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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOKED

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Astrology, 246:divine and equally important) which must be invoked and evoked. Ponder upon these words. It is notAstrology, 549:planet applies the tests and is so chosen or invoked because the third ray is not only itsAstrology, 584:and real) to humanity. This Will must be invoked and evoked. I am not referring here to the use ofAutobiography, 278:and the active participation of the student invoked. Later, when the disciple becomes an activeBethlehem, 53:us, till we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we see His star shine forth." When thatDestiny, 5:ray forces. Those energies which are today being invoked as the result of human need and humanDestiny, 5:first time in the history of humanity - being invoked on a large scale. This statement isDestiny, 26:forces and energies - so sorely needed - can be invoked. Destiny, 43:down of the old and limiting forms through the invoked force of the first ray, which has hithertoDiscipleship1, 6:peace and of quiet wherein the soul may be invoked and in which work - potent in results - may beDiscipleship1, 359:us till we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we see his star shine forth. Sound the O.Discipleship1, 537:us, till we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we see his Star shine forth. "May theDiscipleship2, 150:of a power beyond the human. This must be invoked, and the invocation will meet with speedyDiscipleship2, 159:the Plan. Ponder on that phrasing. Having invoked the three aspects or potencies of Mind, Love, andDiscipleship2, 159:Invocation; it serves to focus and anchor the invoked energies in the human kingdom. That is theirDiscipleship2, 160:third divine aspect, that of Intelligence, was invoked by the mass appeal of instinctualDiscipleship2, 168:Triangles are creating, light or illumination is invoked by the daily work and attitude of theDiscipleship2, 169:the will-to-good will be more widely desired and invoked. Discipleship2, 170:the energies of light and love (which have been invoked) to all men everywhere. They will, from theDiscipleship2, 176:consider the individual parallels. All that is invoked on behalf of humanity is also susceptible ofDiscipleship2, 355:each initiate-group enriches the ashram with its invoked revelation, you will then be arrivingExternalisation, 26:the name for certain new Powers which are being invoked by the Hierarchy at this time, WhoseExternalisation, 26:due effort is made. The Spirit of Peace which is invoked is an interplanetary Agent of great powerExternalisation, 111:give you some idea of the nature of the Forces invoked and of the esoteric meaning which theseExternalisation, 153:the general public once the world disciples have invoked and evoked the inflow of this higherExternalisation, 159:General World Picture The Spirit of Peace Who is invoked in the second phrase, Let the Spirit ofExternalisation, 160:of Light - then the Spirit of Peace can be invoked. On a lower turn of the spiral, you will noteExternalisation, 160:is the transmitter of still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantram and transmits theExternalisation, 160:and note that the Spirit of Peace will be invoked and contacted. By the voiced appeal His attentionExternalisation, 169:the first three phrases have made available are invoked and so made available to the individual asExternalisation, 276:that Light and Love and Power and Death must be invoked to fulfil the purpose of the Coming One.Externalisation, 320:now. The Coming One Who is being so fervently invoked throughout the world, either by prayer,Externalisation, 338:to give a constructive trend and to focus the invoked energies which led me, under instruction fromExternalisation, 338:from the secret place Who is referred to and invoked in the first Invocation; the other will invokeExternalisation, 345:and real) to humanity. This Will must be invoked and evoked. There are two great handicaps to theExternalisation, 351:to act and to respond on the part of Those invoked by humanity, but handicapped by the lack ofExternalisation, 354:until you stand where the One Initiator is invoked, until you see His star shine forth. Externalisation, 396:The Lords of Liberation could be successfully invoked; the Spirit of Peace might appear as theExternalisation, 397:the Forces of Life just as the previous one invoked the Forces of Light and Love. It could only beExternalisation, 465:month of April. Their assistance can also be invoked by the dire need of men, women and childrenExternalisation, 487:to be done by these great spiritual Potencies, invoked during the three Full Moons of April, MayExternalisation, 490:[490] of a power beyond the human. This must be invoked and the invocation will meet with speedyFire, 1025:The solar Angel must, therefore, now again be invoked. This means that the magician (when hisGlamour, 236:and consciously generated. The spiritual will is invoked whilst the mind is held steady in theHealing, 314:but only again if the will of the patient is invoked. Little can be done in cancer cases unlessHealing, 314:unit of force. When this has been done, then the invoked and concentrated energy will followHealing, 586:will eventually be known as capable of being invoked by the soul in the interests of the form. HereInitiation, 132:their disciples, the aid of the Bodhisattva is invoked, and the lesser Rod of Power employed. WhenPatanjali, 86:conditions and then the utilization of the invoked image as a form, through which a new realm ofProblems, 164:unity would be achieved; if they unitedly invoked the spiritual Hierarchy and sought consciously toPsychology2, 486:world of souls. The mind nature is seldom invoked and the processes pursued usually render thePsychology2, 547:families because of this opportunity. Diseases invoked by tendencies in the man himself. These arePsychology2, 728:but the cooperation of the groups must be invoked in the task of spreading the healing energy ofRays, 44:The intuition of the aspirant must be invoked if he is to arrive at right knowledge. I shallRays, 67:life is fully understood by him. His service is invoked by the group or groups needing his help.Rays, 90:alignment, the help of the Buddha must be invoked and accepted. The work of the Christ asRays, 135:and non-dogmatic. The Hierarchy has been invoked and its Members are [136] ready for a great "actRays, 136:carry out the Will of God"; They are Themselves invoked by the Light-Bearers, the Masters; TheyRays, 136:the Masters; They again, in Their turn, are invoked by the aspirants and disciples of the world.Rays, 147:by Sound, and in that Sound the Logos both invoked and evoked. He issued the call and He engineeredRays, 175:time when "we stand where the One Initiator is invoked, when we see His star shine forth." TwoRays, 191:or instruction. The aid of the group is invoked almost in the form of an order. The point of thisRays, 222:have created the antahkarana; unitedly they have invoked by the group sound the attention of theRays, 526:by human invocation; in Their turn, They have invoked certain aspects of the divine nature, deeplyRays, 540:capable of evoking response from that which is invoked. For the average aspirant and for theRays, 541:is rendered negative to that which is being invoked, and by this means another and positive pointRays, 541:to that higher vibration or contact which is invoked by the existent radiance and potency. TheRays, 758:Men have prayed for themselves; they have invoked divine help for those they love; they have givenTelepathy, 59:into a theoretical possibility, has later been invoked by the directed and conscious attention ofTelepathy, 78:of the lives in that kingdom the deva world is invoked and greatly aids and hastens the unfoldmentTelepathy, 81:from extra-planetary sources, as demanded or invoked by the Lord of the World and His Associates;Telepathy, 129:He expressed the desire to manifest and thus invoked and brought to Himself the substance needed
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