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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVES

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Discipleship2, 143:from the higher sources of inspiration. This involves also the power to distinguish the sourcesDiscipleship2, 154:Vehicle.) Each of these possible registrations involves a certain and specific phase of alignment,Discipleship2, 175:of spiritual status and objectives. It involves recognition also of the Ashram and dedication toDiscipleship2, 186:just ahead. The second stage of this training involves the cultivation of a correct sense ofDiscipleship2, 238:that security for all men lies. This necessarily involves a deeply spiritual presentation ofDiscipleship2, 254:hovers upon the border line of revelation." This involves consequently: A tremendous pull betweenDiscipleship2, 256:Always there exists the need for humility. This involves: An adjusted sense of right proportion. ADiscipleship2, 278:and also negates evasion of responsibility; it involves also a comprehension of the time equation,Discipleship2, 293:and of recognition. Forget not that recognition involves right interpretation and right relation toDiscipleship2, 295:processes. This shift in human consciousness involves a rapid focusing of human intention on mentalDiscipleship2, 317:occult sharing in the hierarchical life. This involves, for advanced humanity, a noticeableDiscipleship2, 324:That initiation concerns the future and involves prevision. That time is one of the majorDiscipleship2, 328:clearer to you if I point out that this sharing involves complete knowledge of all the personalityDiscipleship2, 332:sharing in the "art of occult protection." This involves two activities: the protection of limitedDiscipleship2, 337:will. 5. Initiation concerns the future and involves prevision. Again I must repeat myself and sayDiscipleship2, 338:and every stage preparatory to initiation, involves the seeing of the remote yet the attainable;Discipleship2, 340:I may not say; the theme is too abstruse. It involves experiment and experience. Through both ofDiscipleship2, 366:of instructions I am now giving you, for it involves creative thinking, intuitive insight, and theDiscipleship2, 369:follows thought and the eye directs the energy. Involves the physical plane. Relates to the firstDiscipleship2, 369:will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice. Involves the astral plane. Relates to the secondDiscipleship2, 370:Logos what the third eye is to man. [370] Involves the mental plane. Relates to the thirdDiscipleship2, 370:the Council Chamber. There it must take shape. Involves the buddhic or intuitional plane. RelatesDiscipleship2, 370:seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known. Involves the atmic plane. Relates to the fifth andDiscipleship2, 380:regard as God's Will; this presentation involves the unavoidable imposition of the will of aDiscipleship2, 382:the group and with all that such a relationship involves. He is becoming every day more integrated.Discipleship2, 403:the relation between knowledge and wisdom." This involves the destruction of old concepts such asDiscipleship2, 418:expansion of consciousness which each initiation involves, the nature of the expanding vision withDiscipleship2, 447:a fuller and richer experience of life, and this involves difficulty. In some ways, the war has notDiscipleship2, 463:and reactions. It does not. It should not. It involves identification (through the intuition) withDiscipleship2, 468:in the head to the heart center, for instance, involves one of the great mysteries to be revealedDiscipleship2, 479:now, moving freely in and out of my Ashram. This involves the Present. The Path of Initiation forDiscipleship2, 480:for which you are being [480] prepared. This involves the Future - your future and its goal. YouDiscipleship2, 487:the process of passing over to the other side involves no discontinuance of the three processes ofDiscipleship2, 489:I would like to see all the group undertake. It involves only the steady preservation of anDiscipleship2, 509:the morning - prove pronouncedly strenuous. It involves some practice in visualization and (where IDiscipleship2, 512:your immediate problem - simplification. This involves the elimination of imaginative reactions,Discipleship2, 512:just in so far as you feel yourself a center. It involves also the effort to become a potent livingDiscipleship2, 530:place of true understanding. True understanding involves identification with humanity. YourDiscipleship2, 556:a still higher factor than that of thought; it involves the constant attempt to live as if the soulDiscipleship2, 575:attachments. This makes for difficulty for it involves that training in paradoxes which is theDiscipleship2, 617:- at the time - they see no light and which involves the testing of their mental perception, theirDiscipleship2, 658:be intensified. That your life problem today involves primarily three factors: The soul second ray.Discipleship2, 658:judgment where other people are concerned and it involves also an almost proud dependence upon theDiscipleship2, 709:Sensitivity is one of your major needs. That involves a freer use of the imaginative faculty, as IDiscipleship2, 718:process. This will be hard for you, for it involves being guided by your heart, unprompted by yourDiscipleship2, 747:work must be done by you yourself, and basically involves the transmutation of the sacral centerDiscipleship2, 763:of status - a recognition which necessarily involves more intelligence and sounds out no call toEducation, 2:ground for this third point because the subject involves advanced meditation practices which mustEducation, 4:is new, its flower and its fruit. Education involves more than the investigation of a subject andEducation, 67:in the world as a whole. Esotericism. therefore involves a life lived in tune with the innerEducation, 67:with skill and understanding. Esotericism, involves also comprehension of the relation betweenEducation, 82:use in any given situation. This process involves the fundamentals of our present educationalEducation, 82:of conduct, are the natural results. This also involves training for specialized activities, basedEducation, 128:his relationship to the world of souls, which involves, incidentally, his relationship to his ownEducation, 138:the ordained activity of the light-body." This involves the understanding of the different lightExternalisationupon and within the planet. This necessarily involves the increased vibratory activity of the humanExternalisation, 14:as he can function as a true mediator; if this involves the temporary cessation of his mediumisticExternalisation, 18:- Section I - Introductory Remarks Meditation involves the living of a one-pointed life always andExternalisation, 42:work. The task of the healers, if successful, involves: The bringing through of healing divineExternalisation, 53:the new group of world servers. This first move involves a right comprehension of goodwill. TheseExternalisation, 56:the solar energies and the lunar forces. This involves a difficult task and much understanding; theExternalisation, 59:me the subjective signs for which I look, which involves a right understanding and spiritualExternalisation, 99:and a consequent freedom from criticism; it involves that beneficent silence which carries healingExternalisation, 99:is the sublimation of the intellect, but this involves the sublimation of the higher as well as ofExternalisation, 103:with clarity and must inevitably materialize. It involves also the holding of the inner subjectiveExternalisation, 104:scientific activity. Esoterically, this involves an understanding of the basic science ofExternalisation, 129:barriers and national habits of thought; it involves the right and the felt necessity to shew loveExternalisation, 139:of human synthesis and human interrelation. It involves, however, an emphasizing of the values toExternalisation, 140:and the ancient wrong attitudes and controls. It involves, consequently, a stepping down from theExternalisation, 157:Interlude between inhalation and exhalation. It involves the recognition of the forces contactedExternalisation, 157:forward in cooperation with the Hierarchy. It involves also the recognition that the soul is oneExternalisation, 167:When it is recognized that the "giving-for" involves right living upon the physical plane and notExternalisation, 228:in relation to your soul and to humanity; it involves the recognition of the work which you can doExternalisation, 233:suffering and who endorse a [233] pacifism which involves no risks: With what do you propose toExternalisation, 254:in a manner utterly new in expression. Free will involves a basic understanding of the lines ofExternalisation, 261:removed from our planetary life altogether; this involves the appearance of Lives of suchExternalisation, 289:Being is God Immanent and God Transcendent; it involves the recognition of the great Whole and theExternalisation, 290:of the undesirable and the evil. Always it involves the recognition of the possible, the ideal andExternalisation, 302:principle of directed purpose." This principle involves three factors: [303] UnderstandingExternalisation, 312:has come forth upon the physical plane. This involves individual activity, the sounding out of aExternalisation, 321:Your task is to get ready for His coming. This involves right understanding and increasing laborExternalisation, 333:those two words are synonymous. This necessarily involves a strain - the strain of prolonged innerExternalisation, 352:expectancy. The task to be done by the Hierarchy involves not only the physical plane but also theExternalisation, 455:affect telepathically the minds of men; this involves the use of a power seldom employed as yet onExternalisation, 470:of the entire evolutionary process and this involves liberation from materialism and selfishness.Externalisation, 496:of the point of tension. This point of tension involves the dynamic focusing of all mental,Externalisation, 522:relation with humanity. You will note that this involves the three planetary centers. [523]Externalisation, 523:nature. The Externalization itself. This involves: The Return of the Christ. The Ashrams concernedExternalisation, 531:for a period much longer than the average. It involves tremendous sacrifice. [532] Just as theExternalisation, 540:this the Hierarchy is well aware. This fact also involves for Them still another aspect ofExternalisation, 546:into external activity as need arises, and it involves the constant cooperation of the Masters.Externalisation, 563:more understanding relation with Shamballa. This involves: An unfoldment of the will aspect inExternalisation, 573:which the hierarchical technique evidently involves. The mode of this new type of politicalExternalisation, 591:life of the world. It is a picture which involves the knowable past, which concerns the immediateExternalisation, 623:and it appears at times an insuperable one; it involves the problem of true financial trusteeshipExternalisation, 650:dream with which I am presenting you. It involves hard business sense on the physical plane, aExternalisation, 670:easier. To the spiritual Hierarchy, the Plan involves those arrangements or circumstances whichExternalisation, 671:to take the needed action, even if it involves trial and error and a much slower process? Would youExternalisation, 687:the massed inhabited areas of the earth. This involves, as you can well imagine, the use of anExternalisation, 701:but the defeat of that evil process which involves the imposition of ideas, and which can be the
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