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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVES

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Healing, 27:of - Master - Patient - Healer This method involves much knowledge and a high point of spiritualHealing, 102:why, in this radiatory work, the linking process involves the soul, the brain and the entire auraHealing, 138:to the aspirant at various stages, and each involves progress, but at the same time certainHealing, 195:transmuted within the center into forces. This involves a process of differentiation into secondaryHealing, 200:personality. Speaking in terms of energy, this involves the formation, activity and relatedHealing, 225:which engulfs the race, and some part of which involves an area of the body of every human being.Healing, 225:kingdom, affects the vegetable kingdom, and involves also the animals; it is one of the majorHealing, 276:body and the physical vehicle. This therefore involves five energies which are present in theHealing, 290: through unity of spiritual purpose involves him, and another factor is added to theHealing, 318:of the proposed practice of euthanasia involves will not exist when continuity of consciousnessHealing, 346:physical plane. For the accepted disciple, it involves a life free from all selfish, self-centeredHealing, 355:wider sense. The using of the mind to this end involves an aptitude to learn the distinctionHealing, 364:and in which he has labored during life. This involves an act of pure self-forgetfulness, of whichHealing, 389:death is in itself a work of restitution. It involves the work of rendering back of substance toHealing, 389:substance, and doing it willingly and gladly; it involves also the restoration of the human soul toHealing, 395:of the human soul within the physical body and involves both the heart and the head centers. TheHealing, 428:what is known by the departing soul. If this involves repetition of what you already know, thereHealing, 491:He becomes consciously aware of himself. This involves a clarity of perception unknown to theHealing, 499:the illumination which knowledge brings and involves mainly the innate light of mental substance.Healing, 510:soul upon its own plane? A consideration of this involves, first of all, a recognition of the threeHealing, 524:with which the healer is confronted. Integrity involves focus, tension and expressionHealing, 524:the soul." Think for a moment what this power involves. The healer is not only in immediate andHealing, 526:purity...and attain dispelling radiance." This involves great personal discipline in the dailyHealing, harmlessness." This, we are told, involves a positive expression of poise, an inclusiveHealing, 540:concentrates upon that body of energy. This involves the necessity of ascertaining certain facts,Healing, 556:order to bring relief to the diseased area. This involves the direct activity of the healer'sHealing, 575:or points of friction. The remainder of his work involves the use of the creative imagination, theHealing, 575:involve the construction of thought-forms. It involves the ability to move and direct energyHealing, 600:locate the center controlling the area which involves the point of friction. That, as with all elseHealing, 604:of direction" turned to the needed center. This involves a dual focus, and for the ability to doHealing, 610:of the soul; it is a needed activity, but it involves also the sacrificial work of salvagingHealing, 633:on earth or to withdraw from incarnation. It involves also the consideration of the factor of theHealing, 646:body. Their work is most delicate and subtle and involves far greater risks. The true healer who isHealing, 670:or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behindHealing, 670:but it is related to the will-to-good and involves the use of dynamic, electric energy underHealing, 673:be enormously increased, with all that that involves. Naturally, the perfect poise of an initiatedHealing, 675:the healing force. A completed point of view involves at least the attempt by the disciple toHealing, 679:be incident to other people's karma), war (which involves planetary karma) and natural catastrophesHealing, 688:is, however, another side to the picture; this involves the skill in action, the understandingHercules, 133:the art of spiritual compromise; this involves a willingness to yield on all non-essential points,Hercules, 146:a man a slave of a master passion. Sublimation involves the use of the energy of sex in creativeInitiation, 14:as phrased by an ancient Scripture. Initiation involves ceremony. It is this aspect that has beenInitiation, 14:exclusion of the true significance. Primarily it involves the capacity to see, hear, andInitiation, 70:to the frequent strong vibration of a Master. It involves risk, but, if the experiment provesInitiation, 73:lower worlds. Accomplishment of duty. This point involves the dispassionate discharge of allInitiation, 97:development of the intelligence principle, and involves the apprehension by the human unit ofInitiation, 109:initiate is an affair with a dual effect, for it involves ever a passing on of some adept orInitiation, 119:second revelation concerns time and space, and involves the recognition by the initiate - throughInitiation, 147:his service for the race will proclaim it. This involves an oath as to secrecy concerning theInitiation, 147:a member, and the selves of men everywhere. This involves his attitude to his brothers of allInitiation, 156:activity of his threefold lower nature. This involves the application of intelligent energy toInitiation, 156:when not needed, - a very different matter. It involves a realization of cycles; of times and ofInitiation, 157:produced [157] through the spoken word; it involves an apprehension of the building forces ofInitiation, 179:conscious, coordinated, unified stimulation that involves the whole man. A man, therefore, may takeInitiation, 183:of every applicant for initiation. Initiation involves the very thing that is done from day to dayInitiation, 190:there has the necessary qualifications, for it involves the development of a certain type ofInitiation, 203:they are swept into activity considered. This involves, therefore, the organized study, by allInitiation, 223:and union with one's higher self or the Ego. It involves the exercise, regulation, andIntellect, 49:emotional and sensory experience; for others, it involves all this, plus a mental awareness whichIntellect, 68:its life and states of consciousness. One method involves the emotional nature and is based onIntellect, 68:based on belief in a God who can give. The other involves the mental nature and is based on beliefIntellect, 82:their motivating power. This science of union involves the disciplining of the life, and anIntellect, 86:to use that mind at will as he may choose. This involves the development of the mind as aIntellect, 87:earthly life, of the emotions and of thought. It involves also its orientation at will to the worldIntellect, 93:the standpoint of eastern mysticism, aspiration involves the idea of fire. It denotes a burningIntellect, 95:But all men cannot yet be knowers, for it involves all that the saint has achieved, plus the use ofIntellect, 96:or spiritual reality, and spiritual reading involves the development of the faculty of "reading" orIntellect, 99:the result of the three preceding processes, and involves the carrying down into the brainIntellect, 105:attention, without wavering or distraction. It involves the elimination of all that is foreign orIntellect, 105:The Light of the Soul, III, 1. This necessarily involves a distinction between the Thinker, theIntellect, 107:forward each day, with perseverance. This involves the fixing of the mind upon a particular object,Intellect, 116:which is the result of meditation with seed. It involves the realization of these three aspects ofIntellect, 192:only by affirmation of the Divine Majesty, which involves the destruction of all that is other thanIntellect, 210:great work of at-one-ment is carried forward. It involves a more dynamic attention and a moreIntellect, 218:if we want a thing badly enough, and a way that involves no omission of duty or of obligation. ItIntellect, 218:no omission of duty or of obligation. It simply involves organization and silence. Then, havingIntellect, 228:act of concentration, calling in the will. This involves an endeavor to keep the mind unmoving uponIntellect, 233:emotional nature. I feel [233] better. This way involves too much hard work." Why shouldMagic, 11:understood by the one who is subjected to it; it involves, from one standpoint, the attitude of theMagic, 34:It is something felt and experienced, and involves that psychic expansion which the mystic hasMagic, 41:soul life is superseded by monadic life. This involves an ability to know, to love, and toMagic, 55:the aspirant to Understand his own nature. This involves some knowledge of the teaching of the pastMagic, 66:no way deviated by the inner receptiveness. It involves a dual activity. [67] Learn to controlMagic, 68:settled by the honest soul. A choice which involves discrimination between individual benefit andMagic, 68:which seems to him the wisest and the best. This involves belief in the working of the law of KarmaMagic, 69:to abide by the decisions of his own soul. It involves also the ability to go forward upon theMagic, 77:application and concentrated attention. It involves also the steady working out of the truthsMagic, 97:between the soul and the brain. The process involves the capacity of the brain to register what theMagic, 97:becoming aware of in the Kingdom of the Soul. It involves also a paralleling activity in the mind,Magic, 115:present emphasizing, the use of the lower mind involves the danger of criticism, the employment ofMagic, 130:now in process of development, for this capacity involves the utilization of certain atoms, theMagic, 137:is, as regards the personality life, and yet involves a refusal to shirk the business of the largerMagic, 139:must be undertaken. This law of adaptation involves the appreciation of the need, the recognitionMagic, 139:a focal point for action and transmutation. It involves the transmutation of the five senses andMagic, 179:is possible. The work that I refer to here involves a corresponding vivification in the mental bodyMagic, 179:and at need. Thirdly, we have inspiration. This involves another aspect of development. InspirationMagic, 179:to the astral levels. On the egoic plane this involves inspiration. Ponder on this explanation forMagic, 180:a very high point in evolution, for it involves the egoic consciousness and necessitates the use ofMagic, 186:humanity to make the needed forward steps. This involves (in his physical plane life) time, andMagic, 211:and seek its accurate definition. To contemplate involves steady vision, one-pointedly directed
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