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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVED

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Healing, 287:through the center, first of all to the organ involved or the area where difficulty is to be found,Healing, 290:unfolded and integrated, the man was still involved in group life and the interrelations becameHealing, 292:today all the aspects of the lower nature are involved; and among the commonest and most ordinaryHealing, 306:and for reasons: Because where a group is involved and the members are very intelligent, throughHealing, 318:At the same time, they are aware that there is involved also the humane factor, in cases where noHealing, 342:of diseases in which both mind and brain are involved. The diseases of mystics are also in aHealing, 349:healing art that much of the so-called disaster, involved in disease and in death (particularly theHealing, 359:of the consciousness of the human being involved, and the soul pours through to the point ofHealing, 362:mechanism of thought in man. There is no danger involved for the server if he becomes aware ofHealing, 364:are sidetracked in their aim by the activities involved in assuaging pain and deadening agony; theyHealing, 375:grasp of the technique and principles involved in healing. The exoteric developments of the New AgeHealing, 405:that I can say upon this subject. The knowledge involved is not yet mine. [406] To turn now toHealing, 419:abstraction" is a different one for the entities involved: a. For the physical permanent atom, itHealing, 435:phases, as far as [435] the creative process is involved. Other phases will then be later mastered.Healing, 462:too great deterioration of the physical organism involved) there is the possibility of a return forHealing, 463:may be long or short, according to the purposes involved; it may cover only a very few short years,Healing, 464:as far as the individual's own nature is involved. Healing, 471:individual karmic necessity may not be involved at all, and reasons of group conditioning and ofHealing, 490:engrossed with what engrossed his attention and involved the kamic principle during his incarnatedHealing, 500:and the entire soul nature is thereby involved. This is a point little emphasized or realized. InHealing, 521:of which we as yet know nothing, and is involved with monadic purpose. All occult teaching, whichHealing, 524:command the spiritual will. The particular law involved in the healing act must be "brought intoHealing, 534:simplified to this extent - that once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, the center inHealing, 542:the life principle is focused and is closely involved and affected by whatever occurs. When thisHealing, 543:to the lay reader a general idea of the risks involved, and thus produce caution in the enthusiast.Healing, 574:and the etheric. From that center, the energy involved is gathered up and returned to one or otherHealing, 574:or (if one of these higher centers is itself involved) the energy is gathered up and driven intoHealing, 575:of the unskilled and those emotionally involved in their trouble is of no true assistance. The fewHealing, 592:solar plexus center to the heart, and the "line" involved is simply the diaphragm. Under this firstHealing, 592:forces and forces, you have the etheric body involved, and the forces concerned are those to beHealing, 594:upon the physical organs found within the area involved. In the early stages of the relation of theHealing, 604:[604] great force. An understanding of the risks involved, a sane appraisal of possibility and aHealing, 605:of devitalization and the energy of the center involved requires a deliberate augmenting. There is,Healing, 606:the patient by direct work with the centers involved, is to bring about a balanced and wholesomeHealing, 608:understanding: When the soul controls the form involved, there is health. The soul is the builderHealing, 626:The healer, therefore, ignores the gland involved and deals directly with the center whichHealing, 627:distress. That thought or correct thinking is involved is necessarily true; the healer has to thinkHealing, 630:simplified to this extent - that once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, the center inHealing, 630:the stimulation, or the reverse, of the center involved. Simultaneously, all outer orthodox methodsHealing, 631:energy of faith on the part of the two people involved - the healer and the patient - occultly andHealing, 631:no true occult healing methods were employed or involved. Psychologically, the same thing can beHealing, 633:will of the elemental spirit of substance are involved, plus their cyclic relation. These we shallHealing, 647:in which thousands and thousands of bodies were involved. An individual not highly developed whoHealing, 655:in magnetic healing: The brain of the healer is involved, but there is no physical contact of anyHealing, 701:wrong where the three lower vehicles are involved than with the two major expressions of life. Healing, 702:Its location in the physical body. The center involved and (when he is an enlightened disciple)Hercules, 32:simply as the urge to take form, to become involved in matter; or it may reverse the process andHercules, 117:peace and sin no more." All of this seems subtly involved in the myth of the labor in Virgo. ItsHercules, 133:carefully suited to the needs of the individual involved. In many cases, help would only be anInitiation, viii:are interested, yet who feel the possibilities involved are too far advanced for them, and thatInitiation, 9:glibly, without due consideration of the meaning involved. Take, for instance, the word firstInitiation, 106:great strife the department of religions will be involved, and the Bodhisattva intimatelyInitiation, 123:work in line with the plans of the three Logoi involved, cooperating with them with ever greaterInitiation, 123:basic theoretical fact, that our solar Logos is involved in the plans and purposes of a stillInitiation, 124:the lesser cycle in which he is immediately involved. This means that he sees not only that whichInitiation, 156:sounds, and increase in length as the planes are involved, until the sentences and speech of theInitiation, 158:departmental heads (according to the syllable involved each Word is directly connected with theInitiation, 158:of those planes which are subsidiary to the one involved. For instance, an initiate of the thirdInitiation, 180:to above, but has also taken the five steps involved in the conscious control of the five planes ofInitiation, 217:to the ray or quality of the particular Ego involved. Elementals The Spirits of the Elements; theInitiation, 217:The Spirits of the Elements; the creatures involved in the four kingdoms, or elements, Earth, Air,Intellect, 8:see later, it is the thought apparatus which is involved in Meditation and which must be trained toIntellect, 67:[67] prayer, with desire dominant, and the heart involved. It is the emotional nature and theIntellect, 82:less potentially, or rather virtually; what is involved is merely the effectual attainment by theIntellect, 86:faces the issue. He must decide upon the values involved and set himself to demonstrate the fact ofIntellect, 110:in all action the five following factors are involved: The material instrument - the brain The doerIntellect, 110:it will be found that all these five factors are involved. The material instrument which we have toIntellect, 119:secular lines, for the use of the mind has been involved, and though the subject of the meditationIntellect, 156:of cases, has been the heart approach, and has involved feeling, sensory perception, and emotion.Magic, 33:through the interplay between the physical body involved and the environment, it will be apparentMagic, 47:the solar Logos in relation to the five planets involved. Magic, 61:This meditation is cyclic in nature, the pitri involved sending out to his "reflection" rhythmicMagic, 77:path, but the systematic working out of the laws involved has made small progress as yet. WhereinMagic, 114:of egos come together to work out certain karma involved in past days. Men have erred grievously inMagic, 114:is that, in many situations, two principles are involved, one of which is secondary. The difficultyMagic, 131:and its later materialization, human units are involved and men have perforce to be employed. AMagic, 179:focusing point. The use of the head centers is involved and they must both be vivified before thisMagic, 180:Why is this so? Because the mental body is not involved and so the soul is not in control. TheMagic, 241:When man was purely animal, no sin was involved. When to this urge was added emotional desire, thenMagic, 253:distributing agents, and hence all three are involved in all magical work. The right eye, throughMagic, 325:is general, as now, and the whole area involved, then the end is near. In nature, a generalMagic, 342:and too quick an apprehension of the many issues involved in connection with some particular matterMagic, 405:synthetic unity brought them to a decision which involved the formation of group units, and broughtMagic, 485:Thought-Forms Then there are the communications involved in occult teaching. The circle of thoseMagic, 517:The brain consciousness is necessarily involved. The interlude between breaths is only capable ofMagic, 573:monadic ray, the particular tattva which may be involved, the center through which he may beMeditation, 56:the fifth subtone of the monadic note, and involved themselves in human evolution. The sixth greatMeditation, 60:to know, to dare and to be silent. The dangers involved in the misuse of the Word are so great thatMeditation, 66:in a linking with the egoic groups of the involved personalities, a stimulation of the causalMeditation, 66:a stimulation of the causal bodies involved, and a linking of all three groups - the lower, theMeditation, 71:to impart will have to be withheld. The dangers involved through the injudicious development of theMeditation, 79:as yet to furnish more information; the risks involved would be too great. The method of arousingMeditation, 114:morning to take up the question of the dangers involved in meditation that are incidental to aMeditation, 127:can later be given. Where mental obsession is involved the matter is more difficult. Most of theMeditation, 188:well guarded, not only because of the dangers involved but because of the obstructions in time thatMeditation, 207:terms of the plane and not in terms of the ray involved. Blue-indigo, being cosmically related, andMeditation, 208:to demonstrate to you the great complexity involved by the use of blinds, yet also to show you thatMeditation, 266:Similarity of vibration. Karma, and all are involved in the ability of the man to develop groupMeditation, 352:to the ray or quality of the particular Ego involved. Elementals The Spirits of the Elements; theMeditation, 352:The Spirits of the Elements; the creatures involved in the four kingdoms, or elements, Earth, Air,
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