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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOKES

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Discipleship1, 714:and not to that in which the personality invokes the soul under the desperate need brought about inDiscipleship2, 21:but is basically an automaton. The etheric body invokes and evokes; but it also, in relation to theDiscipleship2, 59:and is the mode - ahead of all others - which invokes the Spiritual Triad, brings about theDiscipleship2, 159:Invocation is also unique in the sense that it invokes all the three divine aspects. It isDiscipleship2, 541:to an end. Love induces that radiation which invokes and evokes not only the heart of God but theExternalisation, 158:Light bring illumination to mankind, definitely invokes potencies which are to be found uponExternalisation, 250:can change the face of the world battlefield; it invokes the Prince of Peace, but He [251] carriesExternalisation, 414:and evocative side of spiritual appeal. Man invokes the divine Approach in two ways: by means ofExternalisation, 553:of the threefold energy which the Invocation invokes and will [554] continue to invoke for manyFire, 449:and in the three parts of the veda-verse that invokes the sun. Each part He milked from one Veda.Hercules, 145:to deal with this formidable enemy. Hercules invokes a brighter light than that of the analyzingRays, 35:it might be broadly said that the lesser ever invokes the higher, and higher factors are thenRays, 81:for the first time - alone and unaided - invokes the highest spiritual center on our planet,Rays, 282:is a word which involves consciousness, which invokes the will, which is dynamic in nature,Rays, 443:higher realizations. This faculty eventually invokes the energies of the mind, and the mind, plusRays, 682:It is the dedication of the aspirant which invokes the fire. You have here a statement of majorReappearance, 151:the recognition of their tremendous potency. Man invokes divine Approach in various ways: by meansTelepathy, 95:because he has created a magnetic aura which invokes them and brings them "into his mind". ThisTelepathy, 133:agency (which modern science demonstrates), invokes the heart center, the Hierarchy, and thenTelepathy, 134:The Hierarchy or the planetary heart center invokes Shamballa, the planetary head center, and theTelepathy, 134:Shamballa - the planetary head center - invokes energies outside the planetary life and the inflow
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