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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INVOLVING

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Psychology2, 395:he can meditate both as a soul and as a mind, involving also the brain reaction, then he willPsychology2, 405:due to Inheritance, racial, family, etc., involving the problems of inherited diseases, withPsychology2, 406:of processes of coordination or synthesis, involving as they do (particularly when the intelligencePsychology2, 504:integration has involved the mind nature and is involving the soul likewise. The activity,Psychology2, 504:to other people, to the fulfilment of duties involving other people, to the teaching of groupsPsychology2, 518:of the great and modern human movements, involving vast numbers of men and engineered usually byPsychology2, 524:that a complete magnetic field has been set up involving the whole area below the diaphragm andPsychology2, 545:thought - a vicious circle is thus set up, involving the physical body. In the turmoil consequentlyPsychology2, 548:solar plexus, there will be found many ailments involving, as noted before, the intestinal tract.Psychology2, 549:are raised to the solar plexus center, trouble involving the gall bladder and the kidneys willPsychology2, 553:body The center at the top of the head (involving the pineal gland) and the ajna center willPsychology2, 581:stage of mental development. The head center, involving the entire brain area around the pinealRays, 81:which the first step is contact with Shamballa, involving the fusion of his self-will and hisRays, 138:together to make an approach to Shamballa (involving the Will element); this is as much a goal ofRays, 169:understands "that." It is something far deeper, involving the idea of identification, ofRays, 181:different form, the ancient problem of duality, involving as it does the immense potency of theRays, 295:the separated self. A great creative activity involving all Ashrams - major and minor - is nowRays, 335:plane and the consequent life of service (involving factors of profound significance to men) are anRays, 335:hierarchical action in two directions but involving one unified movement, embracing all the fiveRays, 355:of an initiate into the Mysteries of death, involving in the process all the four aspects of HisRays, 393:within His Ashram affecting world work and involving all within the Ashram. It is given by HisRays, 393:of crisis, on what level of consciousness, and involving what group of lives, must be implementedRays, 434:sense. You have here a wide and general picture, involving the goal, the means or mode, the testingRays, 469:be interpreted in terms of divine attraction, involving the right use or misuse of energies andRays, 471:is this which is the true symbol of alignment, involving as it does the sense of duality butRays, 576:all, he becomes aware of a secondary relation, involving a most difficult problem and one whichRays, 664:exactly similar manner an entrance into light, involving the revelation of a different world to theSoul, 20:that 'emotion is an heredity pattern-reaction involving profound changes of the bodily mechanism asTelepathy, 17:the impression, however, was more localized, involving only the solar plexus. The reason for thisTelepathy, 113:kingdoms. The higher forms of mental telepathy, involving the soul and the abstract mind are
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