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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVESTIGATION

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Magic, 6:sought, and societies are formed for their investigation and demonstration. Many are likewise goingMagic, 14:the isolation of those factors which will bear investigation and are in conformity with what isMagic, 29:the kingdoms of nature, are the subject of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of theMagic, 41:and the form aspect have been the object of investigation and the subject of thought and discussionMagic, 182:to the Adepts is more potent than the steadfast investigation into [183] limitations andMagic, 245:activity. Constant study, much thought, keen investigation and a steady intellectual urge willMagic, 327:apparent license. The methods of science, - investigation and analysis, comparison and deduction, -Magic, 333:sensed and is the subject of experiment and investigation, the releasing of the energy of the atom.Magic, 340:to conviction and their philosophizing to direct investigation of the soul. That which isMagic, 340:not understood, is the object of attention and investigation and the day will dawn before so veryMagic, 411:three are the subject matter of philosophical investigation, for the theme of the philosophers isMagic, 424:dreams from the standpoint of psychology and the investigation of their probable source are theMagic, 440:neither be proved correct nor incorrect. Later investigation will prove their usefulness, when theMagic, 450:the kingdoms of nature are the subject of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of theMagic, 507:as far as possible and to carry forward occult investigation of this matter. Magic, 606:and to link up varying departments of human investigation into one organized and unified whole. Magic, 625:and have been the subject of much psychological investigation. With them I do not seek to deal.Magic, 627:systems and the entire structure of scientific investigation. Magic, 629:the instinct to enquire? Transmuted into divine investigation and transformed by the application ofMeditation, 68:rather advanced groups, capable of clairvoyant investigation. Groups that definitely work at makingMeditation, 190:him to greater effort, closer study, and deeper investigation. Only that which is understood andPatanjali, 90:be enumerated as follows: Aspiration, Study and investigation, Experiment, Discovery,Patanjali, 163:seer or spiritual man, the mind, his medium of investigation, or the window through which he looksPatanjali, 166:world of effects and to tempt the aspirant to an investigation of the world of causes; and so toPatanjali, 175:which doubt urges him on to constant scientific investigation and finally, the mind itself. When hePatanjali, 279:in any aura at any time. The subject of his investigation may be attuned to him or not; throughPatanjali, 303:sutra forms the background for all astrological investigation and from an appreciation of itsPatanjali, 316:conforming to the requirements of the intended investigation or development, the aspirant becomesProblems, 36:after century owing to this demanding spirit of investigation - is revealed. It is the power toProblems, 43:in a similar manner - a history of discovery, investigation and seizure, followed frequently byProblems, 53:Both of these are implemented by curiosity and investigation. Education should be of three kindsProblems, 59:today the case, but as presenting a problem for investigation and as an effort to answer theProblems, 67:new and happier world. An entirely new field of investigation opens today before science and oneProblems, 175:Statistics exist; computations have been made; investigation has penetrated into every field of thePsychology1, xxv:it sufficient intelligent appeal to warrant its investigation. The words "All souls are one withPsychology1, 69:Christ from off the cross. Quality - scientific investigation. Let the two paths converge. BalancePsychology1, 100:at a recognition of the soul. The range of investigation is so wide that I can only indicate somePsychology1, 100:some of the possible fields of research: The investigation of the nature of genius, and itsPsychology1, 100:the type of the personality. Scientific investigation of the powers in man, with particularPsychology1, 100:This is one of the most promising fields of investigation, though it still presents muchPsychology1, 104:and must find correct explanation. In their wise investigation, in the accumulation of responsiblePsychology1, 104:human consciousness. The present attempted investigation and explanations are inadequate and do notPsychology1, 105:before long be as legitimate and respectable an investigation as any scientific problem, such asPsychology1, 105:as research into the nature of the atom. The investigation of the soul and its governing laws will,Psychology1, 136:and of meaning will be subjected to a similar investigation and classification. This will result inPsychology1, 160:quality and of the life aspects; the man under investigation is considered more or lessPsychology1, 183:realm of science, as the result of scientific investigation. Certain scientists will accept thePsychology1, 218:its internal organization remains a matter of investigation and of speculation and theory, thePsychology1, 244:- the ants and bees - and later in the investigation of the work of the etheric builders, the elvesPsychology1, 247:Much along this line has been the subject of investigation by the modern scientist, but until hePsychology1, 336:will provide a somewhat new field of investigation for astrologers. You will note therefore howPsychology2, 143:this ray and train them in the art of scientific investigation. From the sensed spiritual ideas,Psychology2, 294:human being and can distinguish (from study and investigation, plus an understanding of the rays)Psychology2, 298:cases could present the basis for occult investigation, for diagram, and for the study of the LawPsychology2, 335:the center of his life interest into scientific investigation, might be, therefore, responding to aPsychology2, 343:Comprehension of the task ahead. An investigation, by the divine Observer of the nature of formPsychology2, 404:the pioneering minds. One of the first fields of investigation to be benefited by this release willPsychology2, 411:desire to know, the will to understand through investigation, discrimination and analysis. FinallyPsychology2, 447:of consciousness. A wide field of psychological investigation lies ahead in connection with the usePsychology2, 479:present barriers are down and true scientific investigation is instituted along these lines, a newPsychology2, 486:have given any real attention to the inclusive investigation of the alternative possibilities toPsychology2, 519:out the way to certain broad trails or lines of investigation along which the modern student andPsychology2, 611:from which future study can grow and the future investigation arise. They might be summarized asPsychology2, 682:files and methods of work must ever be open to investigation. The Secret Services and IntelligencesRays, 594:the way of true religion, and the scientific investigation of human psychology will greatly helpReappearance, 153:of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated this relationship andReappearance, 153:to the moon or a zodiacal constellation. Investigation will prove this to be the case and when theSoul, 17:enquiring, scientific type of mind and of investigation is especially appropriate in psychology,Soul, 22:can get along without them both in carrying out investigation and in presenting psychology as aSoul, 32:the whole, integrated personality which is under investigation. "Psychology deals with the organismSoul, 47:as a gland of childhood, but both as yet baffle investigation. The thymus gland is situated in theSoul, 60:and the whole of science may be said to be an investigation of the properties of matter. But fromSoul, 60:has physical properties, of which the complete investigation has hardly begun. "These physicalSoul, 129:theories apparently emerge as the result of our investigation, and form a triple hypothesis toSoul, 138:entirely under their control. A large field for investigation in these matters lies open to allSoul, 143:and constantly see? An interesting field for investigation lies here also, and the results may haveSoul, 147:of course, received attention, but specific investigation of the spine and its relation to theSoul, 149:The Human Atmosphere. Still further lines of investigation into the supernormal powers have beenSoul, 150:the air without fear of falling, are avenues of investigation easily suggested. 'If this theorySoul, 157:this position. This is one direction in which investigation and use of the scientific method ofTelepathy, 8:Hence, therefore, when it comes to scientific investigation by trained minds, physical phenomenaTelepathy, 9:with this form of communication that the highest investigation is at this time concerned. OnlyTelepathy, 36:and through the medium of exoteric scientific investigation. The building of the thought-form whichTelepathy, 169:now deal, thus laying the foundation for future investigation, but saying little which will be of
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