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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVES

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Astrology, 59:of the life of the planetary Logos. This involves the studying of the horoscope of the spirit ofAstrology, 59:man. There is no profit in so doing. This involves again the study of the two horoscopes of theAstrology, 146:from the angle of the three Crosses, which involves first, mutation, then direction, and finallyAstrology, 192:he begins to express this first stage. This involves a complete withdrawal, in the personalityAstrology, 199:and Saturn in relation to Capricorn. This involves the intensified activity of the 6th and the 3rdAstrology, 230:depicted the entire history of the race. This involves its mental beginnings in Aries (the will toAstrology, 258:Server or Savior. It has been said that Virgo "involves the service of the immediately present" orAstrology, 291:be noted and intelligently employed, but this involves a most definite development of the esotericAstrology, 383:planets whereas the Earth is not. This statement involves, as you can see, a deep mystery ofAstrology, 440:of the will through the Shamballa center [440] involves the conscious use of that energy by theAstrology, 542:spirit in a more definite and arresting way and involves an orientation towards freedom which willAstrology, 559:is now "the spiritually vertical which involves the inclusive horizontal." At this stage, the PlanAstrology, 568:increasing in numbers at this time and this involves their reorientation towards the Light, theirAtom, 20:consider the matter aspect of manifestation. It involves the conception of vibration, and ofAtom, 21:this same definition is of real value. It involves the idea of a gradually increasing realization,Atom, 25:of view, and leads inevitably to selfishness. It involves the recognition of the atom as beingAtom, 25:another stage, that of group coherency. This involves the building up of forms and species untilAtom, 28:whom we can succor and assist. It really involves the conscious contacting of the ideal ofAtom, 47:the "I" concept is of paramount importance. It involves much internal activity. The second way theAtom, 48:with those forms and their atoms. This involves the practical care of the physical body and theAutobiography, 122:you could keep hens on a very large scale (which involves capital) you don't make much money. HensAutobiography, 167:ideas) as He dropped them into my mind. This involves the attaining and preservation of an intense,Autobiography, 197:obedience is developed. This occult obedience involves no obedience to me or any other head of theAutobiography, 280:which you are entering is a tremendous one; it involves a reorientation of your life and lifeAutobiography, 298:what a senior position in an ashram necessarily involves. This position is the key to all the workBethlehem, 35:our hidden divinity find true expression. This involves a practical self-application which bringsBethlehem, 95:the heritage of three. This higher citizenship involves the expression of the Christ consciousness,Bethlehem, 202:signifies the walking across a boundary; it involves the displacing of a landmark, as it is calledBethlehem, 210:that kingdom is the way that Christ trod. It involves the sacrifice of the personal self for theBethlehem, 240:Entrance into such a life and such a fellowship involves some measure of suffering, sacrifice, orBethlehem, 278:objective world. This mental attitude, however, involves a double predisposition: firstly, we mustDestiny, 109:it altogether in the technical sense, which involves a recognized relation to the Hierarchy throughDestiny, 128:in the preliminary stage of his training, this involves the constant investigation of his motivesDiscipleship1, XII:divinity of mankind. This belief necessarily involves a heart full of love, a mind open andDiscipleship1, 36:on the higher levels of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brainDiscipleship1, 36:on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves the complete integration of the personalityDiscipleship1, 57:will disciples learn that the attitude which involves a certain "don't care" reaction and a form ofDiscipleship1, 58:mind and brain of the disciple. This, therefore, involves true knowledge of the disciple's innerDiscipleship1, 66:tune in on the attitude of the Hierarchy. This involves the emphasis of the consciousness-aspectDiscipleship1, 81:where his fellow disciples are concerned. It involves, therefore, a dual attitude towards theDiscipleship1, 81:the soul and of the spiritual Hierarchy. It also involves the cultivation of judgment and of wisdomDiscipleship1, 82:a lack of mental keenness. Personal glamor. This involves the astral plane. Individual problems,Discipleship1, 82:needed at any particular time. Such an attitude involves a comprehensive sweep of love, and thisDiscipleship1, 83:of loyalty and cooperation which that acceptance involves. Has accepted the fact that all souls areDiscipleship1, 84:goal of the new discipleship. Group initiation involves: The possession and recognition of a unitedDiscipleship1, 85:done when it is deemed spiritually wise and it involves also that waiting attitude which expectsDiscipleship1, 87:waves." The entire meditation (in its two parts) involves, therefore, the linking up of heart andDiscipleship1, 95:needs to walk humbly in the spiritual life which involves a correct recognition of place andDiscipleship1, 98:time and the next fifty years. This mobilization involves the focusing of the disciple's energies,Discipleship1, 101:understand, for They are one with all men. This involves a far greater comprehension than you canDiscipleship1, 108:step to step in spiral fashion and this ever involves a retracing (apparently) of one's steps. ThisDiscipleship1, 116:you to remember that chelaship (discipleship) involves responsibility, and that in its turn isDiscipleship1, 153:been that of the true second ray disciple. This involves the ability to identify yourself withDiscipleship1, 204:to the present time. This latter problem involves also the problem of right compromise, and a trueDiscipleship1, 208:there is no escape) is one thing and simply involves acquiescence, the cultivation of a willingnessDiscipleship1, 268:of this life's endeavor. True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance and stable uniformDiscipleship1, 270:in terms of accomplishment. True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance. There must everDiscipleship1, 277:which might not otherwise fuse and blend. This involves an understanding, an analysis of humanDiscipleship1, 280:achievement. This requires emphasizing and involves clear thinking and detachment on the part ofDiscipleship1, 290:I would ask you to bear in mind that group work involves sacrifice and oft the doing of that whichDiscipleship1, 295:a very valuable exercise for all disciples and involves a self-discipline but little emphasized inDiscipleship1, 312:to the severing of that final thread which involves the death of all personality attachments. ThenDiscipleship1, 314:the entire life-attitude of the personality. It involves not only the detachment of the desireDiscipleship1, 314:desired and appropriated from long habit, but it involves also a complete readjustment of theDiscipleship1, 329:which each has for himself created and this involves facing one's life with truth as well as one'sDiscipleship1, 340:one that must be accepted in its inevitability, involves your consciousness. By this I mean thatDiscipleship1, 346:that which the soul has done is a fact. This involves the renewed activity of the mental processes.Discipleship1, 411:Servers. Upon the world. You will note how this involves a steadily imagined establishment ofDiscipleship1, 420:thought anent your environing conditions. This involves two subsidiary factors: firstly, freedomDiscipleship1, 452:will (if such a phrase means anything to you. It involves conscious focus) and increased activityDiscipleship1, 484:human being as a soul. This type of service involves the recognition of one's own capacity, theDiscipleship1, 484:right help in the right way. This, in its turn, involves an inner brooding upon the quality and theDiscipleship1, 619:your consciousness and which also, inevitably, involves your fellow workers. Dreams and realityDiscipleship1, 627:own life and in the lives of those around you involves no criticism on my part or any on yours. TheDiscipleship1, 664:seek to serve our fellowmen. This Full Moon work involves the use of the creative imagination, theDiscipleship1, 683:his supervision at some aspect of the Plan. This involves, as I have pointed out, their training inDiscipleship1, 690:to forget your personalities. This forgetting involves not only your own personalities but also theDiscipleship1, 695:is taking place with varying effects. This involves an intensified aspiration and spiritualDiscipleship1, 704:normally soul conscious. The achievement of this involves great responsibility, and it is theDiscipleship1, 705:energy upon the outer plane immediately involves certain factors: A deep unerring love which "sees"Discipleship1, 710:the center which we call the Hierarchy. The one involves the development of love and of groupDiscipleship1, 710:of love and of group consciousness; the other involves the unfoldment of the will and theDiscipleship1, 719:ephemeral nature of the astral plane. This stage involves so many aspirants in the world today thatDiscipleship1, 720:way and with the needed skill in action. It involves capacity for firm action where need arises,Discipleship1, 735:of Discipleship - Part VI The will-to-love involves the recognition of limitation, of desire, ofDiscipleship1, 737:those also engaged in similar work. This, again, involves impersonality and right focus. The MasterDiscipleship1, 737:of humanity in these days of human agony; this involves a sensitivity to world pain as itDiscipleship1, 747:think along the lines of decentralization. This involves the shift of the disciple's consciousnessDiscipleship1, 760:and non-criticism. This correct orientation involves a paradox with which all disciples mustDiscipleship1, 762:disciple for hierarchical work. This necessarily involves the three higher centers (head, heart andDiscipleship2, 26:may be the outer activity or interests, and it involves no outer silence, or cessation of normalDiscipleship2, 46:is far more difficult to express, for it involves the ability not only to use the spiritual will,Discipleship2, 58:by the group in their brain consciousness. This involves: The development of the power to recallDiscipleship2, 64:through a process of reorganization. This involves the following: Senior disciples in the majorDiscipleship2, 87:to man-made rules or school obediences, but involves soul obedience. This is a school whereinDiscipleship2, 119:of the new meditation. The completed meditation involves the process of relating heart and head andDiscipleship2, 120:the one at the base of the spine), and this involves the sacral center and other little focalDiscipleship2, 123:the solar plexus. This can be done, but it involves an act of slow concentration. 4. Then sound theDiscipleship2, 129:assume the attitude of the Observer. This also involves three stages: Observe the personality andDiscipleship2, 140:[140] to Shamballa as in the first part. This involves: A study of the nature of the hierarchical
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