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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLUTION

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Astrology, 256:symbol, portraying as it does the process of involution, and also that of evolution, carried to theAstrology, 390:Pisces. That which impelled to the processes of involution and evolution (the desire to incarnate)Astrology, 463:point of energy (the magnetic point) produces involution and outgoing during the process of formingAstrology, 487:was towards evolution out of matter and not involution into matter; humanity turned towards theAstrology, 544:to the great point of balance on the Path of Involution when spirit and matter balanced each other,Atom, 44:the model placed for it in the Heavenly Man. The involution [45] and the evolution of the atom...Atom, 62:might be briefly summed up in three terms: involution, or the involving of the subjective life inAtom, 63:We have in the first case the process of involution. This is the period in which the limiting ofDiscipleship1, 714:soul recapitulates the evolutionary processes of involution and evolution. Soul energy descends andDiscipleship2, 626:as its sound reaches us during the process of involution. We distinguish it on the evolutionaryFire, 7:Death. Appearance - growth - disappearance. [7] Involution - evolution - obscuration. Inert motionFire, 144:down to the elemental essence on the arc of involution.64 We need to remember that on the Path ofFire, 144:We need to remember that on the Path of Involution, the action of Brahma is primarily felt, seekingFire, 199:manifestation to three types of separation: Involution. The separation of matter, or the oneFire, 271:certain planes, and have Their points of deepest involution on diverse levels: A Man originates onFire, 275:of the domination of the form note is that of involution. The period of the repulsion of form byFire, 282:Second. Both are at their point of deepest involution. Third. Both are trammeled by matter, and areFire, 290:scheme. This covers a period in the scheme of involution, and of that period during theFire, 302:sumtotal of the elemental essences in process of involution. He holds a position (in relation to aFire, 321:is based on two methods and demonstrates as: Involution, wherein the negative electrons of matterFire, 415:it might be numerically expressed as: During involution the sequence is seen as three, then sevenFire, 444:Seven etheric centers. Seven types of force. Involution and evolution of the kingdoms of nature.Fire, 572:their effect as they demonstrate on the path of involution. As they manifest on the path ofFire, 574:the basic law of evolution, which necessitates involution. It is analogous to the first movementFire, 574:the mystery of the third system. On the path of involution, the seven great Breaths or Sounds droveFire, 575:are 1-2-4-6. Logically this would be so, for involution is negative, receptive, and corresponds toFire, 577:term it the law of coalescence. On the path of involution it controls the primal gathering togetherFire, 580:suggestion may be given: On the path of [580] involution this law governs the gathering togetherFire, 580:and somewhat comprehended, but on the path of involution, or of construction, the working out ofFire, 580:to the superficial observer. On the path of involution it controls the process of the [581]Fire, 584:Triad, of the Law of Attraction. On the path of involution this law works with the permanent atomsFire, 593:of time, the great deluder. On the path of involution this law again works with the permanent atomsFire, 775:Jesus the fisher of men. Sin - The fall of man, involution of Spirit. Soma - Moon. The work ofFire, 986:sound. Black magic deals with the forces of involution. White magic works with the powers ofFire, 987:brother occupies himself with the forces of involution, or with the Path of Outgoing. They form theFire, 1019:separated or distinguished apart. On the path of involution, if the subject may be approached fromFire, 1029:the wheel of Being. The activity which produces involution, or the submergence in matter of Life orFire, 1137:three kingdoms of nature, which are the laws of involution, the laws of the elemental kingdoms, andFire, 1141:may be read four ways: From above downwards - involution. From beneath upwards - evolution. RightHealing, 467:a tiny scale of the great planetary processes of involution and evolution; it concerns thoseHercules, 81:signs, whether we are considering the involution of the soul in matter, or the evolution of theHercules, 87:of subjective life, of the prenatal stage, or involution, and of the first step, either towardsHercules, 87:of the world of matter into the world of being. Involution, incarnation, expression, inspiration,Meditation, 57:of outbreathing is already accomplished. It is involution. The work of inbreathing or reabsorptionMeditation, 131:the domain of those who work with the forces of involution and thus he may bring attack uponMeditation, 135:working with the powers of evolution and not of involution. The elemental forces to be found onMeditation, 135:and in the control of these forces of involution they at times damage the furtherance of our work.Meditation, 136:exists) and on the elemental kingdoms of involution. The Brothers of Light plead as pleaded the ManMeditation, 137:of evolution vibrate more rapidly than those of involution and in this fact lies a recognizableMeditation, 174:path. On the contrary, they are on the path of involution, on the downward arc. They are to beMeditation, 174:it here. "Force in evolution and force in involution are two different things. That is aMeditation, 175:violence, blind elementary powers at work. In involution it is the elementals who do most of theMeditation, 176:foolish things, to tamper with the forces of involution until they themselves are linked with theMeditation, 177:The Dark Brotherhood work with the forces of involution and bend to their will the unwitting lesserMeditation, 349:back over old achievement, is in the nature of involution, and the servant seeks to work with thePatanjali, 401:of the chitta or mind stuff). The urge towards involution or towards form taking is so dominant andPsychology2, 327:books teach) the following stages: The stage of involution, or of appropriation, and ofPsychology2, 327:process, divided into two stages, marking the involution and the evolution of consciousness.Psychology2, 328:the two major divisions [328] of this process - involution and evolution - could be divided intoPsychology2, 330:between the approaches upon the path of involution and those upon the path of evolution, and also
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