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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ISOLATED

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Astrology, 6:This makes him feel himself to be a factor of isolated importance. Modern interpretations fail toAstrology, 10:First: the individual etheric body is not an isolated and separated human vehicle but is, in aAstrology, 56:depicting Sagittarius. They embody the idea of isolated separation and one-pointed desire. TwoAstrology, 206:to soul control. Separativeness - which is the isolated attitude and which makes the mind theAstrology, 292:aware of its oneness, its aloneness and its isolated attitude as the "one in the center" of itsAstrology, 306:then the consciousness of the dramatic, isolated self, and finally again group consciousness, whichAstrology, 338:for entirely personality objectives. The isolated individual becomes the group ruler or dictator.Astrology, 343:and love, will save many. If you are still an isolated soul, you will have to pass through theAstrology, 366:or the awareness of the [366] separative, isolated ego; it is inimical for aeons to the aspirationAstrology, 392:are plumbed and the man stands completely isolated. He stands detached from "that which is aboveAutobiography, 7:- what I say may prove to be of service. Many isolated mystics, disciples and aspiring men andAutobiography, 111:dry in the summer. However, I felt completely isolated, culturally and mentally and spiritually. ItAutobiography, 142:was light in the heavens and I was no longer an isolated, deserted, struggling disciple, sure ofAutobiography, 212:established. [212] A life must not be seen as an isolated event but as an episode in a series ofAutobiography, 280:will enable you to substitute synthesis for that isolated separateness which is distinctive of theBethlehem, 4:emphasize its uniqueness, and to regard it as an isolated and entirely separated expression ofBethlehem, 38:the cosmic implications in their beauty. An isolated soul is an impossibility. He says: "The Soul -Bethlehem, 50:made through the various stages from that of the isolated savage to the family and the tribe, thenBethlehem, 235:episodes related in the Gospel story are not isolated happenings in the life of Jesus of Nazareth,Bethlehem, 259:a scale so immense, was unique. There had been isolated personalities. Now, in the Christian era,Discipleship1, XII:set apart by perfection of character and isolated by the aspiration which inspires the life. TheseDiscipleship1, 25:to come the working disciples of the world, the isolated initiates in the many world organizationsDiscipleship1, 33:working intelligently with our plans, often isolated and alone. The main requirement in the groupDiscipleship1, 53:with here and there (and rarely) some one isolated individual, responding actively and consciously.Discipleship1, 53:and to form groups on earth - composed of the isolated, responding individuals - so that more lightDiscipleship1, 55:with other people. He may be a naturally isolated person, with a deep craving for solitude but thatDiscipleship1, 120:of Concrete Science, as you know) is insulated, isolated and has a natural tendency to thatDiscipleship1, 123:on the plane of thought-detached, serene and isolated. The past ten years have seen you change allDiscipleship1, 136:always with the initial difficulty of their "isolated independence." It is not easy for such firstDiscipleship1, 188:who teaches and who gives, you stand somewhat isolated and have withdrawn yourself - perhapsDiscipleship1, 278:to be forced by your soul to go the lonely and isolated way. But it is this very quality of yoursDiscipleship1, 310:and not a condition of being. The fear of an isolated loneliness has oft beset you, yet you haveDiscipleship1, 334:occult mysteries. It pleases me that you have isolated this truth and have attempted to formulateDiscipleship1, 370:you are oft emotionally and astral detached and isolated from those who love you and from yourDiscipleship1, 370:conflict between your loving soul and your isolated, lonely, astral vehicle. The solution will beDiscipleship1, 377:It makes the man who is conditioned by it "isolated." It makes his attitude to his work one of anDiscipleship1, 380:It holds no scope for service for any isolated person. Together must the work be done. [381] Discipleship1, 405:ray energy and color them with that detached and isolated strength which is the main characteristicDiscipleship1, 467:out of those long instructions and from many isolated passages the reasons: For the importance ofDiscipleship1, 493:you will persist unto the triumphant end. Your isolated first ray personality at its relativelyDiscipleship1, 500:which usually governs the choice of the forces isolated in any particular mental body. Those uponDiscipleship1, 511:such a deep self-interest that the disciple is isolated in a cloud of his own thoughts so that theDiscipleship1, 555:the thoughts which blend and fuse can last. The isolated Way is dark. 6th month - Let the radianceDiscipleship1, 634:of her tower? But yours has been a tower of isolated personality, and she has had to learn (and isDiscipleship1, 710:the stage to which Patanjali gives the name of "isolated unity." This is a phrase which is quiteDiscipleship1, 717:a separate individual. Between the stages of "isolated individuality" and "isolated unity" lies oneDiscipleship1, 717:the stages of "isolated individuality" and "isolated unity" lies one to which the name of "isolatedDiscipleship1, 717:"isolated unity" lies one to which the name of "isolated identity" is given. It is with this stageDiscipleship1, 717:we are concerned and its esoteric implications. Isolated unity describes the stage which the MasterDiscipleship1, 717:the stage which the Master has reached; isolated individuality is that of the disciple; isolatedDiscipleship1, 717:isolated individuality is that of the disciple; isolated identity (with the soul) is that of theDiscipleship1, 717:up to and including the third initiation. Isolated unity is the consummation of the Aryan [718]Discipleship1, 718:consummation of the Aryan [718] consciousness. Isolated identity is related to the AtlanteanDiscipleship1, 718:from the angle of the higher correspondence. Isolated unity is connected with the mental plane, isDiscipleship1, 718:and is a reflection of the will-to-know. Isolated identity is connected with the astral plane, isDiscipleship1, 718:- distorted and unstable - of the will-to-love. Isolated individuality is connected with expressionDiscipleship1, 736:love, because he is constantly finding himself isolated from and not identified with others; he isDiscipleship2, 310:specialized, and teaching can be taken in such isolated fields as conchology, biology or history.Discipleship2, 319:he encounters in the current teaching; from this isolated hint he has to abstract the significance,Discipleship2, 327:will, through this system, achieve the stage of "isolated unity," and in that recorded unity -Discipleship2, 337:in complete silence and in a condition of "isolated unity," they will make their great decision.Discipleship2, 356:few years, beginning in 1941 and more definitely isolated for your reflection since 1945) I did notDiscipleship2, 358:unhappy humanity. Therefore, he is not alone or isolated; he is a part of the Hierarchy because heDiscipleship2, 381:within all the many books which I have written. Isolated statements and interesting details areDiscipleship2, 418:has a definite application for every single and isolated initiation. It is capable of indicating toDiscipleship2, 545:adjustments are made. In a curious way, you are isolated from many people by the power and focus ofDiscipleship2, 640:of the first ray to withdraw from contact to the isolated aloofness of the first ray does notDiscipleship2, 650:here to those contradictory and beautiful words: Isolated Unity. When one is isolated from formDiscipleship2, 650:and beautiful words: Isolated Unity. When one is isolated from form attachments and when one isDiscipleship2, 680:I seek to see happen but at present you stand isolated and relatively useless between these twoDiscipleship2, 698:of that loving spirit which your first ray isolated personality seeks to hide, and often quiteDiscipleship2, 698:and prone to attachment; the first ray is isolated, exclusive, antagonistic and prone toDiscipleship2, 705:Hierarchy established. You still hold a somewhat isolated position, and this with the best intentDiscipleship2, 756:the first steps towards comprehension of that "isolated unity" which is distinctive of the Master.Discipleship2, 764:Light of the Soul, Book III:50.) who speaks of "isolated unity." Solitude and the daily life.Education, 90:of the past. Man has been developed from an isolated animal, prompted only by the instincts ofEducation, 109:on broad lines, the development of man from an isolated personal unit, through the stages of familyEducation, 130:separativeness, selfishness and individual, isolated exclusiveness, based on class distinctions,Externalisation, 424:of fear, the organization of groups and of isolated workers in every nation pledged to undermineExternalisation, 429:universal war. The effects reach into the most isolated village, the most extensive desert and theExternalisation, 449:To the uninitiated, they may at times seem isolated in their actions and over-powerful in theExternalisation, 544:are likewise preparing. Therefore, we have isolated (if I may use such a word) three activities toExternalisation, 547:and indicative of the future. In those books I isolated for the new generation of esoteric studentsExternalisation, 571:First. The present stage in which a few isolated disciples and initiates, scattered all over theExternalisation, 572:upon the effective service of the first group of isolated and hard-working disciples who are theExternalisation, 683:to withdraw and to work in what Patanjali calls "isolated unity" when he spoke of himself once asExternalisation, 683:physical plane existence, no longer withdrawn, isolated and protected, but functioning openly inExternalisation, 684:and is growing from year to year; no locality is isolated or unattainable; the jungles are openExternalisation, 686:of expressing spiritually the nature of "isolated unity" in the cities, jungles and [687] theExternalisation, 687:is symbolic of the entire teaching anent "isolated unity" and divine participation, which theExternalisation, 687:Masters and initiates. They have been thus isolated in order that They may work more readily andExternalisation, 687:Members of the Hierarchy, as They stand in "isolated unity" upon the highways of Earth, and thusExternalisation, 690:of cosmic evil upon our planet, leaving only an isolated and weakened Black Lodge to die a slowExternalisation, 697:of these initiates and Masters will begin with isolated members appearing and living among men,Fire, 5:solar system form part of the Whole, and are not isolated units. This is the basis of brotherhood,Fire, 879:egoic body of a human being do not - alone and isolated - form planetary Logoi. The forty-nineGlamour, 49:is a prison, whether it is a tiny cell or an isolated island of vast extent, from which escape isGlamour, 65:to be met and some day surmounted; it has to be isolated and dispelled by the initiate. It was theGlamour, 196:descriptive and, finally, the [196] stage of "isolated unity," which is the paradoxical term usedHealing, 153:the symbol, as it relates the head - alone and isolated - to the dual torso, consisting of that
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