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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVES

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Magic, 229:free souls. One is therefore involutionary and involves him in deepest matter; the other leads himMagic, 257:more and more wide and inclusive, and hence involves (on analysis) more and more complexity.Magic, 268:What is meant by occult work? True occult work involves: The contacting of the Plan. Right desireMagic, 316:mechanism of the man concerned. A fourth method involves complete detachment from the emotionalMagic, 323:factor of common sense in all that he does. This involves always obedience to the law of economy ofMagic, 366:meditation. Every true student knows that this involves concentration in order to focus or orientMagic, 367:simply: An ability to sense the vision. That involves a capacity in a faint measure to realize theMagic, 367:the Lodge is endeavoring to fashion the race. It involves cooperation in the work of the Manu, andMagic, 394:subordinated, inhibited or controlled. This involves the steady growth of the power to use thought.Magic, 407:to the well being of the entire organism. It involves, for instance, the right government andMagic, 422:and the group purposes and recognitions. This involves: The awakening into conscious activity ofMagic, 430:First: an uncoordinated personality. This involves necessarily an untrained mind and a feebleMagic, 490:by the constant practice of Harmlessness. This involves harmlessness in speech and also in thoughtMagic, 491:is not that he must function freely, which involves more the idea of facility, but that he mustMagic, 492:students to think with clarity. Clear thinking involves capacity to dissociate oneself, temporarilyMagic, 498:and awareness of the wishes of the ego. It involves sometimes a knowledge of the very day of death,Magic, 498:and so to function on the astral plane. This involves the preservation of continuity ofMagic, 498:and he are en rapport, but communication that involves the use of the five physical senses ofMagic, 504:towards handling the affairs of others. This involves, prior to all such activity, the answering ofMagic, 536:fields. Prisoners within the human form. This involves working with one's fellow men. PrisonersMagic, 555:Recognition of the past, which necessarily involves a recognition of that matter in space which is,Magic, 570:if he realizes that the right control of prana involves the recognition that energy is the sumMagic, 571:the spiritual objective of his soul. This lesson involves: Arriving at a knowledge of those forcesMagic, 572:of the purpose for which they must be used. This involves also the understanding of which force isMagic, 572:force is related to a center. This consequently involves the necessity to develop the centers, toMagic, 579:us back to the Rule we are studying, for it involves in itself the factor of true persistence, andMagic, 582:for [582] the expression of Reality. This involves, we noted, right type, quality, strength andMagic, 587:phenomena and externalization. This consequently involves an understanding of the centers and ofMagic, 587:vitality and vibratory activity. This stage involves no danger and there is no directed thought -Magic, 590:of cases) the more rapid. Premature unfoldment involves much loss of time, and carries with itMagic, 591:point direct the entire process of fusion. It involves the ability to withdraw the consciousnessMagic, 617:Such is the end of the magical work. It involves the discovery that the astral plane and the astralMeditation, 2:personality or lower self. When that abstraction involves the emotions, is based in the mentalityMeditation, 3:the work to be done on the two planes. This involves the use of lower mind, and the three lowerMeditation, 18:hinders the downflow of the higher knowledge. It involves also the will element (as might beMeditation, 102:spirit. This is a task of large dimensions and involves time, stern discipline, self-denial andMeditation, 118:there, he aids not but hinders, and again that involves danger. Let me illustrate, for clarity isMeditation, 119:which he belongs. This is most important for it involves the consideration of the man's ray in theMeditation, 120:affiliations are overlooked. Today the subject involves real difficulty. We have to deal with theMeditation, 121:mantrams without the permission of the Teacher, involves the student with certain groups of devas,Meditation, 124:perhaps to see more of it. Mental obsession involves the displacement taking place on the mentalMeditation, 137:regions. Recognition of the filth of earth involves not contamination. [138] A recognition of theMeditation, 142:of the universal principle of Brotherhood; it involves not just a theoretical recognition, but aMeditation, 144:a day to certain set forms of meditation. It involves an hour by hour attempt, [145] all day longMeditation, 154:life. National or group karma occasionally involves a pupil, and upsets somewhat the plans, butMeditation, 178:will probably fail in calling a deva, for it involves something more than just chanting the wordsMeditation, 204:the method whereby results are achieved, and it involves close analysis of events and circumstancesMeditation, 230:are the left-overs from a previous system. It involves the elimination of such hues as brown andMeditation, 242:thence to the physical via the emotional. This involves on the part of the person or group thatMeditation, 244:and Health This, as you can see, necessarily involves either direct scientific knowledge, or elseMeditation, 244:either direct scientific knowledge, or else it involves the faculty of inner vision, that sees theMeditation, 270:at all times, being kept within His aura. This involves the steady holding of a high vibration. IMeditation, 270:all times a difficult thing to do; it frequently involves an intensification of all that subsistsMeditation, 283:complete mastery of each plane and subplane. It involves the comprehension of each evolution andMeditation, 334:Vehicles The Training of the Physical Body This involves certain definite requirements: TheMeditation, 334:reasonable and utilitarian. By pure food. This involves a vegetarian diet, chosen with wiseMeditation, 340:but on all matters affecting the race. It involves the formulation of thought matter, and theMeditation, 347:of service shews itself in adaptability. This involves a readiness to retire when other or [348]Meditation, 358:and union with one's higher self or the Ego. It involves the exercise, regulation, andPatanjali, 28:is the most correct occult term to use as it involves the dual idea of water, the symbol ofPatanjali, 34:upon the purpose of any particular form. This involves consideration of the idea back of orPatanjali, 40:is an interesting factor in the process as it involves right forgetfulness, or the elimination outPatanjali, 52:units of consciousness, back to their source. It involves the response of the individual soul toPatanjali, 78:utilization of those forces by the man. It involves the passing of certain septenates of energyPatanjali, 86:bringing its own form of knowledge. Imagination involves certain mental states such as: Memory ofPatanjali, 95:utilized with correctness. This correct [95] use involves the ability to "still the modificationsPatanjali, 124:is the objective of the kingly science. Devotion involves certain factors which it is valuable forPatanjali, 126:and Hindu commentators point out that it involves even the eradication of the seeds of thosePatanjali, 192:real self and consequent union with that self involves a triple process: The new thought concept,Patanjali, 196:medium [196] employed permit. Truth, therefore, involves the ability of the perceiver or aspirantPatanjali, 196:(tangible, objective, or of words) clothes. It involves, therefore, the capacity to penetrate toPatanjali, 196:and to contact that which every form veils. It involves also the ability of the aspirant toPatanjali, 197:to see the reality in every form. This literally involves a study of the law of cause and effect,Patanjali, 198:is the great sin against the physical body. It involves the failure to recognize the importance ofPatanjali, 206:"conversion" in orthodox Christian circles; it involves "a turning round" with its consequentPatanjali, 227:if he realizes that the right control of prana involves the recognition that energy is the sumPatanjali, 244:[244] stages in the meditation process and involves constant unremitting ability to keep bringingPatanjali, 252:of the Sanskrit terms. Briefly, the idea involves the conception that the nature of the soul isPatanjali, 280:of the sutras to the western thinker for it involves certain [281] recognitions which are foreignPatanjali, 281:which are foreign to the occident. It involves primarily the recognition of the etheric or vitalPatanjali, 285:the scope of the present life time, The effect involves no Karma, for the act has been done from aPatanjali, 287:characterizes all the servers of the race. It involves [288] active help, unselfish intent, wisePatanjali, 288:emotional result of dispassionate compassion and involves the kamic or astral principle, whilstPatanjali, 330:Yoga system is understood and mastered, for it involves the capacity to function in the head and toPatanjali, 358:with the spirit and disharmony with matter. It involves identification with the Father in Heaven,Patanjali, 365:all things about all forms of life, and this involves a knowledge of: 1. Genus. 2. Quality. 3.Patanjali, 390:practice of black magic. Though this condition involves the severing of the highest principle (thatPatanjali, 405:practical value to the student of Raja Yoga. It involves certain questions which might be expressedPatanjali, 421:earth. He participates in earth experience; he involves himself in human activities; he walks amongPatanjali, 423:living must be adhered to unswervingly. This involves patience, the capacity to go on afterProblems, 28:must also receive from all other countries. This involves a recognition of certain specific lacks,Problems, 29:the one world of which it is a part. This later involves also the taking of those steps which wouldProblems, 29:include: The impending crisis of freedom. This involves free elections in all countries toProblems, 35:though oft unrecognized, sense of divinity; it involves the constant possibility to vision andProblems, 53:use in any given situation. This process involves the fundamentals of our present educationalProblems, 53:of conduct, are the natural results. This also involves training for specialized activities, basedProblems, 142:the divine attributes and aspects. This truth involves necessarily the recognition of two greatProblems, 172:awaiting? The answer is not hard to find and involves all nations: nationalism, capitalism,Problems, 174:of the United Nations is a twofold one: it involves the right distribution of the world's resourcesProblems, 174:so that there may be freedom from want, and it involves also the bringing about of a true equality
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