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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IRELAND

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Autobiography, 53:should go and visit the Sandes Soldiers Homes in Ireland and, after settling my sister in her roomsAutobiography, 54:in her rooms in Edinburgh, I went [54] over to Ireland to investigate. I found that these SoldiersAutobiography, 54:to be found in our cities. She had many homes in Ireland and several in India. Among those workingAutobiography, 58:her at the Artillery Practice Camp in central Ireland and there get some real training. It wasAutobiography, 61:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II My time in Ireland did not last very long but it was a delightfulAutobiography, 61:it was a delightful time. I had never been in Ireland before and a good deal of my time was spentAutobiography, 75:up the number of regiments I had worked with in Ireland and India and found I had worked withAutobiography, 80:Great Britain and whilst there spent one week in Ireland, one week in Scotland, one week in EnglandAutobiography, 92:Schofield, therefore, decided to take me back to Ireland and see what Elise Sandes would suggest. IAutobiography, 93:no recollection of the journey from India to Ireland except for two things. One was of our arrivalAutobiography, 93:crying. I cried all the way from Bombay to Ireland. I cried on the boat; I cried at meals; I criedAutobiography, 94:I was haying hysterics. At last we got to Ireland and I was with my beloved Miss Sandes. I canAutobiography, 94:she told me once, walking up a country lane in Ireland, that my truthfulness was very apt to get meDestiny, 68:- India Aries 1st First Capricorn 10th Fourth. Ireland Virgo 6th - Pisces 12th - Italy Leo 5thMeditation, 307:of its training, and after troubled Ireland has adjusted her internal problems, a school for theMeditation, 307:preparation for the mysteries will be started in Ireland at one of the magnetized spots there to beMeditation, 308:USA Southern France Italy Scotland or Wales Ireland Sweden Russia New Zealand Australia [309] ThereMeditation, 318:is a second ray school - such as the one in Ireland is purposed to be - teachers and pupils on the
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