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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ISOLATING

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Astrology, 327:and the usefulness of classifying and isolating group activity and character down the ages. WhenDiscipleship1, 378:of mine, but to the absorbing, assimilating, isolating characteristics of the first ray nature. ItDiscipleship2, 621:nature (which is today building around you an isolating barrier) be transmuted into that lovingExternalisation, 195:will not be solved by intermarriage, or by isolating groups for occupation of special areas, or byExternalisation, 304:goodwill, and eventually ending the separative, isolating tendencies of mankind. His note andGlamour, 224:do as the sixth ray person loves them, with an isolating devotion, but as the second ray personHealing, 112:has chosen to construct its physical vehicle, isolating it and separating it from the generalHealing, 493:- The Art of Elimination Having completed this "isolating of experience," the man will then seekMagic, 326:When men recognize this and succeed in isolating that inner significant structure of truth which isPatanjali, 396:and secondly the task of insulating himself or isolating himself from the allure and influence of
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