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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOCATION

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Rays, 147:relationships, and the fundamental Science of Invocation and Evocation which underlies all worldRays, 152:and conscious part of it. The place which invocation and evocation must take as instruments in hisRays, 158:in its various aspects, of which the Great Invocation speaks: "The hour of service of the SavingRays, 175:forth." Two ideas then stand forth: the idea of invocation and of the result of that invocation,Rays, 175:the idea of invocation and of the result of that invocation, which is the sudden and unexpectedRays, 175:This star is simply a point of vivid light. This invocation, though used as the affirmation of aRays, 220:again touch the fringe of the coming Science of Invocation. This group sound, rising as the tensionRays, 223:of the causal body produces a new cycle of invocation and invocative activity. This brings about anRays, 227:hands in service for healing, blessing and for invocation. The mark of the Messenger in the feet;Rays, 274:constitute the A.B.C. of the coming Science of Invocation. Their strength is dependent upon theRays, 335:of the use of the second Stanza of the great Invocation - which was used potently by Members of theRays, 383:works. It will be obvious that if the process of invocation and evocation governs the interplay ofRays, 383:why the senior Ashram is second ray in quality. Invocation is related [384] to radiation. EvocationRays, 384:Ashrams came sequentially into being as the invocation of primitive man reached such a point ofRays, 462:the work of divine bridge building, the work of invocation, and the establishing of a consciousRays, 470:as a whole), will be known as the Science of Invocation and Evocation. It is in reality the ScienceRays, 470:right relationship is brought about by mutual invocation, producing a responsive process which isRays, 470:eventually between nation and nation. It is this invocation, and the consequent evocation, whichRays, 470:name you call them. The appeal goes forth. The invocation of humanity can and will and must evokeRays, 482:process of Intention, Visualization, Projection, Invocation and Evocation, Stabilization andRays, 493:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation 4. Invocation and Evocation. The three precedingRays, 493:little that I can put into words. The task of Invocation, based on Intention, Visualization andRays, 494:of the higher. This is the technical process of invocation and evocation. There is a gradualRays, 498:response to the Triad. The thought of Alignment-Invocation- Evocation are the three major ideas forRays, 501:of Intention, Visualization, Projection, Invocation and Evocation, Stabilization and Resurrection.Rays, 512:Ray of the disciple. The use of a Word of Power. Invocation and Evocation. The blended soul andRays, 519:a useful purpose if I gave more teaching anent Invocation and Evocation in particular, for it willRays, 519:it esoterically and unconsciously. 4. Invocation and Evocation (continued from Pages 493-495):Rays, 519:All comes about as part of a great system of invocation and evocation, of appeal and response, andRays, 521:reached the Hierarchy. Religion, the science of invocation and evocation as far as humanity isRays, 523:early and preparatory stages of the science of Invocation and Evocation. It is the method to beRays, 524:and disciples to remember is that the Science of Invocation and Evocation entered a new phase whenRays, 524:of men. He lifted the entire Science of Invocation and Evocation to the mental plane and madeRays, 526:been chosen for Their aptitude to respond to invocation, to manifest certain divine qualities, andRays, 526:Who was the Great Individuality evoked by the invocation of the early animal-men - is still moreRays, 526:these Sons of God have come, evoked by human invocation; in Their turn, They have invoked certainRays, 528:a method (choose which word you will) of invocation by the lesser individual, group or kingdom, andRays, 528:consciousness. Here is the key as to why the invocation by a group "standing with massed intent"Rays, 528:history, One Who could meet the need which the invocation voiced, upon "a way of escape," andRays, 528:as a whole, standing at a great point of invocation wherein the entire human kingdom is involved.Rays, 528:great stages in the process we are considering: Invocation, leading to Evocation, to Revelation (atRays, 553:the Hierarchy, inevitably evokes a response. Invocation, accompanied by the creative imagination,Rays, 611:door where evil dwells." The use of the Great Invocation with its extraordinary and rapid effects,Rays, 616:response through the use of the Great Invocation. You will note how this invocation can beRays, 616:of the Great Invocation. You will note how this invocation can be interpreted in terms of the threeRays, 648:the minds of men," and the first stanza of the Invocation prove that it can and does receive anRays, 660:are already pouring forth in response to human invocation. In comprehending the planetaryRays, 743:the door where evil dwells. The use of the Great Invocation. These are the five deepest spiritualRays, 755:Initiations - Appendix 5. The Use of the Great Invocation Some time ago I gave out to the world -Rays, 755:world - under instruction from the Christ - an Invocation that is destined to become of majorRays, 755:Little attention has been paid to the factor of invocation as expressed by the people of the world;Rays, 756:Another instance of a notable and most ancient invocation is to be found in the Gayatri where theRays, 757:Kingdom and right human relations. Now the Great Invocation, as used by the Hierarchy itself, hasRays, 757:have all been employed on behalf of the Great Invocation. The uniqueness connected with theRays, 757:Invocation. The uniqueness connected with the Invocation consists in the fact that it is, inRays, 757:disciples and initiates are working. The Great Invocation relates the will of the Father (or ofRays, 758:the Power of God, let loose on earth through the Invocation, of the Plan of Love and Light. This isRays, 758:one of the great needs of humanity and - if invocation and prayer mean anything at all - the answerRays, 758:is a fixed surety that such a Center exists. Invocation is as old as the hills or as old asRays, 758:interpretation to their basic needs. The invocation, lately given to us by [759] the Hierarchy, isRays, 759:weary pilgrim has found his way home." But the Invocation is not vague or nebulous. It voices theRays, 759:and of manifestation: the Earth. Already this Invocation is doing much to change world affairs -Rays, 759:do all that is possible to spread the use of the Invocation. The year 1952 will be a year ofRays, 759:more tightly the door where evil dwells. The Invocation has been sent out by the combined AshramsRays, 759:years to prepare to use and distribute the Invocation and make it a major endeavor. I would haveRays, 759:a position to reach) to a united voicing of the Invocation on the same day [760] in every land.Rays, 760:on the same day [760] in every land. (World Invocation Day was launched in June 1952, and is heldRays, 760:all that I have said or written anent the Invocation and then prepare a brief manual as to its useRays, 760:and have arisen (with the exception of the Great Invocation) out of the masses of the people andRays, 760:of their suffering hearts which brought the Invocation to them. The two other spiritual eventsReappearance, 5:expectancy. When the times are ripe, the invocation of the masses is strident enough and the faithReappearance, 8:Him so to do, and the other is the demand or the invocation of humanity itself. An Avatar isReappearance, 22:Him forth. Those who carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded people, theReappearance, 31:words, but it has been done, and the great Invocation, which may eventually become the worldReappearance, 32:Christ - Chapter II - The World Today This new Invocation, if given widespread distribution, can beReappearance, 32:are three approaches to this great Prayer or Invocation: That of the general public. That of theReappearance, 34:Hierarchy. Forget not, They also use this great Invocation and that not a day goes by that theReappearance, 34:the surface, the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lie in its simplicity and in itsReappearance, 35:of all men everywhere. The use of this Invocation or Prayer and the rising expectancy of the comingReappearance, 44:and organizing effect of expressed and voiced invocation has been also attempted since 1935, andReappearance, 46:the New Group of World Servers - employs the new Invocation on behalf of all men of goodwill in allReappearance, 61:His intention to reappear and gave the great Invocation to us as an aid in the preparatory workReappearance, 67:Christ, perfected and sensitive, responds to the invocation and to the appeal of men; His divineReappearance, 72:or rather the right to use a certain great Invocation - never before granted - and to use it in twoReappearance, 73:to use it in two ways: [73] As a hierarchical invocation, directed towards the "center where theReappearance, 77:from the time of the pronouncing of the great Invocation and its use by men everywhere. Owing toReappearance, 82:may word it so inadequately) by the words of the Invocation, "Let love stream forth into the heartsReappearance, 87:knows and understands the second stanza of the Invocation, "From the point of love within the heartReappearance, 100:catastrophes, phenomenal disasters, despair and invocation - arising from both the East and West.Reappearance, 144:for the future, will really meet that human invocation. The Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy willReappearance, 151:will be the scientific and intelligent use of Invocation and Evocation and the recognition of theirReappearance, 151:of the masses and also by the planned, defined invocation of the spiritually oriented aspirants,Reappearance, 151:the New Group of World Servers. The science of invocation and evocation will take the place of whatReappearance, 151:In order to clarify, it might be said that Invocation is of three kinds: there is, as stated above,Reappearance, 151:moment of extremity. This great and wordless invocation is rising everywhere today. Then there isReappearance, 152:massed intent is in great evidence and their invocation is rising to the Most High. Then, lastlyReappearance, 152:There will also be the skilled work of invocation as practiced by those who have trained theirReappearance, 152:Prayer was given by the Christ, and as the New Invocation has been given out for use at this timeReappearance, 154:bring about a strengthening of the spirit of invocation and the resultant inflow of evokedReappearance, 154:of evoked influences. The truth lying behind all invocation is based upon the power of thought,
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