-intuition, preparatory to that advanced stage whichPsychology1, 387:which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love inPsychology1, 406:personality. [406] Ray two - working through the intuition. The Personality ray finds its majorPsychology1, 413:Kingdom of Souls Ray 5 - Personality. Ray 2 - Intuition. The Planetary Kingdom Ray 6 - The Plan.Psychology1, 419:mind is seen as seated in the throat. Ray IV - Intuition, Harmony, Beauty, Art Planet: Mercury.Psychology1, 419:Color: Yellow. Divine Principle: Buddhi. Intuition. Pure reason. Human Principle: Understanding.Psychology1, 421:5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God. ThePsychology1, 423:Concrete Knowledge. 2. Love-Wisdom. Personality. Intuition. 6. Planetary Lives 6. Devotion toPsychology1, 429:2nd ray souls. In the 6th root-race. Perfected Intuition. 2nd and 6th subraces. Ray III.Psychology2, 41:precedes form expression, The veiling of the intuition, The sensing of in harmony, and cooperationPsychology2, 41:to: Unity and harmony; The evocation of the intuition; Right judgment and pure reason; The wisdomPsychology2, 41:without exception. This ray is the ray of the intuition and of the harmonizing of all that has beenPsychology2, 48:will find as time elapses, and their reason and intuition awaken, [49] that such symbolic andPsychology2, 68:of God. Intellect must be unfolded before the intuition can be correctly evoked. We have,Psychology2, 70:within the world of forms), of the energy of the intuition, or spiritual love-wisdom orPsychology2, 72:higher spiritual mind and into the realm of the intuition. A reciprocal activity is thus set up.Psychology2, 72:through the constant effort to draw forth the intuition, through subservience and obedience to thePsychology2, 72:(which begins to be recognized as soon as the intuition and the mind are en rapport) and through aPsychology2, 72:Probationary Path. The effort to draw forth the intuition requires directed occult (but notPsychology2, 101:quality. Intellect, as the reflector of the Intuition. Conflict, producing harmony. Knowledge orPsychology2, 139:through contact with his soul, or because his intuition tells him that what the Group, whichPsychology2, 142:to be found in the world at this time and whose intuition is not yet awakened. It is to be notedPsychology2, 179:all thinking alike, because no one thinks with intuition, but who are governed by some school ofPsychology2, 233:and working through the throat and ajna centers. Intuition. This is predominantly concerned withPsychology2, 239:heart and mind of God. Instinct - Intellect - Intuition - Illumination: All of them leading up toPsychology2, 254:instinctual - to idealize. Instinct, intellect, intuition, ideation, and illumination - these arePsychology2, 285:buddhi. The force of divine, reasoning love. The intuition. This is part of the flower ofPsychology2, 287:of love come into conscious recognition, and the intuition begins faintly to function. These petalsPsychology2, 322:is to be an instrument of a higher force. The intuition. The source of inspiration, the monad. APsychology2, 386:illumination is essentially the evocation of the intuition, which brings the illumination of directPsychology2, 407:of plan. It produces also the unfoldment of the intuition (the sublimation of the intellect, asPsychology2, 417:brain, and through the ajna and throat centers. Intuition distinguishes the soul nature and itPsychology2, 441:drop below the threshold of consciousness. The intuition will then take its place. For most people,Psychology2, 441:its place. For most people, the free use of the intuition is not possible, because it lies in thePsychology2, 559:d. Taste (embryonic). Taste. Discrimination. Intuition. e. Smell (acute). Smell, Emotinal idealism.Psychology2, 560:1. Comprehension 2. Healing 3. Divine vision 4. Intuition 5. Idealism 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd AtmicPsychology2, 189:Physical taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. [562] The Fifth Sense - Smell.Psychology2, 684:can be accepted or rejected according to the intuition of the individual student. [685] The BuddhaPsychology2, 706:This leads eventually to a sensitivity to the intuition which will enable an individual toPsychology2, 720:the eye of the inner vision open, and with our intuition alert and awake, perhaps some apprehensionRays, 11:heart of every man lies hid the flower of the intuition. On that you can depend, and no eternal orRays, 34:Monad, and implemented by the pure reason of the intuition. It will be apparent to you, therefore,Rays, 44:reference to the seven initiations. The intuition of the aspirant must be invoked if he is toRays, 48:A close analysis of this rule will convey to the intuition far more than appears upon the surface,
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