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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOCATION

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Reappearance, 154:spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency of this will be apparent.Reappearance, 156:This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towardsReappearance, 156:at this time, will be stabilized by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet. Reappearance, 158:reached the Hierarchy. Religion, the science of invocation and evocation as far as humanity isReappearance, 160:what weight or aid we can on the side of the invocation of the Christ and in preparation for HisReappearance, 180:and carry that need into the realms of invocation. Invocation is the highest type of prayer thereReappearance, 180:carry that need into the realms of invocation. Invocation is the highest type of prayer there is,Telepathy, 44:The second type of impression is the result of invocation and evocation and is dependent upon bothTelepathy, 48:be closely linked to the emerging teaching anent invocation and evocation and will be expanded toTelepathy, 50:Triad, and is reflected (after the process of invocation and a succeeding process of evocation) inTelepathy, 50:units of life takes place. The Technique of Invocation and Evocation is the name given to the modeTelepathy, 51:processes. The three aspects of the Technique of Invocation and Evocation with which the averageTelepathy, 52:with the abstract mind. 2. The Science of Invocation and Evocation - Love or attraction. RelationTelepathy, 55:therefore, how these sciences of Impression, of Invocation and Evocation, and of Telepathy areTelepathy, 56:and conditioning nature, it is the result of invocation by the [57] one seeking the new impression.Telepathy, 59:science), through a slowly learnt process of invocation and evocation, to a state of consciousnessTelepathy, 61:might also serve as a definition of the art of invocation and evocation. As the man (for we willTelepathy, 67:we are dealing with simple telepathy, or with invocation and evocation, or with impression, we areTelepathy, 67:is reached by the Hierarchy via the method of invocation and evocation. Within the human family twoTelepathy, 68:impression there received is not the result of invocation which in due course evokesTelepathy, 71:must constantly be borne in mind. The Science of Invocation and Evocation - which embodies theTelepathy, 72:demand and the answer or response which their invocation application has evoked. All disciples whoTelepathy, 73:the control of will. I am not here dealing with invocation and evocation as it is carried onTelepathy, 81:this process repeats itself when hierarchical invocation is effective and successfully established.Telepathy, 81:the Hierarchy and Humanity in response to human invocation; this is becoming increasinglyTelepathy, 81:of the point in evolution from which conscious invocation must arise and upon which the evokedTelepathy, 81:impression must be registered. Unconscious invocation proceeds all the time; when it becomesTelepathy, 83:The Science of Impression. The Science of Invocation and Evocation. The Science of Relationship.Telepathy, 83:to ascending and descending energies, to the invocation of agents and the evocation of theirTelepathy, 84:to the Science of Impression and the Science of Invocation and Evocation only in so far as theyTelepathy, 85:soul and launched the relatively new Science of Invocation and Evocation. The lower mind thenTelepathy, 85:The experiment of giving mankind the Great Invocation was tried and is proving successful, thoughTelepathy, 93:to help; this is called the stage of resultant invocation. It is an invocative act, an invocativeTelepathy, 93:impression are thereby set up; it is also an invocation - on the part of the disciple - for furtherTelepathy, 96:into magnetic auras or areas, capable of invocation and evocation. These areas of sensitivity passTelepathy, 101:from life to life and involves [101] the invocation of conscious response from the anima mundi orTelepathy, 113:kingdom of souls. This we call: The Science of Invocation and Evocation. This science can and doesTelepathy, 123:for receptivity; all is, therefore, related to Invocation and Evocation. It is in our next basicTelepathy, 128:at this time) a secondary science, that of Invocation [129] and Evocation. This science is inTelepathy, 129:and not simply in theory. The first great Invocation was uttered by the planetary Logos when HeTelepathy, 133:Hierarchy, whilst it is being responsive to the invocation of the throat center, Humanity, isTelepathy, 133:three centers into a new and increased activity. Invocation is arising all the time between theseTelepathy, 138:you of the origin and the impulsing of the Great Invocation. Here I am simply placing it before you
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