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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVING

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Astrology, 55:planet or group of planets. The analogy, involving discrimination to regulate and offset the forceAstrology, 218:orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical - and hence involving both Neptune and Mars - predisposes theAstrology, 286:therefore, the triangle of Leo-Scorpio-Capricorn involving [287] humanity and indicating the threeAstrology, 291:in the three worlds and, in the case of man, involving an unprepared and undeveloped nervousAstrology, 349:as to the resolution of the pairs of opposites - involving as these three constellations do theAstrology, 426:consciousness upon Earth and only incidentally involving the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the HumanAstrology, 437:energy which meet in the center called Humanity, involving therefore: The active intelligence ofAstrology, 449:series of triangles was also given (on page 416) involving the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades.Astrology, 539:which lay behind the World War - an organization involving all three levels in the threefold worldAstrology, 691:[691] "That another triangle was also formed involving two planets was to be expected under theAtom, 57:a definite thought is conveyed to the mind, involving purpose, intent, or perhaps some abstractAtom, 62:summed up in three terms: involution, or the involving of the subjective life in matter, the methodAtom, 62:life, or idea, coming into manifestation, involving itself more and more in substance, clothingAutobiography, 273:is necessarily so as the task is much harder, involving the striking of such a clear note that theAutobiography, 304:field operations in the plans of the Hierarchy, involving a new type of world discipleship in groupBethlehem, 153:can reveal but cannot help. Remorse and sorrow, involving memory, are the result of mentalDiscipleship1, 22:can now be set up upon the physical plane, involving consequently the use of the etheric body andDiscipleship1, 50:the brain. [50] Correct manipulation of force, involving, therefore, an understanding of the typesDiscipleship1, 82:involves the astral plane. Individual problems, involving a pronounced preoccupation upon theDiscipleship1, 327:First, to your power to work on abstract levels, involving ecstatic realization. This reacts on theDiscipleship1, 703:energies, directed towards a common center and involving two magnetic factors: A united urgeDiscipleship1, 724:with the aspirant upon the physical plane, thus involving personality as well as soul relation.Discipleship2, 39:into an interlude (sometimes of great length and involving several lives) of drifting, of readingDiscipleship2, 45:be superseded by the intangible world of values, involving a new sense of proportion, a new rangeDiscipleship2, 47:is the basic quality of divine Purpose, involving planned activity and a definite goal to beDiscipleship2, 52:desired mind control. The creative imagination, involving as it does the power to Visualize, hasDiscipleship2, 54:intelligent process, motivated by free will and involving mental concentration, which enabled theDiscipleship2, 81:the disciple the greater has been his problem, involving as it has done both personal and worldDiscipleship2, 129:been my intention to give another meditation, involving another center, but the results of the workDiscipleship2, 351:about certain great "Crises of Initiation," involving simultaneously all the three major planetaryDiscipleship2, 354:and is concerned with hierarchical impression, involving necessarily ashramic intention and itsDiscipleship2, 370:to the unfolding purpose of the planetary Logos, involving the planetary Council. All that I haveDiscipleship2, 397:into relation with the previous revelation, involving the Will and the Law of Sacrifice. It shouldDiscipleship2, 416:his personality must ascertain and recognize as involving responsibility. Others again will dealDiscipleship2, 625:bodies and forms are created by the descending, involving Spirit, and the consciousnessDiscipleship2, 694:truth. The entire process is one of abstraction, involving pain. There is a close relation betweenDiscipleship2, 736:can be due to the free choice and free decision, involving direct initiating activity on the partDiscipleship2, 745:passing from thence to the ajna center, and involving in its flow the center in the medullaEducation, 109:of the educational organization of humanity, involving as it does (in its later stages)Externalisation, 54:and materially constructive. True idealism, involving as it must the new age patterns, andExternalisation, 98:or intuitive spiritual understanding (involving interpretation and identification) and the higherExternalisation, 145:must be used by the soul in a dynamic manner, involving the serious recognition of the will aspect.Externalisation, 152:which the larger group does not register, involving as it does the entire personality. To this, inExternalisation, 240:way, satisfying the emotional nature, but not involving clear thinking. Humanity has come of age;Externalisation, 246:care enough to do anything about the situation, involving as it does sacrifice. This sounds harsh,Externalisation, 433:They see ahead. 3. The conflict at present involving humanity has its source not only in humanExternalisation, 492:existing on the planet, the real war began, involving the entire three worlds of human evolutionExternalisation, 492:or in relation to the laws of nature or involving such a revelation as that of radioactivity or theExternalisation, 551:objectives facing the Hierarchy at this time and involving the personal attention of the Christ;Fire, 149:may come elucidation of the true cosmic problem involving the Logos and "the spirits in prison," asFire, 250:of consciousness, of responsiveness to contact, involving therefore the growth of awareness. Fire, 318:work earlier accomplished by the cosmic Entity, involving cycles which have passed into the dimFire, 318:or inversion, according to the angle of vision, involving the planes, as we know them: ElectricityFire, 377:be considered primarily archetypal, causal, or involving abstraction; three in which manas isFire, 408:This involves the concept of: A cosmic system, involving lesser systems and holding them togetherFire, 409:greater system of [409] manifestation, equally involving lesser forms of objectivity, and holdingFire, 491:atom or form involved, and in the second place (involving the most important and lengthy stage ofFire, 664:the sun. That another triangle was also formed involving two planets was to be expected under theFire, 705:will, therefore, be seen on a racial scale and involving millions simultaneously, a repetition ofFire, 716:corresponding to the initiatory process in man, involving a rapid achievement of relativeFire, 733:of cessation from a particular type of activity, involving objectivity, yet from the point of viewFire, 881:the various Halls through practical experience, involving pleasure and pain; these, in the finalGlamour, 203:[203] place to planned efforts to meet desire, involving the directive use of the mind. Thus theGlamour, 259:by a difference in the point of tension and involving a breathing process which draws the neededGlamour, 264:average disciple will be found on mental levels, involving the illumined mind and a growing soulHealing, 77:between the etheric body and the physical body, involving also the nerve ganglia and the endocrineHealing, 151:reaching up into the medulla oblongata, thus involving the carotid gland, and down towards theHealing, 219:fact that ray type is more easily ascertained, involving consequently a more correct determinationHealing, 293:and producing effects of a planetary nature and involving, therefore, the horoscope of ourHealing, 319:the whole attitude to death and its processes, involving as they do pain and suffering, will beHealing, 319:the average point of view, might be regarded as involving euthanasia. Modes of abstraction will beHealing, 434:cells, to their originating source. Elimination, involving the same basic process in relation toHealing, 592:to be found in the major and the minor centers, involving their relation to each other and theirHealing, 610:races are in process of achieving education, involving necessarily the discovery of the mind;Healing, 644:[644] magnetism, and the other is of the soul, involving a type of work called radiation. It shouldHealing, 680:Son (the soul). Without his prompt obedience, involving as it does the recognition of the informingHercules, 100:four we have seen brought into relation to the involving soul, in the four preceding signs. InHercules, 137:may be a recognition of time and evolution, not involving any treachery to the goal, so we read theInitiation, 109:Therefore it is a thing of great moment, involving group activity, group loyalty, and unitedInitiation, 125:is to [125] be the immediate bit of the plan - involving maybe several of his tiny cycles calledInitiation, 181:either a minor or a major initiation, thereby involving his entire nature. For instance, whenIntellect, 36:"an adventurous quest for the meaning of life, involving an ability to think things through." WhoMagic, 20:it is the capacity of awareness itself, involving as it does sensitive response to environment, andMagic, 68:next the distinction between the expedient, involving factors of physical plane relations ofMagic, 87:relation between the higher and the lower mind, involving steady and increasing soul contact. TheMagic, 115:sanctioned by time in the three worlds - methods involving personal attack, invective and theMagic, 164:a different one. The meditation [164] process, involving the use of thought and the mental buildingMagic, 487:to you a fact about another brother - a fact involving what the world would call wrongdoing on thatMagic, 490:in action. It is a positive harmlessness, involving constant activity and watchfulness; it is not aMagic, 494:for the average man is the cataclysmic end, involving the termination of all human relations, theMeditation, 20:it at the same time with the first factor, involving the ray of the Ego. Meditation, 47:in the life of the pupil, is his family group, involving its special family heredity andMeditation, 182:on a threefold scale of the evolving and the involving lives has continued up to date. With theMeditation, 182:somewhat permitted, though not as yet with the involving group. Remember this statement. The devaPatanjali, 34:and an expansion of consciousness takes place, involving bliss or joy. Beatitude always followsPatanjali, 62:This is in itself a triple process involving: The eradication of present disease, The refining andPatanjali, 150:cause in the life of the yogi a dual discipline involving a set determination to practisePatanjali, 420:of the self from the field of knowledge, the involving of the refusal of the self to seekProblems, 15:and prompt annexation of new territory, involving the subjugation of the original inhabitants,Psychology1, 15:which leads to "being," is a cosmic event, involving all forms, and no son of God lies separated
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