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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOCATIVE

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Astrology, 584:consciously to divine purpose. The one [584] is invocative and the other is evocative. Desire, whenDiscipleship1, 715:of the whirling force, there comes a voice - invocative and clear. The One who sits in silent work,Discipleship2, 8:adequate to hold the personality steady and the invocative power of the personality is non-existentDiscipleship2, 63:the Great Invocation. The clear sounding of the invocative, though inchoate, [64] cry of the massesDiscipleship2, 104:karmic ancient relationship and through the invocative demand of disciples, initiates and someDiscipleship2, 149:this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, if said with mental intensity andDiscipleship2, 160:the term. In our Aryan cycle, another great invocative cry is issuing forth. It is this time aDiscipleship2, 161:use such a word) is brought about by the massed invocative appeal of the entire human family at anyDiscipleship2, Here t:and of the production within yourself of the invocative spirit. I am going to give you today a veryDiscipleship2, 188:the highest possible level. To initiate a great invocative cycle wherein invocation will unify,Discipleship2, 198:and also of the three planetary Centers; it is invocative, demanding, fusing, receptive andDiscipleship2, 198:fusion of the group personnel, to their united invocative appeal, and - when invocation has evokedDiscipleship2, 199:sets in motion hierarchical response to the invocative appeal rising from the three worlds, andDiscipleship2, 199:rising from the three worlds, and mainly to the invocative appeal carried forward consciously byDiscipleship2, 200:meditation, strictly understood, or to those invocative appeals for help and aid which are soDiscipleship2, 204:and height that their ascension has become invocative and has produced a descent from the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 205:its beat; it is both receiving and distributing, invocative and evocative; as he becomes habituatedDiscipleship2, 206:the Nirmanakayas; they focus the hierarchical invocative appeal and (to quote the Old Commentary)Discipleship2, 206:One of their functions is to relate the invocative appeal of the Hierarchy to karmic law, and thusDiscipleship2, 211:there also. This Group is a reflection of the invocative and evocative capacity of theDiscipleship2, 211:of the New Group of World Servers along the invocative line was stepped up and greatly hastened byDiscipleship2, 212:(by the use of the Invocations) [212] a powerful invocative plea, and resulted in the evocation ofDiscipleship2, 217:members of all the Ashrams meditate deeply in an invocative and evocative manner; their meditation,Discipleship2, 217:deliberately get in touch; the second part is invocative of the New Group of World Servers andDiscipleship2, The fu:led by the Christ; these Festivals are invocative of Shamballa or of that which lies beyond theDiscipleship2, The fu:whole, can approach Shamballa. The New Group is invocative to the Hierarchy for purposes ofDiscipleship2, 218:most important point of precipitation. Then, the invocative appeal of the united Hierarchy and ofDiscipleship2, 222:holds the secret of creative meditation. It is invocative of the higher energies, and creates aDiscipleship2, 226:week and upon different days. These two forms of invocative appeal can be used by all who areDiscipleship2, 229:of the Forces of Light. Then say the following invocative prayer, with focused mental concentrationDiscipleship2, 287:of this identification, he could not refuse the invocative appeal of the "seeds of life, strivingDiscipleship2, 287:His will must go out in response to the invocative demand of humanity, and his "fixedDiscipleship2, 292:repercussions and was indeed the result of an invocative interplay between inner centers of powerDiscipleship2, 293:a pattern of consummate beauty, all potently invocative of the world of the soul and of the worldDiscipleship2, 304:dealt with, embody and express the oldest invocative appeal in the world and (because of the age ofDiscipleship2, 308:initiate. The germ, seed thought, key form and invocative potency of that which has been revealed.Discipleship2, 346:has within it that living something which is invocative of light: it is that material substratumDiscipleship2, 347:activity. The germ, seed, key or inherent, invocative potency which will appear when the threeDiscipleship2, 400:of revelation are the germ or seed of a certain invocative potency; this is especially true andDiscipleship2, 409:of "enlightened souls" was so great that their invocative appeal and their magnetic radiationDiscipleship2, 413:new process whereby the presented [413] hint was invocative of the intuition. The standard ofExternalisation, 320:with the healing of the peoples. This worldwide invocative demand is largely prompted by aExternalisation, 344:form consciously to divine purpose. The one is invocative and the other is evocative. Desire, whenExternalisation, 388:the fusion of humanity into one great group of invocative appeal. Make a real effort to be presentExternalisation, 388:a little further by pointing out that the invocative cry of humanity and of the Hierarchy, jointlyExternalisation, 397:This expressed the normal, largely unconscious, invocative cry of humanity. It summed up in itselfExternalisation, 404:hour strikes. Then Their united effort, plus the invocative appeal of all who truly know and trulyExternalisation, 414:its rites and ceremonies - be concerned with the invocative and evocative side of spiritual appeal.Externalisation, 414:by means of the inchoate, voiceless appeal or invocative cry of the masses, and also by theExternalisation, 418:Forces behind the Evolutionary Process This new invocative work will be the keynote of the comingExternalisation, 418:and will fall into two parts. There will be the invocative work of the masses of the people,Externalisation, 418:and who can work consciously, focusing the invocative cry of the masses and at the same time usingExternalisation, 419:nature, rapport and aspect. The unified invocative thought of the masses and the focused, directedExternalisation, 453:of humanity itself is employed with adequate invocative power. If this goodwill finds expression,Externalisation, 454:over-shadowing spiritual Potencies awaiting the invocative cry of mankind. When that cry arises,Externalisation, 456:energies and potencies are released through the invocative demand of men. Externalisation, 461:those activities and the development of that invocative spirit which will bring the Forces ofExternalisation, 479:of true spirituality within them, or when their invocative appeal is potent enough to reach Him. HeExternalisation, 479:is limited by the quality and the caliber of the invocative appeal of humanity and that, in itsExternalisation, 483:Himself will set in motion in response to the invocative appeal of the new group of world servers,Externalisation, 489:this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, if said with mental intensity andExternalisation, 494:steps. This They were led to do owing to the invocative powers of humanity, used consciously by allExternalisation, 496:of Liberation. Another factor was the constant, invocative demand and the prayers (articulate andExternalisation, 521:developing powers to recognize Reality, of the invocative cry of the masses everywhere, plus theExternalisation, 522:task of adjustment is very much harder. Their invocative appeal to the Lord of the World in HisExternalisation, 561:they are all mutually evocative and invocative. Externalisation, 561:which He is a part; that aspect of His life is invocative in two directions: towards Shamballa andExternalisation, 561:Today, human beings as a whole are so loudly invocative [562] that the entire trend of the life ofExternalisation, 564:the periphery of the Council's influence. The invocative work carried out both consciously andExternalisation, 564:Shamballa itself, and has evoked response. This invocative [565] work reached a high point ofExternalisation, 594:which cannot now be stopped; I speak because the invocative cry of distressed humanity is today ofExternalisation, 596:war (1914-1945); thirdly: a steadily mounting invocative cry, prayer or demand, directed towardExternalisation, 596:two causes have aroused - as never before - the invocative cry of humanity; it is clearer, purerExternalisation, 596:is the name, surely, which we give to the invocative appeal of humanity which leads to theExternalisation, 598:also attempted since 1935, and the energy of the invocative cry of humanity has been directed intoExternalisation, 641:that it becomes a world prayer and focuses the invocative demand of humanity. 2. Enlarge the workExternalisation, 680:(under the guidance of the Christ), become an invocative, magnetic state of group consciousness;Externalisation, 686:far more in radiance, guidance, and magnetic invocative strength than has even before been theGlamour, 269:needed point of tension, is the result of the "invocative decision" of the personality which, inGlamour, 270:of the Angel, waiting and dynamic. The invocative appeal of the Dweller on the Threshold. TheHealing, 517:two points or pairs of opposites and acts as an invocative and evocative center. None of the aboveHealing, 542:then - by an act of the will and the use of an invocative mantram - the healer will seek toHealing, 669:Goodwill will not suffice, though the united and invocative appeal of the [670] men of goodwillHealing, 688:is entirely due to their behavior, conduct, and invocative powers. There is, however, another sideProblems, 140:certain; never has the spirit of man been more invocative of divine aid than it is today and,Problems, 158:all times of crisis, such as the present. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all men livingProblems, 159:added to the mass of men, creates a huge body of invocative applicants and, at this time, theirProblems, 159:invocations and who - as they do - focus the invocative cry and the invocative appeal of the otherProblems, 159:- as they do - focus the invocative cry and the invocative appeal of the other two groups, givingProblems, 159:guarantees a resultant evocation. This new invocative work will be the keynote of the coming worldProblems, 159:and will fall into two parts. There will be the invocative work of the masses of the people,Problems, 160:degree) the potency of worship as an act of invocative approach to God will prove amazing andProblems, 162:in the West get together and plan for such an invocative undertaking and thus together inaugurateRays, 18:developments: A much closer contact - invocative and evocative - with Shamballa, and therefore aRays, 18:to the Will aspect of divinity. An invocative attitude on the part of humanity, based on aRays, 29:adequate to hold the personality steady and the invocative power of the personality is non-existentRays, 35:The task of the lesser aspect or group is invocative, and the success of the invocative rite isRays, 35:or group is invocative, and the success of the invocative rite is called evocation. When,Rays, 35:When, therefore, your life is fundamentally invocative, then there will come the evocation of theRays, 35:come the evocation of the will. It is only truly invocative when personality and soul are fused and
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