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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITIVE

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Discipleship2, 267:initiation, whilst spiritual perception or intuitive instinct signifies preparedness for theDiscipleship2, 280:that he confounds them with ideas and their intuitive perception. He has not learned toDiscipleship2, 280:to discriminate between abstract thoughts and intuitive ideas. Here lies the crux of his problem.Discipleship2, 312:a flash of time; it results in an instantaneous intuitive perception, and this is one of the earlyDiscipleship2, 324:assimilate a presented truth or to respond to an intuitive perception. Their grasp of the Law ofDiscipleship2, 354:will take all that you have of mental and intuitive perception. The significance which isDiscipleship2, 364:of present opportunity as well as an intuitive perception of [365] the future possibilities whichDiscipleship2, 366:giving you, for it involves creative thinking, intuitive insight, and the use of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 415:of his formulations by the measure of light, of intuitive perception and of revelation whichDiscipleship2, 447:you to arrive at right decision, via direct or intuitive knowledge, alone and unaided. DecisionsDiscipleship2, 513:wisdom through surety. Vision must give place to intuitive focused perception - a very differentDiscipleship2, 522:to its close relationship with the emotional-intuitive nature, and when also you have - as you knowDiscipleship2, 629:a potent seed thought, capable of bringing much intuitive perception and later revelation. [630]Discipleship2, 669:to discipleship will be expected to be as intuitive and motivated by pure reason as the aspirantDiscipleship2, 757:and just when your own conclusions and your intuitive response justify your agreeing. Here are myDiscipleship2, 762:of evolution, or on the Path; and secondly, an intuitive perception of the point in evolution ofEducation, 2:development which is the world of ideas, of intuitive perception, of spiritual insight andEducation, 51:attention to the instinctual, intellectual and intuitive training of the race in such a manner thatEducation, 115:the time may come when we shall have our trained intuitive and thinkers who will be able to workEducation, 119:perception. Its primary quality will be the intuitive understanding and control of energy; itsEducation, 123:and which have been put forward by some great intuitive. The gradual upward shift of man'sExternalisation, 28:a race in any age have been the gift of the intuitive sons of men to their generation. AdvancedExternalisation, 53:usually reactionary nor are they found among the intuitive workers of their age, but they take whatExternalisation, 57:through this blend of scientific knowledge and intuitive idealism, those energies which willExternalisation, 98:of the two divine qualities of buddhi-manas, or intuitive spiritual understanding (involvingExternalisation, 119:Father lay; a careful study of this story and an intuitive understanding of its implications mayExternalisation, 120:unfolded among these pioneers just as the intuitive element is today unfolding among the mentalExternalisation, 132:through the United States of America, for an intuitive recognition of subjective realities and aExternalisation, 303:involves three factors: [303] Understanding (intuitive and instinctual, but intelligentlyExternalisation, 307:other than his own but to which he gives full intuitive assent. It is all carried forward with fullExternalisation, 360:illusion and dispel glamor - the one by the intuitive recognition of reality by minds attuned toExternalisation, 505:hidden spiritual fire the head centers of all intuitive statesmen. Three great groups of angels -Externalisation, 506:in the field of America, stimulating the intuitive perception of its people. He has underExternalisation, 524:and develop (if you attempt to do so) an [524] intuitive perception of the proposed hierarchicalExternalisation, 532:based on knowledge, understanding based on intuitive perception, and identification based onExternalisation, 677:so clear a reasoning faculty or so active an intuitive perception and - whilst grasping certainExternalisation, 680:an united ashramic similarity of instinctual and intuitive telepathic rapport with the seniorExternalisation, 694:consciousness and yet to be quite devoid of all intuitive perception. For example, this is theExternalisation, 694:idealists. He is not, however, the least intuitive as yet. He could easily be - given certainExternalisation, 695:he is himself to blame, he will fail to register intuitive information, because his personalityFire, 381:hints that appeal only to the spiritual and the intuitive are in any way possible. The early partFire, 456:occult writers that the sixth subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will be awakening, and willFire, 457:In the sixth root-race small groups will be intuitive. It is needless to say more here anent theFire, 498:by a development of abstract thought, and of intuitive recognition. In other words, manas hasFire, 675:of the deva substance and predicates an intuitive realization of their orders and groups, theFire, 847:ready, and will add to the confusion of the non-intuitive: - From the standpoint of the ONE ABOUTFire, 978:cooperators it will play an ever lessening part. Intuitive perception and telepathic interplay willFire, 1082:different nature, carrying to the initiated and intuitive investigator many hints of anFire, 1141:not as yet be given as it would convey to the intuitive too much dangerous information. It is theFire, 1159:correspondences which can be worked out by the intuitive student. Some hints may here be given.Fire, 1177:give an occult phrase which will convey to the intuitive student the necessary hint. Glamour, xi:into activity before there can be any real intuitive perception which, when aroused, will manifestGlamour, 3:is incidental and phenomenal, and many truly intuitive people are entirely unaware of this light.Glamour, 11:entire field covered by the symbol. Secondly, an intuitive perception of the symbols to be seenGlamour, 55:point should be carefully noted by the would-be intuitive. [56] The soul throws its light upwardGlamour, 57:an idea and a thought-form, or between an intuitive and a mental concept. This is one of the waysGlamour, 67:possible as glamor and illusion disappear. An intuitive reaction to truth will take place when -Glamour, 67:during their life struggle. They have then an intuitive flash of understanding. The outline of theGlamour, 124:from the moment of impressing the mind of some intuitive? Broadly speaking, they pass through theGlamour, 124:as you have oft been told: The idea - based on intuitive perception The ideal - based on mentalGlamour, 131:of the idea, as formulated by some disciple or intuitive - a very different thing. An illusion can,Glamour, 136:is motivated in all probability by some one intuitive crisis which entirely remade him and gave himGlamour, 136:the latter can, at will, rise into the world of intuitive perception and [137] values and thereGlamour, 137:of the prophets. These touch the Plan at high intuitive moments and know what the immediate futureGlamour, 167:illusion and dispel glamor - the one by the intuitive recognition of reality by minds attuned toGlamour, 175:of spiritual values, of unified being and of intuitive understanding. This involves a consequentGlamour, 179:carried out at certain set times. The trained intuitive or disciple lives ever the dual life ofGlamour, 181:the disciple, e'en though it may not concern the intuitive message which he may bring back from hisGlamour, 183:B. was the "penetrating, sensing, appropriating intuitive." The revelation she conveyed followedGlamour, 184:There must be the training of the exact intuitive. Paralleling their intuitive response and theirGlamour, 184:of the exact intuitive. Paralleling their intuitive response and their effort to precipitate theirGlamour, 185:men to take Their place and to tread the way of intuitive perception. One of the major tasks of theGlamour, 189:of group tension, eventually focused in one intuitive recipient, and the revelation is therebyGlamour, 195:come to the point where they will realize that intuitive perception - as they call it - is only theHealing, 110:of the Law of Karma, plus a large measure of intuitive perception, are essential to the high art ofHealing, 148:have insight into divine purpose (the initiate), intuitive vision of the plan (the disciple), and aHealing, 250:time through the growth of understanding, by the intuitive diagnosis of disease, and by theHealing, 271:and surgeons have clairvoyant faculty, intuitive perception and spiritual insight, and also untilHealing, 293:only when humanity has reached such a stage of intuitive development that men can "appreciateHealing, 293:Ray causes of inharmonic and disease. To the intuitive aspirant some meaning will emerge, but heHealing, 380:i.e., as promoting questions). For the most intuitive of you, it was at its best a "possiblyHealing, 441:But unless service can be rendered from an intuitive understanding of all the facts in the case,Healing, 452:with its emerging teaching - clear, factual, intuitive and non-dogmatic. - Vol. V. The Light of theHealing, 670:the use of dynamic, electric energy under intuitive direction; this type of energy is never broughtHercules, 74:plane until they have developed the power to be intuitive and to interpret their intuitions throughHercules, 127:to the outward objective sight, that the inner intuitive sight may divine where justice lies. [128]Hercules, 158:timid doe of the intuition, and you begin to be intuitive, not psychic. Then Hercules passed intoHercules, 189:law is based on spiritual illumination, on intuitive perception and brotherly love which isInitiation, 11:and not with the things themselves, it is the intuitive apprehension of truth apart from theIntellect, 5:is only a veil behind which those gifted with intuitive perception have always been able toIntellect, 8:register the world of subjective realities, of intuitive perception and of abstract ideas. This isIntellect, 30:critical mind into that of pure reason and intuitive perception. Bertrand Russell points out thatIntellect, 80:at a high or a low level, will give place to intuitive perception and understanding, and so theIntellect, 98:of feeling into that of knowledge and then of intuitive illumination. These stages might be brieflyIntellect, 142:this will only be for a brief second. A flash of intuitive perception, a moment of vision and ofIntellect, 149:effects: That of an illumined intellect, of intuitive perception, and an inspired life upon theIntellect, 151:effects - an illuminated perception and an intuitive apprehension of Truth. It is, we are told inIntellect, 162:powers of vision, an enormous exaltation of his intuitive powers." - Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism,Intellect, 162:in the Psychology of the Mystics, defines the intuitive perception in these terms: "Intuition -Intellect, 163:the coordinated practical mystic or knower. "...intuitive inspiration and instinctive energy are
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