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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOCATION

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Invocation:To Energy Enhancement Meditation Homepage Index Master Table The Great Invocation THE GREAT INVOCATION From the point ofInvocation:Master Table The Great Invocation THE GREAT INVOCATION From the point of Light within the Mind ofInvocation:and Power restore the Plan on Earth. "The above Invocation or Prayer does not belong to any personInvocation:humanity. The beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in itsAstrology, 569:and in the larger whole. Then a process of invocation is instituted - at first unconsciously, inAstrology, 569:and is uncomfortably aware of it. He turns to invocation. This process of invocation falls into twoAstrology, 569:of it. He turns to invocation. This process of invocation falls into two stages: The stage ofAstrology, 570:- as I have oft told you - it is this process of invocation which is taking place in the humanAstrology, 570:- The Cross of the Crucified Christ The Great Invocation Let the Forces of Light bring illuminationAstrology, 572:the use of the second part of [572] the Great Invocation was relatively limited. It was repudiatedAstrology, 572:we gave out the two stanzas of the Great Invocation separately and at different times. You learntAstrology, 573:the ears of the Lords of Liberation. The blended invocation and the united call from the differentAstrology, 573:It might be said, therefore, that the Great Invocation as first given out was for the use of thoseAstrology, 573:Cross, the Cross of change, whilst the second invocation is for the use of those who are crucifiedAstrology, 574:that he must carry forward the dual task of invocation and evocation simultaneously - the evocationAstrology, 574:simultaneously - the evocation (through right invocation) of the will-to-good of the world thinkersAstrology, 575:have to be with the first stanza of the Great Invocation and with its distribution to the masses.Astrology, 584:of comprehension. It is this will - aroused by invocation - which must be focused in the light ofAstrology, 595:and Living Activity. The method is one of Invocation and Evocation. In these two sentences, youAutobiography, 179:disciples of the world. Later I will touch upon Invocation which is the synthesis of the two.Autobiography, 256:by pamphlet and radio, by the use of the Invocation and by the work of the Triangles and the wordsAutobiography, 289:distinction of race, nation or religion. The new Invocation which is used by all the students dailyAutobiography, 303:The possibility of carrying the Great Invocation to the entire world, as we are now doing, couldDestiny, 4:to remember. The work done through the Great Invocation is not then necessarily [5] invalid. ItDestiny, 6:hitherto been adequate to invoke it and for its invocation the great Lord of the World hasDestiny, 26:spirit and through the general use of the Great Invocation whereby these forces and energies - soDiscipleship1, 62:in your minds. Next, as a group, say the Great Invocation three times: "Let the Forces of LightDiscipleship1, 213:close of the final interlude, say the following invocation: "May the energy of the divine SelfDiscipleship1, 305:handle them in the light. Finish the rest of the invocation, saying the words with all the power ofDiscipleship1, 359:yourself to be an intermediary. Close with the invocation which you know and love so well: May theDiscipleship1, 452:it possible to say in connection with the new Invocation. My brother, there are points whichDiscipleship1, 536:I walk and all to me are one. Then say the Great Invocation: Let the Forces of Light bringDiscipleship1, 548:through you. Then say aloud the following invocation: "May the energy of the divine Self inspireDiscipleship1, 651:Sound the O. M. audibly. Say the following invocation: "May the Holy Ones whose pupils we aspire toDiscipleship1, 682:again, is part of the new emerging technique of invocation and evocation. The life of a disciple isDiscipleship1, 746:of spiritual will. It is in reality a process of invocation and evocation. This whole concept ofDiscipleship1, 748:that need is the main and urgent principle of invocation; it can and will evoke hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 748:rapport. This is a group correspondence to the invocation of the soul by the personality and itsDiscipleship1, 748:or Master's group is, therefore, a center of invocation and when the individual disciple becomes aDiscipleship1, 763:what could be called a "potent center of invocation." This [764] invoking center evokes responseDiscipleship1, 764:Breath. That Breath is all and in the method of invocation and evocation which underlies the entireDiscipleship2, 20:Most of the vehicles have a dual capacity - invocation and evocation. They also have a thirdDiscipleship2, 21:and subsequent activity, but it has no power of invocation. Hence it is not a principle (as H.P.B.Discipleship2, 21:and this we will approach from the angle of invocation and evocation. The teaching upon the ethericDiscipleship2, 27:we face the East and say together the Great Invocation. Endeavor consciously to follow my lead asDiscipleship2, 57:the saying by all of us together of the Great Invocation. This produces fusion and releasesDiscipleship2, 63:sensed by them, of the massed use of the Great Invocation. The clear sounding of the invocative,Discipleship2, 75:the Goodwill work and the distribution of the Invocation than the average School student, and it isDiscipleship2, 75:of the Problems of Humanity, the spread of the Invocation, the Triangles and the Goodwill work. IDiscipleship2, 86:be strengthened, trusted and encouraged. The Invocation work, tied in with the Goodwill work, theDiscipleship2, 87:new truths are over-shadowing us today; if the Invocation means anything, it is what must beDiscipleship2, 88:ACTIVITIES the Triangles, the Goodwill work, the Invocation work allied with THE LUCIS PUBLISHINGDiscipleship2, 117:the significance of those two words) the invocation which I gave you in my communication inDiscipleship2, 125:thinketh, so is he." 10. Then close with the new Invocation and also with the Gayatri, with itsDiscipleship2, 148:send you herewith the final stanza of the Great Invocation, as per my promise. I gave you the firstDiscipleship2, 149:[149] which will make the launching of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful ventureDiscipleship2, 149:time comes. That time is not yet. This Great Invocation can be expressed in the following words:Discipleship2, 150:beyond the human. This must be invoked, and the invocation will meet with speedy response. TheseDiscipleship2, 150:last year to... anent this final stanza of the Invocation: "I am preparing to present to you forDiscipleship2, 150:the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation. It is by no means easy to translate the wordsDiscipleship2, 151:of the group receive it." I seek to have this Invocation go forth on the power generated by myDiscipleship2, 156:this year to have you concentrate upon the new Invocation from the point of view that it embodiesDiscipleship2, 156:you have yet been presented. The meaning of this Invocation has been expressed in terms which areDiscipleship2, 157:Look for the underlying abstract idea in this Invocation. It is there. From your reaction to thisDiscipleship2, 157:It is there. From your reaction to this Invocation, and your ability to use its phrases asDiscipleship2, 157:disciple) should take. The final stanza of the "Invocation for Power and Light," as it is called inDiscipleship2, 157:is in line with the indicated timing. This Invocation will have a potent appeal to mankind. MyDiscipleship2, 157:of the Christ Himself. Let me here quote the Invocation: From the point of Light within the Mind ofDiscipleship2, 159:ever in mind by those most potent in using the Invocation; it serves to focus and anchor theDiscipleship2, 159:point, humanity takes over the undertaking. This Invocation is also unique in the sense that itDiscipleship2, 160:and in The, Secret Doctrine) another "era of invocation" occurred and the second divine aspect ofDiscipleship2, 160:disciples of the world are all concerned in this invocation, bringing in the attributes ofDiscipleship2, 160:intuition. All three are blended in this great Invocation. Have also constantly in mind this basicDiscipleship2, 160:graded and their serried ranks. This entire Invocation refers esoterically to the "raincloud ofDiscipleship2, 161:established by our planetary Logos. This new Invocation expresses this complete interdependence inDiscipleship2, 164:and it is to facilitate this that the new Invocation has been given, and for this reason it must beDiscipleship2, 164:responsive planning is still lacking. This new Invocation, if given widespread distribution, [165]Discipleship2, 165:to you three approaches to the subject of this Invocation. I will do so briefly, as time lacks. ItDiscipleship2, 165:possible. I have so worded and rendered the Invocation that the Christian world, through itsDiscipleship2, 167:Forget not that they also use this great Invocation and that not a day goes by that the ChristDiscipleship2, 167:the surface, the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in itsDiscipleship2, 168:all things will be fulfiled. No one can use this Invocation or prayer for illumination and for loveDiscipleship2, 169:already have noted - as you have studied the Invocation - that the three major centers in ourDiscipleship2, 169:again is one of the primary objectives of the Invocation; its steady use will bring about anDiscipleship2, 170:deeply scientific work but fundamentally simple. Invocation, prayer or aspiration, meditation - itDiscipleship2, 172:of the results of the successful use of the new Invocation to aid in this task of preparation.Discipleship2, 172:of the third stanza. Its meaning is that the Invocation as used by the Hierarchy (note this) willDiscipleship2, 173:the next three hundred years in success if this Invocation - as used by all of you and by theDiscipleship2, 173:all refer to the same time cycle with which this Invocation deals and which it seeks to bringDiscipleship2, 174:These few thoughts may serve to make this Invocation live afresh in your minds and take on a newDiscipleship2, Here t:of this stanza [Here the Tibetan refers to this Invocation in its entirety as one stanza, the thirdDiscipleship2, Here t:Lords of Liberation issue forth."] of the Great Invocation, and of the production within yourselfDiscipleship2, 175:and give you intuitive insight into this new Invocation. The Stage of Alignment and Recollection.Discipleship2, 175:is concerned with the four stanzas of the new Invocation. I am going to leave you free to considerDiscipleship2, 175:I am going to leave you free to consider this Invocation in your own way and to approach this mostDiscipleship2, 176:ask you to embody your understanding of the Invocation and your interpretation of it (bothDiscipleship2, 176:you, culminating in the meditation on the Great Invocation. How closely you have followed this lastDiscipleship2, 177:the spiritual enterprise) of launching the Great Invocation. The magnitude of this task you haveDiscipleship2, 177:little of a truly objective nature to bring this Invocation to the attention of the public. ThreeDiscipleship2, 178:me, as the Master of the Ashram. Say the Great Invocation, emphasizing one of the four stanzas
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