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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITIONAL

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Astrologyreal moment and significance to the world. It is intuitional astrology which must eventuallyAstrology, 127:the fourth ray energy which is buddhic, intuitional and expressive of the Christ, as Mercury andAstrology, 181:personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration will take him; he travels upon theAstrology, 205:world of sensitive perception which we call the intuitional plane. Pisces carries the test into theAstrology, 281:the first solar system and the higher abstract intuitional mind, the pure reason, is unfolding inAstrology, 312:awareness. Aquarius - group consciousness - intuitional awareness. With much of this we haveAstrology, 471:in contradistinction to the medium. It is intuitional control instead of the intellectual insteadAtom, 132:system, called in some occult books [132] the intuitional plane; it is called in the EasternBethlehem, 158:carried for generations, probably for ages, in intuitional minds, long before it becomesDestiny, 52:United States and London. The fluid, mercurial, intuitional mind is closely allied with the divineDestiny, 112:or of his instinctual response to the higher intuitional values. In the past, highly developed butDestiny, 115:stage of unfoldment to which we give the name of intuitional knowledge. The counterparts of theDiscipleship1, 37:plane of spiritual energy (either soul energy, intuitional energy or will energy) and the patientDiscipleship1, 47:the impact of new ideas and to the delicacy of intuitional responsiveness. These are ever theDiscipleship1, 49:of world service. Let us briefly enumerate them: Intuitional response to ideas. Sensitiveness toDiscipleship1, 291:of all degrees - great or small, mental or intuitional - have to be tried and, if in any wayDiscipleship1, 292:develop it thereby, to the group you bring your intuitional capacity, and by constant use it alsoDiscipleship1, 331:Being primarily astral-buddhic, demonstrating as intuitional development working out in a highDiscipleship1, 332:lower mind, via the soul. Yours is buddhic or intuitional reason, stimulating the astral-emotionalDiscipleship1, 332:grasp, without losing at the same time your intuitional wisdom. R. S. U. needs to study less and toDiscipleship1, 340:astral-buddhic in your consciousness. Your intuitional grasp of reality and of truth is far aheadDiscipleship1, 452:Your task is to link the emotional and the intuitional nature and so evoke spiritual sensitivity toDiscipleship1, 756:the aura is: The buddhic permanent atom, or the intuitional vehicle of the advanced disciple. TheDiscipleship2, 145:your original focus will have shifted to intuitional levels or to the levels of the higher,Discipleship2, 150:do this on a relatively larger scale than the intuitional, the spiritually minded or even the menDiscipleship2, 193:aspirant cannot focus in the Ashram or upon the intuitional levels of consciousness. You can see,Discipleship2, 200:aware; in that higher state they arrive at those intuitional and spiritual "discoveries" which canDiscipleship2, 200:of the intuition, and control the inflow of intuitional energy into the minds of men. The pointDiscipleship2, 220:it, and their point of meditative focus is the intuitional or buddhic plane - the plane upon whichDiscipleship2, 252:the eye of the mind is the exteriorization - the intuitional perception of the soul itself. But asDiscipleship2, 350:past, were admitted into the world of ideas, of intuitional perception or of buddhic awareness;Discipleship2, 370:it must take shape. Involves the buddhic or intuitional plane. Relates to the fourth initiation.Discipleship2, 413:basically mental, with a growing sensitivity to intuitional understanding. It was realized inDiscipleship2, 468:plexus center. This next race will be buddhic or intuitional, and therefore will embody, as aDiscipleship2, 514:of the disciple to the Hierarchy. - This is intuitional sensitivity. The attitude of theDiscipleship2, 736:if I may use such a phrase - upon the buddhic or intuitional plane. You are facing changes in yourEducation, xii:of development - physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social - if it is in advance of hisEducation, 35:the Soul, the Self. The higher, abstract or intuitional mind. or: The receptive mind or commonEducation, 83:children, their intellectual capacity and their intuitional potentiality. In infancy and in theEducation, 101:those with whom his life was cast. In all this intuitional process the emphasis was laid uponExternalisation, 29:can begin to touch the world of ideas (upon the intuitional levels of consciousness) - can employ aExternalisation, 96:to the illumined minds of the individuals - intuitional and acting as a cohesive element and aExternalisation, 163:- The second or monadic plane. The buddhic or intuitional plane. The mental plane. Focal point -Externalisation, 163:- The logoic or first plane. The buddhic, or intuitional plane. The astral or emotional plane.Externalisation, 322:interrelation which will foster latent love, intuitional understanding and the creative power inExternalisation, 490:do this on a relatively larger scale than the intuitional, the spiritually minded or even the menExternalisation, 509:be developed and demonstrated. By the growth of intuitional telepathy and the increasingExternalisation, 578:that synthesis of effort which will create a new intuitional consciousness and - consequently - aExternalisation, 683:almost entirely from the level of the buddhic or intuitional plane, perfecting the Science ofFire, 83:ether. 4. Fourth ether - Super-gaseous Buddhic (Intuitional plane) Air. Fourth cosmic ether. DENSEFire, 118:ether PLANE OF UNION OR AT-ONE-MENT 4. Etheric Intuitional Buddhic Air 4th cosmic ether THE LOWERFire, 119:is the present. Therefore, also, the buddhic or intuitional plane (the correspondence in the systemFire, 164:emotional or astral plane, The mental plane, The intuitional, or the buddhic plane, The spiritual,Fire, 522:ether. Spiritual plane - 3rd cosmic ether. Intuitional plane - 4th cosmic ether. Mental plane (Ego)Fire, 814:that realization those who stand on the verge of intuitional apprehension of knowledge and those ofFire, 940:upon, and may convey much information to the intuitional thinker. There is a correspondence betweenGlamour, 4:activity of the indwelling Christ principle. Intuitional understanding is always spontaneous. WhereGlamour, 8:provide a means whereby the dormant buddhic or intuitional faculty can be brought into functioningGlamour, 9:whereon the intuition manifests and where the intuitional state of consciousness is active is thatGlamour, 9:is active is that of the buddhic or intuitional plane. This plane is the higher correspondence ofGlamour, 9:It becomes evident therefore that if the intuitional faculty is to be brought into activity throughGlamour, 10:lead you, remembering always that they are not intuitional but are reactions to the feeling orGlamour, 15:of the things that a group of aspirants, whose intuitional interplay is established, canGlamour, 15:lying before all aspirants is to arrive at that intuitional knowledge and that intelligentGlamour, 16:the symbolic phrases as an exercise for your intuitional insight, but dropping the consideration ofGlamour, 31:is responsive, at the same time, to the higher intuitional inspiration. It is mediatingGlamour, 58:and stable; many are in process of descent from intuitional levels; a few are still illumined byGlamour, 61:and into the human mind direct from the intuitional levels. The stage of human development todayGlamour, 61:does not yet permit this. They can come from the intuitional levels only when there is a veryGlamour, 195:in which capacity to live the initiate life of intuitional perception and to serve the Plan isGlamour, 195:are reacting to the light of the soul or to the intuitional perception of the Triad. They will thenGlamour, 251:buddhic and manasic force; he is beginning to be intuitional and predominantly mental. It is whenHercules, 186:but will work automatically because of the intuitional spiritual interplay between the minds of theInitiation, 18:occur. At-one-ment on all levels - emotional, intuitional, spiritual and Divine - consists inInitiation, 66:This information is only possible as the intuitional vehicle coordinates. It is really the occultInitiation, 99:unification after another, the "Heavenly Men" on intuitional levels and on spiritual levels areIntellect, 29:as revealed to us by the labors, intellectual, intuitional, inspirational, of the seers andIntellect, 36:The ranks of these "deluded" mystics and intuitional thinkers number tens of thousands of the bestIntellect, 49:claimed the educated intellectual can become the intuitional knower it might be well to state theIntellect, 50:the hallmark of the illuminated mystic and the intuitional knowers. The beautiful lines found inIntellect, 125:in its turn, be transcended and superseded by intuitional awareness? [126] Certain propositionsIntellect, 211:(with the higher knowledge and the faculty of intuitional perception) has its seat in a center ofMagic, 26:standpoint of man in the three worlds below the intuitional plane) and seek to understand, throughMagic, 50:the mental to the buddhic and the mind to the intuitional states of consciousness. [51] Magic, 117:When the emotional plane is dominated by the intuitional, then will come universal comprehension.Magic, 130:by the emotions. The time is coming when the intuitional body (the buddhic vehicle) will beMagic, 180:you have wisdom or availability on buddhic or intuitional levels; in the second case you haveMagic, 346:vibration as high as may be and call down, from intuitional levels, added light on the difficulty.Magic, 361:concerned they only lead back to the buddhic or intuitional plane. It is interesting to note thatMagic, 383:intuition takes control, and energies from the intuitional or buddhic plane begin to make theirMagic, 383:nature, the personality. Prior to this period of intuitional control, there are many lives livedMagic, 390:influence, though Indra, Lord of the buddhic or intuitional level has a subtle control which isMagic, 432:great cycle are the attractive energy of the intuitional nature of the planetary Logos, and theMagic, 432:cycle, but the strength of the spiritual and intuitional nature of the One in Whom we live and moveMagic, 459:between the form aspect and the life urge. The intuitional state of awareness. On this level ofMagic, 605:that of intellectual awareness, and on to that intuitional illumination which is the present goalMagic, 605:God. Until the illumined mind and the power of intuitional response are developed in the humanMagic, 606:of times and seasons can make rapid progress in intuitional growth if they persevere in theirMagic, 608:is bent to one end - the cultivating of the intuitional telepathic responsiveness of theMeditation, 12:meditation along the mystic or emotional-intuitional line. This meditative life was taken either in
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