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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IRRITATION

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Autobiography, 146:The livingness of America is forgotten in the irritation evoked by our bombastic boasting. TheBethlehem, 108:also we are; He suffered and agonized; He felt irritation, and was conditioned by His body, HisDiscipleship1, 698:why the last fetter cast off by a Master is irritation! No initiate can form a true Ashram untilDiscipleship1, 698:until all capacity to misunderstand, to express irritation and to criticize has vanished. The powerDiscipleship2, 32:out of my Ashram. The constant condition of irritation in which he lived was the result of theDiscipleship2, 68:it. This is somewhat erroneously interpreted as irritation by the neophyte, but it is not in factDiscipleship2, 68:by the neophyte, but it is not in fact irritation in the ordinary connotation of the word. TheDiscipleship2, 68:of the word. The surface ripples of ordinary irritation and the evanescent angers to which allDiscipleship2, 526:world pain as well as by your own, in a state of irritation and constant inner explosion over yourDiscipleship2, 700:your life. Once you get away from self-pity and irritation, there is little that is wrong with yourEducation, 76:dependent, sows in them the seeds of irritation, and more lives are ruined by irritation than canEducation, 76:of irritation, and more lives are ruined by irritation than can be counted. 3. An atmosphere ofExternalisation, 449:they then proclaim to the world - much to the irritation of the little-minded and of those whoGlamour, 151:remember that the effort to free yourselves from irritation or from what is called in Agni YogaGlamour, 151:is particularly essential for this group? Irritation is exceedingly prevalent these days of nervousGlamour, 152:remain unconscious of the emanating source. Irritation definitely generates a poison which locatesGlamour, 152:region of the stomach and of the solar plexus. Irritation is a disease, if I might use that word,Healing, 38:stress of temper, intense worry or prolonged irritation will pour a stream of astral energy intoHealing, 67:Causes of Disease C. Diseases of Worry and Irritation The third category of complaints which ariseHealing, 67:esoterically under the term: diseases of irritation. These are the insidious poisons which lurkHealing, 67:most general. Diseases which are the result of irritation. These are very common amongst disciples.Healing, 67:as its protagonists would lead us to believe. Irritation is a basic psychological complaint and hasHealing, 67:on these terms, for these three aspects of irritation are of general discovery. We will thereforeHealing, 68:discovery. We will therefore [68] deal with irritation, "imperil," as it is called by exponents ofHealing, 69:most common of all causes of trouble: Worry and Irritation. They are more prevalent at this timeHealing, 70:will be obvious that the problems of worry and irritation (called by the Master Morya "imperil")Healing, 70:body so "perilous" and so serious? Worry and Irritation are dangerous because: They lower theHealing, 70:Because the astral conditions of fear, worry and irritation are so widespread today that they mightHealing, 70:as epidemic, in a planetary sense. Because irritation (I speak not here of worry) is inflammatoryHealing, 71:are caused by this. [71] Because worry and irritation prevent true vision. They shut out the view.Healing, 71:sufficient reasons for the effects of Worry and Irritation to demonstrate to you the wideness ofHealing, 267:obsolete and which create points of constant irritation to the matrix within which the Jew findsHealing, 512:from the preoccupied soul. The first reaction is irritation. Occult irritation is not crossness, asHealing, 512:soul. The first reaction is irritation. Occult irritation is not crossness, as human beings expressHealing, 513:last fetter which the Master casts off is [513] irritation. The personality no longer attractsHealing, 513:channel through which spiritual energy can pour. Irritation, as you understand it, takes place whenHealing, 513:those of another person. It is not this form of irritation which the Master casts off. The secondHealing, 561:or where the man lives in a constant state of irritation against a person or a group, or againIntellect, 242:universally recognized. We are swept by anger or irritation. Instinctively we begin to shout. Why?Intellect, 256:solar plexus. The student finds himself prone to irritation and to anxiety and worry; also,Problems, 20:characteristics have been the cause of extreme irritation to other people, particularly the nationRays, 549:conscious, for instance, when they succumb to irritation and find themselves voicing thatRays, 549:to irritation and find themselves voicing that irritation in loud words or in angry thoughts, that
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