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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVED

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Fire, 284:cycle. The second type of cycle or the period involved in the complete circling of an orbit, or theFire, 300:and the fourth globe in that chain were closely involved in the transaction. h. The progress ofFire, 314:process proceeds on the higher of the three involved. Third, in connection with a solar LogosFire, 332:as attraction and repulsion, with all that is involved in those two words. In the widest sense ofFire, 336:forth in different ways according to the units involved, the forms [337] animated, and the planesFire, 347:of consciousness in the particular groups involved. In every case the method was that of a slowFire, 367:the Lords of Flame to the planet Earth is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationshipFire, 386:about by a definite systemic alignment which involved: The Venus scheme of the system. The VenusFire, 388:Lives of the particular center which is involved in the coming Initiation of the Heavenly Man, andFire, 397:and the activities of the Lipika Lords, will be involved in the matter. It will also be apparentFire, 401:out of the purposes of the great Entities involved in cosmic and systemic manifestation; we mightFire, 401:and somewhat comprehended. These thoughts are involved in the consideration of this point, and openFire, 408:of the subject and the enormous cycles of time involved tend to obscurity and lack of definiteness.Fire, 413:to stimulate a fourth, hence four globes are involved and the three Kumaras (so called for lack ofFire, 423:thus ensuring the good of the corporate body involved. Many interesting events will occur and manyFire, 423:concerned, and the future of manas is therefore involved in the growing influence of these fourFire, 426:will be practically nil, as the human units involved will have reached a stage where they canFire, 483:and we might get some idea of the matters involved if we studied this vast hierarchical standpoint,Fire, 488:the agency of force external to the sphere involved, and produces transmutation through the agencyFire, 490:the evolutionary plan in the case of the life involved, delays the consummation, interferes withFire, 491:of development, and puts all [491] the factors involved in a bad position. The life (or entity)Fire, 491:of external agents to the atom or form involved, and in the second place (involving the mostFire, 495:processes of the grosser kind (such as are involved in the manufacture of pure gold) will interestFire, 542:any desire for reward for the immense sacrifice involved. The Petal of Sacrifice for the mentalFire, 561:as may be, this very complex matter. The ideas involved are: The Factor of Identity. SpecificFire, 656:or (to word it perhaps more occultly) it has involved the response of certain peculiar groups ofFire, 664:and the triangles vary according to the scheme involved. Fire, 690:the self-conscious units on the mental plane, is involved in a larger development, for itFire, 701:could not energize the forms provided, for it involved the opposition of that which is occultly theFire, 705:at the center. It will be noted that the points involved in this symbol number eight - a picture ofFire, 716:(or radioactivity) of pitchblende and the other involved units is comparatively a new developmentFire, 717:the full conscious occupation by the Logos involved is consummated. It is the moment of fruition,Fire, 732:its root meaning conveys the fundamental truth involved in the taking of a dense physical body, andFire, 733:incarnations. From the point of view of any unit involved, a pralaya is a period of quiescence, ofFire, 733:of the great whole with which the unit may be involved, a pralaya may be considered merely as aFire, 758:of the plans, and of disaster to the unit involved. The second group will be less numerous, and theFire, 776:grows in volume, depth and number of sounds involved as time elapses) the force is directed, theFire, 782:the atomic vibration upon the particular plane involved. This concerns the second group of Pitris,Fire, 786:and only the stage of evolution of the entity involved will reveal its relative significance. AllFire, 791:to the place in evolution of the unit of force involved, so will the length of time required forFire, 813:of [813] humanity, to the group relationships involved, and to the interaction between individualsFire, 826:from a consideration of the occult significance involved in the sending out of their followers byFire, 849:which scheme they may be. The basic truth here involved may be better grasped if the followingFire, 857:the Chohan responsible for the particular group involved. Fire, 881:uses and purposes of form, and of the energies involved in form-building, the utilization of form,Fire, 884:of course differs according to the unit of force involved. It is of interest to note here that, asFire, 886:channel, again according to ray and aspect involved. More anent this may not here be said, as theFire, 945:waters of the body; whilst the third is largely involved in the construction of the frame, throughFire, 973:objectivising idea from the particular center involved. We must not forget that we are consideringFire, 974:significance of all the processes occultly involved in sight, can be seen. As long as the eye ofFire, 987:is, he works (as far as the bigger purpose is involved) blindly and unconsciously. The whiteFire, 990:One of the stars of the Great Bear, The Pleiad involved, The planetary scheme concerned, then againFire, 993:the close of the cycle, when the force or energy involved is circulating unimpeded, even if slowly,Fire, 995:can be said on this subject, owing to the danger involved, but it suffices for the conveyance ofFire, 998:solar meditation is cyclic in nature, the Pitri involved sending out to his "reflection" rhythmicFire, 1004:and to pledged chelas, owing to the great danger involved. Occasionally, too, they are ascertainedFire, 1035:the nature of matter and what is occultly involved in that expression, his own triple constitution,Fire, 1051:the planetary centers and thereby affect the involved monadic units. This is hidden in the karma ofFire, 1070:through clear thinking and a study of the involved analogy what focal points of magnetic energy mayFire, 1071:or the ruby. The energy of the particular center involved is likewise responsive to forceFire, 1118:according to the sevenfold nature of the Logos involved. Each circle of petals becomes, asFire, 1148:of no calculations as to whether the human unit involved is a unit of inertia, a sattvic point, orFire, 1149:the incarnations of disciples and the methods involved in the later stages of evolution. It shouldFire, 1155:and a fuller comprehension of the truths involved. Owing to the rapid development of the race, andFire, 1196:as "fallen" in the cosmic sense, because involved in the building process, or the occupiers ofFire, 1209:of the poles." The whole subject is very involved and difficult but light will begin to dawn beforeFire, 1250:of attractive energy from the constellation involved as to unduly speed up the processes ofGlamourA. Bailey, with the consent of the disciples involved, in 1944. Unpublished manuscripts containingGlamour, xi:Certain Preliminary Clarifications All groups involved in esoteric work have their own dharma orGlamour, 33:every aspect of his nature. The whole man is involved. Technically, the word MAYA should only beGlamour, 84:where there is no personal responsibility involved. By that I mean, where it is not the place orGlamour, 177:reaches this stage, the mass of men become involved; they recognize the illusion as the truth; theyGlamour, 269:response" from the Angel. The two factors involved (and forget not, my brother, that all this takesHealing, 19:disease. That the work of the healer may be involved in these cases is quite true, but the work toHealing, 54:emanating from the past history of the person involved. Human taints, inherited because one is aHealing, 59:of man. Today, owing to the vast reaches of time involved and to the untold generations of thoseHealing, 69:at this time is exempt. Everyone is more or less involved in the planetary situation. TheHealing, 101:by stimulating the atoms and cells involved in the activity of the force responsible for theHealing, 101:disease itself or the area in the physical body involved and carefully keep all thought inHealing, 102:or group activity. The mind is not mentioned or involved, and the brain acts solely as the focusingHealing, 102:there also. The heart will be automatically involved, as he will be using the energy of love - atHealing, 104:center and the heart center of all the persons involved will be closely interrelated. You see hereHealing, 118:aspect. The whole Science of Integration is involved in this matter. This science, if properlyHealing, 167:lacking. At present, the teaching and processes involved must be mastered step by step, detail byHealing, 175:control of the Spiritual Triad. The processes involved in these three great experiences (eachHealing, 182:of this center, on account of the extreme danger involved in any premature work on the basicHealing, 195:into secondary energies of the primary energy involved, and is an automatic happening; the rate ofHealing, 195:of the unfoldment of the particular center involved and its awakened or unawakened state. Healing, 199:stream, the areas of the body become vitally involved and responsive. This covers, of course, theHealing, 214:the tabulation above might suggest. The process involved is spread over many lives of unconsciousHealing, 215:correct spiritual activity. With the process involved we cannot here deal, beyond pointing out thatHealing, 217:the reverse is frequently the case. The danger involved in a large number of physical ills can beHealing, 234:early stages of their appearance), but now have involved the blood stream and consequently theHealing, 260:had been other World Saviors, but the issues involved had not so clearly been expressed, becauseHealing, 262:and has demanded worldwide sacrifice. It has involved the entire three worlds of human evolution,Healing, 271:simplified to this extent that, once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, the center inHealing, 274:fourth kingdom in nature) where epidemics are involved, or to such a condition as war, affectingHealing, 276:these subjective factors, are not in reality the involved and complicated matter they appear to beHealing, 285:group. The higher the centers considered, involved and dealt with, the more potent the results, andHealing, 287:thought they direct it to and through the center involved. Healing work is circulatory, and this
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