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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOCATION

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Externalisation, 465:a new and most potent activity through right invocation at the time of the Full Moon of May. ThoseExternalisation, 465:May. Those who can carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded peopleExternalisation, 467:everyone, to a great service of demand and of invocation on behalf of humanity - a demand for theExternalisation, 474:1936, in a planetary effort wherein the Great Invocation was used upon a large scale in most of theExternalisation, 481:in the place of the two Stanzas of the Great Invocation which have been used for nine years. [482]Externalisation, 488:Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Great Invocation - Stanza Three April 17, 1945 As thisExternalisation, 488:send you herewith the final Stanza of the Great Invocation, as I promised. (Reprinted fromExternalisation, 488:of the issuing of the three Stanzas of the Great Invocation). I gave you the first about nine yearsExternalisation, 488:which will make the launching of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful venture whenExternalisation, 488:time comes. That time is not yet. This Great Invocation can be expressed in the following words:Externalisation, 490:beyond the human. This must be invoked and the invocation will meet with speedy response. TheseExternalisation, 490:I said last year anent this final Stanza of the Invocation. I am preparing to present to you forExternalisation, 490:the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation. It is by no means easy to translate the wordsExternalisation, 490:of the group receive it. I seek to have this Invocation go forth on the power generated by myExternalisation, 495:released by the Lords of Liberation, to Whom invocation had been successfully made; through theExternalisation, 521:cry of the masses everywhere, plus the directed invocation of the spiritual people of the world,Externalisation, 546:they will take place when the effect of the new Invocation is more pronounced and its use moreExternalisation, 552:indicates its emerging presence. Because the new Invocation will inevitably bring it to us. TheExternalisation, 553:initial inflow of the threefold energy which the Invocation invokes and will [554] continue toExternalisation, 555:At each ceremony the Christ will say the new Invocation alone, and then the united Hierarchy willExternalisation, 556:million. The result of this solemn three days of invocation will be followed by a climaxing dayExternalisation, 556:and led by the Christ, pronounce the entire Invocation, prefacing each stanza with its appropriateExternalisation, 558:shoulder the responsibility of distributing the Invocation on as large a scale as possible and inExternalisation, 574:This is inferred in the first stanza of the new Invocation. If the ritual of the E.A. is studied inExternalisation, 598:of sound in the form of expressed and voiced invocation has been also attempted since 1935, and theExternalisation, 600:the new group of world servers - employs the new Invocation on behalf of all men of goodwill in allExternalisation, 631:and carry that need into the realms of invocation. Invocation is the highest type of prayer thereExternalisation, 631:carry that need into the realms of invocation. Invocation is the highest type of prayer there is,Externalisation, 631:to use in the place of any prayer, meditation or invocation for money which you may have hithertoExternalisation, 641:is teaching men - on a large scale - to use the Invocation so that it becomes a world prayer andExternalisation, 643:which will illumine the minds of men. The Great Invocation - now being used by so many - hasExternalisation, 659:the fact that the evocative power of the Great Invocation (now used by so many hundreds ofFire, 849:and hatred, death and retribution, karmic invocation and the thunderbolt of vengeance characterizeGlamour, 24:essentially a prayer) can be divided as follows: Invocation to the solar Lord. Seven sentences,Glamour, 169:Forces at that time, and the use of a special Invocation (one which humanity itself may not use),Glamour, 239:astral plane. A pause follows and then comes the invocation of the spiritual will. When this hasHealing, 451:a cry of pain, a demand for restitution and an invocation for relief from agony, despair andHealing, 525:an exact science of contact, of impression, of invocation, plus an understanding of the subtleHealing, 629:It is interesting to point out that the Great Invocation now being distributed in the world isHealing, 666:are, however, related to the words in the Great Invocation which say, "and seal the door where evilHealing, 670:world - increasingly voiced through the Great Invocation - will serve "to seal the door where evilHealing, 687:the whole underlying, evolutionary theme of Invocation and Evocation. Here, it is the two higherMeditation, 174:one communication. along the line of the mantric invocation of the elementals and the devas. TheMeditation, 192:black art or evil magic is based. By means of invocation and forms the Dark Brothers (or those whoProblems, 150:principle was added - again by the force of invocation and responsive evocation - another divineProblems, 157:It is at this point that the Science of Invocation and Evocation can at times supersede the earlierProblems, 158:will be the scientific and intelligent use of Invocation and Evocation and the recognition of itsProblems, 158:Approach, of the preparatory work and of the invocation, is revelation - a revelation which hasProblems, 158:and which today is ready for man's acceptance. Invocation is of three kinds. There is, first ofProblems, 158:moment of extremity. That great and wordless invocation is rising everywhere today. Then there isProblems, 159:massed intent is in great evidence and their invocation is rising to the Most High. Then, lastly,Problems, 159:There will also be the skilled work of invocation as practiced by those who have trained theirProblems, 159:Prayer was given by the Christ, and the New Invocation has been given out for use at this time byProblems, 160:it will be obvious to you that this technique of invocation and evocation has its roots in pastProblems, 160:the New World Religion - Approach to God, and Invocation and [161] Evocation - must be added theProblems, 161:and Worship - must now be added conscious Invocation, plus a trained expectancy of a reciprocalProblems, 162:spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency of this is surely apparent.Problems, 164:This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal; it will express a basicProblems, 164:were to keep these three great Festivals of Invocation, simultaneously and with understanding ofProblems, 165:been illumined as the result of their united invocation, the unity of their effort and the onenessProblems, 165:will condition the New World Religion. The great Invocation or Prayer does not belong to any personProblems, 165:Humanity. The beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in itsProblems, 166:itself can the Divine Plan work out. The Great Invocation From the point of Light within the MindPsychology2, 37:Force the conflict to subside; send for the invocation for the peace of all; form out of two, onePsychology2, 145:by a group has lately been given in the Great Invocation which has been used with marked effect. ItPsychology2, 171:to the mountain top and on its summit learn the invocation of a Savior.' To this great task thePsychology2, 646:took place on May 6th, 1936. Then the Great Invocation was used by millions, and of itsPsychology2, 648:lines; if, through daily use of the Great Invocation: [649] Let the Forces of Light bringPsychology2, 668:in the needed wisdom and power. The Great Invocation should be increasingly used, and daily andPsychology2, 668:increasingly used, and daily and hourly must the Invocation be sent forth. The gist of that whichPsychology2, 689:world into an integrated responsive whole. The invocation and the response of certain great Beings,Psychology2, 692:will, and calling for a united use of the Great Invocation on the day of the Wesak full moon. EveryPsychology2, 692:to increase the numbers of those who use this Invocation, and to familiarize the public with thePsychology2, 692:instructed and helped to spread the use of the Invocation in their own language, and with thePsychology2, 693:the power of their wills behind it. It is the invocation of the "will to good" that is thePsychology2, 694:widespread and intelligent use of the Great Invocation which is desired. The general public must bePsychology2, 734:Privately, and in group gatherings the Great Invocation could be said, including the final words:Rays, 13:high place, as They become conscious of the invocation of humanity and become more closely relatedRays, 16:of manifestation, a planet. This point of invocation will be evocative of great happenings, andRays, 20:That is a happening of the past. Let the cry of invocation issue forth from the deep center of theRays, 21:Initiates: Let the group life emit the Word of invocation and thus evoke response within thoseRays, 35:of the will aspect. The whole process of invocation and evocation is tied up with the idea. TheRays, 40:through the emission of the sound, the cry, the invocation, such as the cry of the Christ upon theRays, 67:in terse phrases and symbols on the Science of Invocation and Evocation and its significant ritualRays, 67:That is a happening of the past. Let the cry of invocation [68] issue forth from the deep center ofRays, 69:center at the base of the spine. The Science of Invocation and Evocation is also seen to beRays, 69:the attitude of the mystic, must give place to Invocation in the man who knows he is divine. ThisRays, 70:we come up against the fact that the Science of Invocation and Evocation, with which this RuleRays, 70:or symbol of the emergence of this Science of Invocation and Evocation in the waking consciousnessRays, 73:Rules For Group Initiation Let the cry of invocation issue forth from the deep center of theRays, 75:new world religion with its emphasis upon the invocation of energies and the evocation of "lifeRays, 76:of good may be evoked from humanity by the invocation sounded forth by Shamballa? Can thisRays, 76:and of liberation be brought about by the invocation of the men and women of goodwill? Can theRays, 76:solve. It must be remembered that the Science of Invocation and Evocation is a reciprocal effort.Rays, 76:The invocative cry of humanity is evoked by the invocation or Sound of the spiritual hierarchies.Rays, 77:cry. I wonder if I could make the problem of invocation clearer to you if I were to suggest thatRays, 95:will then give you the final Stanza of the Great Invocation (given out in April, 1945). Its useRays, 135:a cry of pain, a demand for restitution and an invocation for relief from agony, despair andRays, 136:Initiates: Let the group life emit the Word of invocation and thus evoke response within thoseRays, 137:not a medley of sounds, but is one clear Word of invocation. You need to remember that the disciple
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