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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVESTIGATION

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Astrology, 69:study of the rays is most necessary through an investigation as to quality and characteristics andAstrology, 75:if there is wise and right experiment and investigation. I have posited two sets of rulers for twoAstrology, 183:be of interest to make a scientific research and investigation into the power of balance whichAstrology, 183:think, be found that this is the case. A proper investigation likewise into the life history ofAstrology, 184:to scientific, statistical and analytical investigation. Only in this way will my basic premises beAstrology, 241:most interesting study and well worth the close investigation of the student as are all these majorAstrology, 282:to the astrologers of the future a careful investigation of the falls, exaltations and theAstrology, 305:the life pattern of the particular Being under investigation; they determine the time ofAstrology, 327:a most interesting new form of historical investigation and record. The history of the future willAstrology, 336:import and this is as yet an untried field of investigation; and it has its spiritual importance,Astrology, 400:here a field of thought and of astrological investigation hitherto untouched but I have not timeAstrology, 514:as to the lines along which new astrological investigation can run, providing proof of the accuracyAstrology, 516:of speculation and enquiry. This process of investigation, deduction and proof, the Science ofAtom, 126:discussions as we have pursued, and which means investigation of those matters which concern theAutobiography, 287:truths as providing a fair field for honest investigation. This holds true as regards the belief inBethlehem, 91:for many of us a statement which will not bear investigation. All that had transpired in the pastBethlehem, 270:of the critical attitude toward this kind of investigation: " 'Though Christ were yearly born inDestiny, 4:speculation unless it is susceptible of investigation, of eventual proof and of general as well asDestiny, 27:and will indicate the lines along which future investigation should proceed. Through the recurrenceDestiny, 36:terms, thereby arousing public interest, public investigation and public recognition. In theDestiny, 43:horizon and opening up to him new worlds for investigation and adventure; hence also the breakingDestiny, 128:of his training, this involves the constant investigation of his motives until he has discoveredDiscipleship1, 716:the period of occult enquiry and esoteric [716] investigation and usually is spread over severalDiscipleship1, 716:settles down to the later stage of interior investigation. During all this period, the Master paysDiscipleship2, 78:The disciple is therefore under constant dual investigation; to this test, he must perforce himselfDiscipleship2, 98:careful consideration, reflection and interior investigation and then, at the end of the secondDiscipleship2, 535:have this summer appeared to excite interest and investigation and to hide the ruins with beautyDiscipleship2, 757:primarily as the subject of a defined spiritual investigation - to be carried forward with an openEducation, 4:and its fruit. Education involves more than the investigation of a subject and the forming ofEducation, 4:which, in their own turn, lead to still more investigation and conclusions. Education is more thanEducation, 24:the evolutionary process and of physical plane investigation. The above remarks will serve to showEducation, 45:in a similar manner - a history of discovery, investigation and seizure, followed frequently byEducation, 81:Both of these are implemented by curiosity and investigation. [82] Education should be of threeEducation, 86:today the case, but as presenting a problem for investigation and as an effort to answer theEducation, 126:at that - that we are engaged. Our field of investigation is that of the fourth Creative Hierarchy,Externalisation, 124:achievement which lead the modern student to investigation and invention, and which incite him toExternalisation, 419:of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated this relationship andExternalisation, 419:to the moon or a zodiacal constellation. Investigation will prove this to be increasingly the case,Externalisation, 457:and for a more careful and even prolonged investigation of the situation and of futureExternalisation, 491:be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation. By this first step in the releasing ofExternalisation, 497:sensed and is the subject of experiment and investigation, the releasing of the energy of the atom.Fire, 72:and wide reaches of thought and vast fields for investigation open up before the earnest student.Fire, 186:environment. They are the means whereby he makes investigation on the plane of the gross physical,Fire, 380:study of mankind, is man," is embodied in the investigation of all these vast cycles. The cosmicFire, 381:become a subject of popular speculation, then of investigation, of scientific demonstration, andFire, 382:component, though microscopic, part. He has for investigation the globes as seen in time, withFire, 397:be made clear, and to indicate certain lines of investigation which might (if strenuously andFire, 402:in mind, and visualized, the points under investigation: First. It might first be said that theFire, 466:therefore recollect that for all purposes of investigation at this time the seventh Ray ofFire, 492:of the attention of exoteric science, and investigation of the nature of positive electricity hasFire, 526:suffice for many years to come as the basis of investigation for occult students. The permanentFire, 611:nevertheless the statement as to the lines of investigation which can be pursued, and theFire, 816:lower nature, the personality, and a close investigation of those divine Essences Who build theFire, 892:which constitutes the basic fact in all occult investigation, and is the secret of all beneficentFire, 894:to the consideration of these facts, to the investigation of the serpent lore in all lands,Fire, 993:to the cause of humanity. The pursuit of magical investigation is dangerous in three ways. If aFire, 1070:own planetary life. This will lead to a close investigation of polar conditions in the earth, ofFire, 1076:scientific work of the chemist, and scientific investigation is analogous in the mineral kingdom toGlamour, 11:as a whole, involves three stages: First, the investigation of a symbol, and the consequentGlamour, 18:telepathic work. A comprehension and scientific investigation of illusion and world glamor. AnGlamour, 120:indicated enough to arouse interest and to start investigation in this new field of psychologicalGlamour, 249:will lead [249] necessarily to another period of investigation and careful observation, if he isHealingthemselves, and has ever been the subject of investigation and experiment. But as to the right useHealing, 68:of time must elapse before there has been enough investigation, leading to definitely formulatedHealing, 71:are over (and the patient will not die), then investigation can be made and effort produced whichHealing, 84:of Disease Much is said today in modern medical investigation anent the "imbalance" of theHealing, 163:and the form aspect have been the object of investigation and the subject of thought and discussionHealing, 178:we call personality. There is a wide field for investigation in the theme of personality as anHealing, 271:The old approach to medicine, with its physical investigation and its successful or unsuccessfulHealing, 276:of the body. Some day, when more research and investigation have been carried forward, the scienceHealing, 277:to the etheric body. Today, any astrological investigation done in the field of medicine hasHealing, 279:problem is recognized and that speculation and investigation are rife, indicate that the time hasHealing, 312:disease. [312] There lies here a vast field of investigation; isolation must be made of the typesHealing, 337:compel the conclusion that here is a field of investigation hitherto unopened and a teaching whichHealing, 354:This is the fundamental cause, though modern investigation is occupied with secondary causes andHealing, 363:subtler angles of life, and the vast amount of investigation carried forward on every side, is theHealing, 383:and still subject to infinite research and investigation. Many minor ailments, infections and aHealing, 384:and has entered into new and richer realms of investigation, of discovery and of subsequentHealing, 397:consciousness and in his capacity to present for investigation all stages of consciousness, fromHealing, 400:upon belief and thus stultifies all enthusiastic investigation. The discovery of the fact ofHealing, 424:much of the spirit of normalcy and of scientific investigation as we can manage. The fear complexHealing, 479:have proved after many years to be helpful. Investigation and experiment and the steadily growingHealing, 659:healing can take place; [659] by the time this investigation has been completed, it will be saferHercules, 21:House of Influence ... and from the midst of the investigation the arcana and hidden sense areHercules, 51:have mental apparatuses which will not bear investigation. Their minds and their interpretations ofInitiation, 26:have done the necessary work and study. Investigation is desired, and the attitude of mind which itInitiation, 76:knowing that depression, an over-morbid investigation of motive, and undue sensitiveness to theInitiation, 203:of Maya. This rule refers to the work of occult investigation, which must be pursued at some timeIntellect, 37:Thus, as has been said, by the process of investigation and of passing inwards from form to form,Intellect, 43:many sciences. It has produced the scientific investigation of man, and (on the crest of the waveIntellect, 44:Science Religion Memory Training Meditation Investigation Reflection Yet the cause is basically oneIntellect, 58:a process of self-education and of an intensive investigation into his true nature. [59] HisIntellect, 125:and of the world content as any other field of investigation. This is our hypothesis and upon it weIntellect, 149:Intuition and Illumination It seems, however, on investigation, that there is a good deal ofIntellect, 172:the heads of the illuminati of the world. Much investigation remains to be done along this line,Intellect, 179:at a third factor, the mind. At this point of investigation man now stands, and the closeIntellect, 215:to accept any hypothesis, as a working basis for investigation and conduct. It is perhaps moreIntellect, 215:the reward of open-mindedness, persistence, and investigation. Having formulated our hypothesis andIntellect, 215:we are determined to go forward with our investigation and give the ancient [216] techniques andIntellect, 258:[258] We have come across such cases. On investigation, it will usually be found that these
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