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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ISOLATION

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Astrology, 343:by the soul as it takes incarnation is "Let isolation be the rule and yet - the crowd exists." ThisAstrology, 343:to pass through the horrors of a more complete isolation and loneliness, treading alone the darkAstrology, 343:alone the dark way of the soul. Yet this isolation, this loneliness and this separation in the darkAstrology, 392:may be set free. Vulcan is the ray or planet of isolation for, in a peculiar sense, it governs theAstrology, 653:exist. I rule. Cancer - And the Word said: Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd exists.Autobiography, 23:the loneliness, and the false sense of isolation and peculiarity which are such disturbing featuresAutobiography, 172:the T.S., to mend its ways and to emerge from isolation and separateness and to form part of theBethlehem, 111:His spirit drove Him again and again into isolation. "The great religious conceptions which hauntBethlehem, 261:us to work towards unity and to bring to an end isolation and hatred and separation, telling us toDiscipleship1, 22:human characteristics of separation, of personal isolation and [23] selfish seeking, that is new.Discipleship1, 27:any or every problem. This leads inevitably to isolation and loneliness. The glamor of devotion,Discipleship1, 126:mental focus, your critical attitude and your isolation, relatively speaking. It is thisDiscipleship1, 170:and a detachment which is based on love and not isolation. In closing I would say: I am notDiscipleship1, 211:to be merged in a group soul and their personal isolation is thereby infringed and negated. WithDiscipleship1, 211:infringed and negated. With you, however, this isolation is not the result of any separate tendencyDiscipleship1, 221:A loneliness which is based on a sense of isolation. This is due also to the sense of isolationDiscipleship1, 221:of isolation. This is due also to the sense of isolation which the first ray always gives. It isDiscipleship1, 233:which control you - the first Ray of Power, of isolation, detachment and the sense of uniqueness,Discipleship1, 261:the One whose nature is spiritual detachment and isolation (not separateness or division), thenDiscipleship1, 279:in a well-intended spiritual withdrawing and isolation; this is ever a limitation of the mysticDiscipleship1, 289:less you will be concerned with the problems of isolation and of freedom. Feel free, but be sureDiscipleship1, 320:quality of the first ray which is loneliness, isolation (not separateness with you, my brother, forDiscipleship1, 342:may lead (if over-accentuated) to a spirit of isolation and separateness which can be profoundlyDiscipleship1, 343:will temporarily abandon your attitude of mental isolation (which is somewhat based on fear - aDiscipleship1, 372:is on the first great line of power, of isolation and of separateness. The only second rayDiscipleship1, 372:to hold people away from you, your sense of isolation and of pride will dominate. The difficulty isDiscipleship1, 378:ray mental reactions in the bud and reasserts isolation for inclusiveness and understanding. Yet,Discipleship1, 380:am the one who never stands alone. Those days of isolation lie behind. I stand alone when trialDiscipleship1, 395:of the mental plane to produce a sense of isolation (which can be enjoyed in the earlier stages).Discipleship1, 419:wherein the disciple senses an intense seeming isolation, but it is only an illusion. You know thatDiscipleship1, 429:which is in no way the life of personal isolation? In this state of "insulated being" lies, forDiscipleship1, 430:ever bear in mind that insulation does not mean isolation and that indifference does not connote anDiscipleship1, 458:of physical disability. The discipline of inner isolation. The discipline of astral purification.Discipleship1, 494:you meet and life and fate throws in your way. Isolation must give place to cooperation, not anDiscipleship1, 498:alone, and who has determined that condition of isolation for himself has a harder problem, in someDiscipleship1, 511:things in wrong proportion and the glamor of his isolation [512] in his trouble, and sometimes aDiscipleship1, 621:and they cherish - with high idealism - their isolation. But when the lesson of isolation is learntDiscipleship1, 621:- their isolation. But when the lesson of isolation is learnt and detachment is the line of leastDiscipleship1, 624:you to evidence steadfastness and that poise in isolation which conveys to others the feeling thatDiscipleship1, 625:a strong and steady helper, added to your innate isolation, swept you too far apart. The first rayDiscipleship1, 625:you too far apart. The first ray disciple loves isolation. It is for him the line of leastDiscipleship1, 626:first ray type loves himself, his power and his isolation too much. The second ray type errsDiscipleship1, 626:attachment; he likes to have his strength and isolation appreciated. One suffers from fear. TheDiscipleship1, 626:hence my frankness with you. It is this inner "isolation," deeply loved by you and fostered byDiscipleship1, 628:your much cherished and deeply rooted sense of isolation. This was developed in your last life as aDiscipleship1, 628:just as you have been held in your tower of isolation. For others, the problem is to be found inDiscipleship1, 629:your progress, your ivory tower of beauty and of isolation is rocking to its very foundations. YourDiscipleship1, 634:I am training you to come out of your tower of isolation, and yet at the same time I am training C.Discipleship1, 677:reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation which leads to the warmth of the centralDiscipleship2, 283:are also evocative of spiritual selfishness and isolation, as well as of astral curiosity. The newDiscipleship2, 497:as a conscious soul, to repudiate. Loneliness, isolation, a sense of being deserted and aDiscipleship2, 545:It is a problem which you must handle in isolation and when handled, it will open for you a perfectDiscipleship2, 577:avoided by you. It is the first step towards isolation. Disciples must ever remember that anyDiscipleship2, 592:terrific potency. Use it, my brother, free from isolation. It is ever easier for a first ray workerDiscipleship2, 594:to do anything with them. It lies in the natural isolation of the first ray type. Have this inDiscipleship2, 621:achieve identification because he wants to end isolation because it is wrong, and he seeks to beDiscipleship2, 756:is complete unity, based upon a recognized isolation of spirit from matter. [757] This thoughtDiscipleship2, 759:we must learn the lessons of loneliness and of isolation. A great "aloneness" is the supreme testDiscipleship2, 764:between solitude, loneliness, separateness and isolation. I would refer you to Patanjali (The LightExternalisation, 241:be preserved and cultured, not in a separative isolation, but in the realization that the manyExternalisation, 457:guide humanity out of the dark cave of death, isolation and selfishness into the light of the newExternalisation, 683:have chosen to dwell. This solitude and physical isolation enables Them to work almost entirelyExternalisation, 687:and along identical lines, resulting in the "isolation," occultly understood, of certain MastersGlamour, 4:at the same time the sense of separateness, of isolation and of superiority. It is easy for firstGlamour, 82:nature and thereby - through the medium of isolation - comes into touch with the reality in allGlamour, 82:one of the paradoxes of the Path. Insulation and isolation of the right kind lead to the rightGlamour, 83:twisted into a plea for the wrong kind of isolation by those with separate tendencies and forGlamour, 121:The glamor of destruction. The glamor of isolation, of aloneness, of aloofness. The glamor of theGlamour, 178:the faculty of spiritual perception, of divine isolation and appropriate response whichHealing, 268:karma of the Jew today is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to the point of relinquishingHealing, 297:propose to give you will lead eventually to the isolation of the seven psychological causes ofHealing, 312:There lies here a vast field of investigation; isolation must be made of the types which easilyHealing, 545:down separateness and a sense of aloneness and isolation; that is why the effects of bad health,Healing, 638:this life is still an aspect (under the Law of Isolation or Limitation) of the life of the spiritHealing, 639:form," for it is this peculiar aspect of isolation which conditions the physical body of a man (orHercules, 61:to the human being, the symbol of separateness, isolation. Hercules had to hunt for the goldenHercules, 212:Neptune. Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let isolation be the rule, and yet the crowd exists";Magic, 14:of that which cannot be proved, and the isolation of those factors which will bear investigationMagic, 263:and of sorrow when no man stands by and isolation is his lot. In lesser degree this comes to all,Magic, 263:(or initiate of the fourth degree) this complete isolation is a characteristic feature. He standsMagic, 283:of these emanations that enables the isolation and segregation of races to be carried forward underMagic, 405:to break down the barriers of separateness, of isolation and of prejudice which were keeping menMagic, 442:exist, I rule. Cancer - And the Word said: Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd exists.Magic, 533:reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation which leads to the warmth of the centralMagic, 620:cast their spell over their time and age; then isolation and separateness governed human affairsMagic, 626:its main root in the fear of separateness and of isolation, and in a revolt against separativeMeditation, 48:that matters, and not so much the physical plane isolation. Meditation, 113:use of mantrams, by retiring into seclusion, by isolation and by the careful following of specificMeditation, 113:individual mantrams; he does not work so much in isolation as his oriental brother, but has to findPatanjali, 420:ceases and one enters into one's heritage. The isolation referred to is the detachment of the selfProblems, 69:have none of it. In the United States there is isolation, the persecution of such minorities as theProblems, 102:on remaining apart; they blame others for their isolation, but the fact remains that they have beenPsychology1, 173:would be forced to realize politically that isolation, separativeness, and the cultivation of aPsychology1, 178:is the work of breaking down national group isolation and separativeness that it takes the unitedPsychology1, 204:Vices of Ray: Intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in details, absent-mindedness,Psychology2, 33:all is recollection. The Blessed Ones remain in isolation pure; and yet at will can take a form.Psychology2, 34:the Way that leads to the Mountain Top of Isolation, and will find it full of terror. Upon thatPsychology2, 34:that that too is an illusion. That high point of isolation and the battle itself are only illusionsPsychology2, 34:with all that is, in love and understanding. The isolation, a necessary stage, is itself but anPsychology2, 39:energy, Power realized selfishly, Lovelessness, Isolation, [40] A longing for power and authority,
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