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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ISOLATE

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Astrology, 344:esoteric astrology. Students would do well to isolate first of all the broad general statementsAstrology, 466:mass of men and enable the unit in that mass to "isolate himself and turn his back upon the pastAstrology, 615:and is due to the tendency of matter-spirit to isolate itself, whilst in manifestation (from theAutobiography, 263:to clean house, relinquish non-essentials and isolate the truths which are really occult and thusBethlehem, 36:by the thinkers of the race, and they constantly isolate the present opportunity. The expectancy inBethlehem, 264:will lead us out of the apparent impasse; to isolate, out of the many theories, that basic theoryDestiny, 124:to the vibration of the different rays and can isolate a ray rhythm in their consciousness. WhenDiscipleship1, 370:your sense of separateness and thus tends to isolate you. It fosters your fear of attachment. ThusDiscipleship1, 771:possible for any person or groups of people to isolate themselves away from [772] human activitiesDiscipleship2, 11:on your side and not on mine. Second, I must isolate in my own consciousness the extent of theDiscipleship2, 710:the love factor, and they should enable you to isolate the energy of love with facility and applyExternalisation, 172:the Hierarchy in its consciousness does not isolate Germany, even though these forces have chosenExternalisation, 194:It may therefore be assumed that any attempt to isolate a race or to enforce so-called "racialGlamour, 44:he will not be able to distinguish the truth or isolate that aspect of the teaching which is forGlamour, 180:could be expressed in the words: "the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which hasGlamour, 249:task he has set himself. Not only has he to isolate his five ray energies, but he has to allow forHealing, 243:They are consequently impossible to trace or isolate, because man is today so highly organized andMagic, 316:body altogether, and a complete capacity to isolate oneself from any sensory impression at will -Magic, 319:nor barriers. He does not insulate himself nor isolate himself from his brothers. ThroughMagic, 365:synthetically, to seize upon divine Ideas or isolate some fundamental and pure truth. Magic, 601:these, he can then begin to deal with, and to isolate, those subsidiary points which serve toProblems, 123:face the situation exactly as it is and that we isolate those truths which are essential to man'sPsychology1, 243:though unrecognized as a whole by humanity. You isolate a perfume. Yet the perfume of an entirePsychology2, 42:of Deity, Intensification of the power to isolate, The implications of wrong emphasis, DistortedPsychology2, 160:pairs of opposites, he begins, esoterically, to "isolate" the "noble middle path" of which thePsychology2, 392:the understanding, will end by enabling him to isolate the whole divine scheme or living structure,Soul, 20:mystic. The result of its efforts has been to isolate a body of facts which do effectively embodySoul, 150:are virtually the same, we can actually isolate ourselves from the force of gravitation,' heTelepathy, 144:the etheric body from its environment or to isolate its particular type of energy or livingness,
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