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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITION

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Rays, 49:is it more clearly shown and yet, unless the intuition and the sense of correlation areRays, 50:to which we give the inadequate name of the intuition. This is in reality divine insight andRays, 54:and to stir his imagination (the seed of the intuition), so that even whilst occupied in expressingRays, 66:I have told you much, had you the awakened intuition to read the significance of some of myRays, 96:that of buddhi or the plane of pure reason, the intuition. From the angle of the higher initiate,Rays, 114:bridge, the antahkarana. The nature of the intuition and its development, as it supersedes the mindRays, 119:They are on the plane of spiritual love, of the intuition and of buddhi. The Hierarchy is bothRays, 125:will strain your mental perception, evoke your intuition and institute that process of recognitionRays, 129:its sustenance and vitality by the inflow of the intuition and of the spiritual will, emanatingRays, 131:of the quality and the revelatory power of the intuition is known by all disciples; it constitutesRays, 132:may serve to inspire your minds, evoke your intuition and give you vision and increased spiritualRays, 155:clear vision and spiritual insight, a developed intuition, and an undeviating intention and strongRays, 227:in the feet; this referred to the use of the intuition, which is governed by Mercury. The use ofRays, 229:The effect of this release is to awaken the intuition (governed as you know by Mercury), and toRays, 278:becomes the receptacle of buddhi or of the intuition; then, after the third initiation itRays, 288:his knowledge is related to the faculty of the intuition and to that divine perception which seesRays, 311:realize that the expression of buddhi, or of the intuition, in the consciousness of the spiritualRays, 358:- Intelligence The buddhic plane - Pure reason - Intuition This 4th or buddhic is a fusion of 2 andRays, 378:held in mind, the detail is of small moment; the intuition rapidly assimilates and relates theRays, 393:however, made possible by the development of the intuition, and has no relation to the mind nature.Rays, 442:understanding, conveyed by the awakening intuition - the agent of the Spiritual Triad. The meaningRays, 445:within the world of forms), of the energy of the intuition or spiritual love-wisdom orRays, 447:[447] spiritual mind and into the realm of the intuition. A reciprocal activity is thus set up.Rays, 447:through the constant effort to draw forth the intuition, through subservience and obedience to theRays, 447:(which begins to be recognized as soon as the intuition and the mind are en rapport), and through aRays, 447:Probationary Path. The effort to draw forth the intuition requires directed occult (but notRays, 459:The 3rd and 4th Initiations Universal Love and Intuition Universal Will an Mind Path of Light TheRays, 461:is wisdom, illuminated [461] by the light of the intuition. Another way of expressing this is toRays, 463:Higher abstract awareness. The unfoldment of the intuition and the recognition of intuitive processRays, 485:at this stage may be a flash of the spiritual intuition or the sudden realization of theRays, 488:is, as you know, the lowest aspect of the intuition, and this fact must be remembered at all times.Rays, 489:rapport (if successful) between the buddhic intuition and the creative imagination [490] of theRays, 511:upon the relationship of the imagination to the intuition and of both to the mind. The work ofRays, 700:and is henceforth only useful in service. The intuition, the pure reason, complete knowledgeRays, 703:be approached by you with as much use of the intuition as you can employ; your effort will have toRays, 711:plane) leads humanity onwards. The energy of the intuition, which is the word we use to describe aRays, 711:hierarchical activity on behalf of humanity. The intuition is entirely concerned with groupRays, 712:of the Spiritual Triad - the spiritual will, the intuition or pure reason, and the abstract mind.Rays, 713:not the distribution of ideas or the use of the intuition in grasping the stage of the divineReappearance, 59:united in Themselves both the intellect and the intuition, the practical and the apparentlySoul, 115:as the abstract or spiritual mind, and as the intuition. The ajna center, or the center between theTelepathy, 21:ideas; he becomes aware of the great Plan; his intuition is awakened. One point should here beTelepathy, 35:come to its full glory in the Aquarian Age. The intuition is the infallibly sensitive agent, latentTelepathy, 35:groups can be the nurturers of the seed of the intuition; the cultivation of sensitivity toTelepathy, 35:him from the world of souls and the world of the intuition. It is the development of the telepathicTelepathy, Discip:do on the levels of the abstract mind, of the intuition, or of manas and buddhi. The science is asTelepathy, 49:the registered impression, as it took form in an intuition and eventually found its place upon theTelepathy, 50:with the process of translating the recorded intuition into a form (through recognition of andTelepathy, 65:the needed intelligence, wisdom, [65] intuition or will. Ponder on this. Consciousness is inherentTelepathy, 72:For average humanity, the development of the intuition is the lower correspondence to this type ofTelepathy, 127:upon, my brothers, and only the penetrating intuition can make these matters clearer to your avidTelepathy, 189:and begins to impress the concrete mind; an intuition is an idea clothed in etheric substance, andTelepathy, 197:which are readily perceived by those whose intuition is sufficiently awake; but its meaning should
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