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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INWARDS

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Discipleship1, 45:now being made to shift the focus of the groups inwards and yet, at the same time, to increaseDiscipleship2, 248:or response, outwards to the world of men, inwards to the Hierarchy, and upwards to the Monad. ItDiscipleship2, 273:and the lines which have hitherto converged inwards towards the center will become channels orDiscipleship2, 297:environment and into the human kingdom, and inwards (a meaningless word, my brother) towardGlamour, 14:through that form a concept or idea. As you work inwards, you are also becoming aware of the natureHealing, 43:temporarily in the case of the aspirant, turns inwards. Just as the centers in man, the "lotuses ofHercules, 57:power and strength and wisdom in yourself. Turn inwards and there evoke the strength which is, theIntellect, 37:by the process of investigation and of passing inwards from form to form, the mystic arrivesIntellect, 103:of the average man is from the outside world inwards, through the senses, to the brain. The brainMagic, 538:extends both up and down, and which reaches both inwards to the source of light and outwards intoMeditation, 84:of the consciousness ever more and more inwards. When the picture is fully built then gently soundMeditation, 84:an effort of the will withdraw still further inwards and link up with the twelve petalled headMeditation, 94:done necessitates a working from the periphery inwards, and a consequent centralization. HavingPatanjali, 95:an understanding of nature, the occultist works inwards from the external form in order to discoverPatanjali, 96:discovered that, he penetrates still further inwards till he touches the cause, idea or divinePatanjali, 246:mentioned above carry the aspirant gradually inwards and enable him to transfer his consciousnessPsychology2, 321:proceeds) to the perfecting of the vehicle, and inwards towards the higher progressive impulse,Psychology2, 487:trend of the racial consciousness today is "inwards towards the Center of spiritual life andPsychology2, 517:towards the introversion or the "turning inwards" of the intelligent consciousness (not the massPsychology2, 517:political, economic and social life of the race; inwards by the pull of the world of higher values,
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