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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVES

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Psychology1, 16:be held within the realm of thought which involves awareness of duality. I shall employ thePsychology1, 22:and which is conscious of that appearance. This involves awareness of its material development andPsychology1, 23:imbued with the capacity to express love (which involves the concept of duality, for the loving andPsychology1, 31:and when applied to the subject of his quality, involves three recognitions: That a human being is,Psychology1, 35:a phase still more intensive and detached, which involves an awareness of the life of God Itself,Psychology1, 49:and of intelligent activity. This use of terms involves the realization of an achieved goal. It isPsychology1, 52:work goes on primarily on etheric levels and involves physical energy. This is the true magicalPsychology1, 95:nature of the revelation which is on the way. It involves the recognition by men everywhere thatPsychology1, 104:field of telepathic knowledge of the death, but involves the appearance of the person. There is thePsychology1, 259:nature of a great second ray experiment. This involves an activity from without, from above, from aPsychology1, 320:both in the individual and in the whole. This involves conflict and struggle, but producesPsychology1, 328:in the fact that no act of translation ever involves one body alone, and no "passing on and up"Psychology2, 14:three aspects. This expression of personality involves: The free use of the mind so that focusedPsychology2, 71:thought-form building. This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and a reorientation ofPsychology2, 72:forms. Subservience or obedience to the Plan involves something else than a vague and mistyPsychology2, 76:of appropriation is a dual matter, or rather, it involves a dual activity - that of taking andPsychology2, 93:other forms of life in other kingdoms. All this involves the death and sacrifice of a Son of God, aPsychology2, 115:Law of Sacrifice. This mediatory work, however, involves the recognition of the Law of MagneticPsychology2, 120:how very difficult service essentially is. It involves so much sacrifice of time and of interestPsychology2, 131:the individual into an awakened group; it [131] involves the imposition also of a newer and aPsychology2, 182:demonstration of the contemplative life. This involves the dual activity of the life of thePsychology2, 189:on the higher levels of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brainPsychology2, 189:on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves the complete integration of the personalityPsychology2, 197:philosophic or scientific lines. All this involves personality integration and alignment and thatPsychology2, 251:law of cycles with which the Masters work. It involves, on Their part, the constant use of thePsychology2, 252:is one of the major tasks of the Hierarchy, and involves the keenest type of mind control, ofPsychology2, 253:shift at this time into the world of meaning and involves a new awareness and a fresh appreciationPsychology2, 320:with a physical connotation. Each idea, however, involves a duality, and the concept that there isPsychology2, 328:Each stage, when at its height of expression, involves a period of crisis. This crisis precedes thePsychology2, 330:into incarnation of a son of God. [330] This involves the taking of a dense physical body whichPsychology2, 332:himself as a soul and not as the form. This involves a process of what is called "divinePsychology2, 353:brings him to an inner point of change which involves an alteration in his direction, a change ofPsychology2, 393:plane. This particular technique of meditation involves the use of the head center, demands thePsychology2, 394:Divine Pattern, or of beauty in relationship. It involves on the part of the disciple a very highPsychology2, 400:thus in time achieve material expression. This involves the higher sensitivity, power to respondPsychology2, 424:of the sense of right direction. This involves The cultivation of a wider vision. The formulationPsychology2, 447:or aspects begin to function as one? This involves the blending of the forces of the personalityPsychology2, 452:life. A developing process of destruction which involves issues with which it seems beyond thePsychology2, 470:said above, lies in the patient's own hands. It involves earnest application to one chosen plan toPsychology2, 508:consciousness is slowly developed. The activity involves religious activity, sexual living in itsPsychology2, 515:of the higher faculties. The problem, therefore, involves people at all stages of unfoldment andPsychology2, 549:of elevation or of "raising up" automatically involves death. This death affects the atoms in thePsychology2, 552:the autonomic nervous system with all that that involves and we are only today beginning toPsychology2, 607:to do definite creative work. This necessarily involves the activity of the throat center. WherePsychology2, 696:people. It is a strenuous mental endeavor, and involves the working with certain laws of thePsychology2, 699:eventually save the world. This mediator work involves the recognition of the Law of MagneticPsychology2, 703:difficulty of free activity which it necessarily involves, would prove both of interest and ofRayson the abstract levels of the mental plane. This involves necessarily certain developments withinRays, 5:energy into love, the energy of love. This involves the sublimation of personal feeling into groupRays, 16:including the dense physical; this of necessity involves also all that concerns the human familyRays, 33:will aspect of divinity, or of the Monad. This involves the merging of his personality self-willRays, 33:perception and of intuitive understanding, which involves the negation of the activity of the lowerRays, 38:the entering one towards a visioned goal. This involves conformity to that which has been tried,Rays, 43:lies behind and the door which lies ahead. This involves the construction of what is technicallyRays, 44:the Transfiguration can be of importance, as it involves the personality, and many of you in theRays, 46:unmoved by aught which may occur. It also involves the determination to take the intended actionRays, 52:of aspiration, of dualism and of request. It involves the attitude of giver and recipient. Rays, 58:by the Lord of the World. This acceptance involves those initiates of the third degree who haveRays, 63:should take place according to the Plan. This involves upon his part a vision of that plan,Rays, 84:purification, where humanity is concerned. It involves the elimination of all that hinders theRays, 107:rule as follows: The evocation of the will involves identity with the larger purpose. The littleRays, 112:externalizing Their Ashrams. This process [112] involves immense difficulty, owing to theRays, 122:Physical coordination, personal integrity (which involves primarily the control and later theRays, 154:group whole and that this incontrovertible fact involves responsibilities and duties. He discoversRays, 160:kingdom) to the Hierarchy and to Shamballa. This involves a great mystery which is closely tied upRays, 172:and of all selves to the all-inclusive Self. It involves the mystery of duality with which they areRays, 182:that successful work "within the veils of maya" involves ever the use of the will aspect and theRays, 209:value to consider briefly what group initiation involves, and to do this factually and notRays, 212:come to the third factor which group initiation involves. This is diversity in unity, consciouslyRays, 249:or an initiate of the higher degrees. That involves the keynote of this solar [250] system,Rays, 258:of dualism. The usual meaning is not correct. It involves acceptance and comprehension of purpose,Rays, 269:and Aquarius. The Act of Identification. This involves what has been called a "moment ofRays, 280:point, and matter is spirit at its lowest. This involves the free interplay of life-energy,Rays, 282:name of Identification. This is a word which involves consciousness, which invokes the will, whichRays, 306:an activity of the Spiritual Triad; it involves the carrying out of those measures which willRays, 333:with that which is below and left behind. This involves a sense of proportion which can be attainedRays, 338:whilst preparing for an initiation, because it involves success in handling and manipulatingRays, 341:aspirant into membership in the Hierarchy. This involves, speaking esoterically, the relinquishingRays, 354:the dense physical body. The Great Renunciation involves the rejection of the physical life at anyRays, 354:life at any cost, and that cost frequently involves its physical death. The Great Renunciation orRays, 362:sources higher than the Hierarchy itself. This involves in them a new and higher type ofRays, 374:work, to which I referred a few pages back. It involves the inability of the average disciple toRays, 392:Will, and concerns the spirit or life aspect; it involves an increasing revelation of the purposeRays, 404:of balance which makes Their work possible; it involves also a poised attention and directiveRays, 407:have assumed responsibility. This definitely involves working with the soul aspect and with theRays, 430:is taking shape and warrants recognition. It involves the Jews (who are not a nation but aRays, 435:he has attained; he realizes also that this involves the construction of the antahkarana. All theseRays, 439:three worlds. The dual existence of the Master involves what we might call the two poles: that ofRays, 442:has linked the higher mind and the lower. This involves much work, much interpretive capacity andRays, 446:thought-form building. This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and reorientation of theRays, 458:the soul, conditioned by the Monad, the One, and involves reality; the eye doctrine is based on theRays, 458:dual relation between soul and personality. It involves the spiritual relationships, but theRays, 458:through the medium of the soul. This involves a direct effort at divine creative work. The clue toRays, 459:goal towards which higher disciples are working involves not only soul contact as its primaryRays, 467:is to relate the three divine aspects. This involves intense mental activity; it necessitates theRays, 477:the task of bridge building. The process involves much scientific experience in the art of living,Rays, 487:of the task to be carried out. This involves the use of the mind in two ways: responsiveness toRays, 500:the light and of conscious soul contact. This involves the earlier stage of the alignment process,Rays, 516:Sun and not to the Heart of the Sun; it involves, if I might so express it, the most intense effortRays, 516:the "All-Seeing Eye," is the expression. It involves realization of the light of the divine
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