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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVESTIGATE

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Astrology, 226:will be an interesting point for astrologers to investigate and study. Some day they will arrive atAstrology, 321:be grasped as we continue with our studies and investigate these signs in the relation which theyAtom, 119:can do is to study the history of the past, to investigate present conditions, and to ascertainAutobiography, 32:bicycles to be then procured and to proceed to investigate the country side. To this day, IAutobiography, 54:in Edinburgh, I went [54] over to Ireland to investigate. I found that these Soldiers Homes wereAutobiography, 159:Mrs. Besant sent B.P.Wadia over to the States to investigate and find out what was going on, andAutobiography, 287:the Masters of the Wisdom. All we ask is that he investigate the reasons for and against suchAutobiography, 292:is slowly being worked out; we ask him to investigate how his particular belief fits into thatBethlehem, 61:p. 50. Any student of comparative religion can investigate the truth of these statements, and atDiscipleship1, 214:the small, individual man to the larger Plan. Investigate the psychology of groups. You have wideDiscipleship1, 508:and unconditioned fear, no suspicion or urge to investigate) permit you to break into the rhythm ofDiscipleship2, 500:Ashram, and with your group brothers; day by day investigate your service as rendered up to date inEducation, 86:of human thinking; he will be encouraged to investigate and the world of science will open upExternalisation, 417:this teaching. Others are open-minded enough to investigate whether the teaching is true and toFire, 636:centers and the remainder of the body, as they investigate the construction of the body of theFire, 915:student will consider these two groups, and will investigate their relationship to man and to theFire, 1101:of the occult sciences will eventually do is to investigate the nature of the informing lives ofHealing, 65:victim (with his limited knowledge) is unable to investigate, nor can he arrive at the causeHealing, 78:body, and this situation the healer will have to investigate. [79] Healing, 87:the soul in the life of the disciple, or as we investigate the processes whereby a man is preparedHealing, 272:fundamentalist in position that they refuse to investigate that which is new and unproven, and someHealing, 541:quality of infallibility. His first task is to investigate or "occultly see" the etheric body ofHercules, 21:achieve knowledge of himself and can begin to investigate the hidden forces of nature. This is theInitiation, 203:of the devas, yet it is necessary and safe to investigate the procedure pursued by the builders,Intellect, 80:instinct, namely the urge to inquire and to investigate, which characterizes all minds at a high orMagic, 605:They are studying the signs of the times. They investigate the great drama of history in order toPatanjali, 153:student will do well to remember that he must investigate the nature of the following factors inProblems, 59:of human thinking; he will be encouraged to investigate and the world of science will open upPsychology1, 11:subject of the rays which we shall seek to investigate. Every group in the world is a nucleus forPsychology1, 235:of the mineral kingdom that we can begin to investigate the base of the evolutionary ladder andPsychology1, 278:fall victim to their own lower natures, and investigate in unlawful directions. You have, then,Psychology2, 143:rapidly into prominence. They are those who investigate the form in order to find its hidden idea,Psychology2, 479:in this particular incarnation is flowing. Investigate the physical condition with care, and wherePsychology2, 519:zodiac. Another task of the psychologist is to investigate the effect or the relation of the sevenPsychology2, 682:spirit of optimism will be promoted. To list and investigate the work and the ideals of all groupsRays, 430:have you bear these points in mind while you investigate the world picture. This picture is takingSoul, 17:to be convinced; agnostic, yet determined to investigate fairly; questioning, yet open toSoul, 18:the Oriental point of view, and the tendency to investigate it. The psychology of our twoSoul, 131:the nervous system and the glands, can we investigate and apply a recognizably dangerous method and
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