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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ISSUE

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Astrology, 113:objective and subjective. We have, in the larger issue, to consider the influence of the zodiac andAstrology, 251:of mine would serve but to confuse the issue. They speak straight to the heart and withoutAstrology, 311:initial conflict, carried to a successful issue and blessed by the beneficence of Jupiter, is theAstrology, 532:would still come but very much later. The issue is not in the balance and there is no need toAstrology, 543:confronting the world of men today; the issue is dependent upon the final triumph of the Forces ofAstrology, 571:a time of crisis." Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth. Let Them bring succor to the sons ofAutobiography, 84:[84] I had evaded the problem. I had skirted the issue. I had never come out with a definiteAutobiography, 186:but I had no alternative and I had to face the issue. Autobiography, 255:But They are not as pictured; They do not issue orders to Their followers (or rather devotees) toBethlehem, 47:multitude today in no uncertain terms, and the issue is sure, though to some the initiating ofBethlehem, 52:will, as a group, record the new Word which will issue forth. [53] At each initiation of Jesus, asBethlehem, 81:nature (the Mary aspect) draws back from the issue, and prefers inertia and stability to the neededBethlehem, 114:contradiction. In this He clarified the issue and did what all souls can do. Herein, as I haveBethlehem, 116:from the angle of divinity itself. Such was the issue with Christ, and such the implications hiddenBethlehem, 117:by the veiling form, only distorted sounds will issue forth, and the Word will not be potent enoughBethlehem, 122:of food. The world is faced with a material issue. That there is no evading this issue is true, andBethlehem, 122:a material issue. That there is no evading this issue is true, and that men must be fed is equallyBethlehem, 124:the disciple Arjuna stands faced with the same issue. He is involved in a great battle between twoBethlehem, 124:on his way towards perfection) faced a similar issue with courage, faith and aspiration, but theBethlehem, 124:soul a reality? Am I divine? Christ faced this issue without dismay, and triumphed by the use of anBethlehem, 139:fact in nature, however we may try to evade the issue and refuse recognition of its existence. TheBethlehem, 211:The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion The real issue was the issue between love and hate. OnlyBethlehem, 211:- The Crucifixion The real issue was the issue between love and hate. Only St. John, the belovedBethlehem, 241:all until faced with the imminent and personal issue. People face death in many different ways;Bethlehem, 272:Path, and there is no escape from this issue. We cannot prevent ourselves from finally becomingDestiny, 16:truth and to respond to it does not affect the issue. It simply makes your individual lot andDestiny, 70:serve to guide your thoughts and to clarify the issue. In this manner I can point the way for theDiscipleship1, 167:is a Plan. They, however, when faced with the issue will give. It is not for me to deal with thisDiscipleship1, 191:master. Some day you will be forced to face the issue and decide from what plane and through whichDiscipleship1, 260:which I referred is already confronting you. The issue as yet remains undecided for the task ofDiscipleship1, 329:themselves these days. It means facing up to the issue which each has for himself created and thisDiscipleship1, 337:of the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth and "many prisoners go free," or a prisonDiscipleship1, 388:for my remarks and that you will face this issue in the light of your soul and for the good ofDiscipleship1, 450:Think it out, for when you have clarified the issue in your own mind, you will have cleared awayDiscipleship1, 452:expanding your consciousness to grasp the larger issue is never easy, particularly with a fifth rayDiscipleship1, 452:levels; that is for you definitely a mental issue. Your task is to link the emotional and theDiscipleship1, 462:First and second months. "The golden rays that issue from the heart of the sun pour forth and batheDiscipleship1, 493:in full measure for your need) will clarify the issue. Reason out the causes of your sense ofDiscipleship1, 601:identity. Forget this not, and confuse not the issue. It is not one of authority. It is one ofDiscipleship1, 640:a battle well fought and successful in its issue) which can make you a strong hand in the dark toDiscipleship1, 662:the opportunity to resign. I ask you to face the issue and make good. Fight this matter out andDiscipleship1, 735:of limitation, of desire, of the forcing of an issue and of the intense aspiration really to love.Discipleship1, 787:imparted. They are not as pictured; They do not issue orders to their followers (or ratherDiscipleship2, 12:attention to a main, or at least a major, issue would result in a more rapid progress. What I shallDiscipleship2, 116:the year, after May. Stage II and its successful issue will be largely dependent upon the successDiscipleship2, Here t:in 1940, beginning, "Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth."] of the Great Invocation, and of theDiscipleship2, 444:in your life expression) tends to confuse the issue of service and its correct rendering in yourDiscipleship2, 457:when the right time comes, these groups must issue a great manifesto to the world - identicalDiscipleship2, 570:of many people these times is oft to evade the issue and find in the daily task and [571] karmicDiscipleship2, 600:if it is so or if it is not. Another life, the issue may be clear to you. It could be clear in thisDiscipleship2, 601:to you is possible. Here I cannot help you. The issue lies in your own hands. Do you realize, myDiscipleship2, 601:suggestions. I seek further to clarify the issue in your mind. Once a disciple sees clearly, he canDiscipleship2, 614:time for you and - to date - the immediate issue is uncertain, though the final issue is not. TheDiscipleship2, 614:immediate issue is uncertain, though the final issue is not. The problem with which you are facedDiscipleship2, 701:you will not use the will to force the spiritual issue and to emerge once and for all into theDiscipleship2, 716:- With my brothers I dwell within the Ashram. I issue forth and carry out the Plan as best I can.Education, viii:it is a waste of time to attempt to prejudge the issue. Yet it is not necessary to consider theEducation, 112:a glamor and an illusion, confusing the real issue and blinding men to the divine facts. I wouldExternalisation, 41:to achieve liberation. The culmination of the issue and the controversy, then initiated, is nowExternalisation, 129:human consciousness. Forget not that the real issue is in the field of consciousness and that theExternalisation, 129:upon the side of the Forces of Darkness. The issue is, in the last analysis, the right to expressExternalisation, 129:world of men. This is the real and underlying issue. All the national challenges and patrioticExternalisation, 129:points of the leaders today. But the real issue is the intangible one of Direction. Which way willExternalisation, 130:their own selfish struggle and clouding the real issue in beautiful words - will help to prolongExternalisation, 178:and the spiritual values. Immediately, the issue was abundantly clear in the minds of those whoExternalisation, 178:physically, there was nothing left to do but issue a challenge to the men and women of goodwill toExternalisation, 179:endeavor to awaken the neutral nations to the issue. They ranged themselves against the leaders ofExternalisation, 213:This shaping and definition was essential if the issue was to be presented with clarity toExternalisation, 221:is swept into a vortex of conflict, and the issue depends upon the clear thinking, wise speech andExternalisation, 233:lives that you might do so? Are you going to issue forth from the safe security of your pacifistExternalisation, 249:World Picture Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth. Let Them bring succor to the sons of men.Externalisation, 251:of divine intervention may clarify somewhat the issue. To the casual thinker and the untrainedExternalisation, 256:material selfishness and are now at bay with the issue still undecided - except upon the mentalExternalisation, 266:World Picture Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth. Let Them bring succor to the sons of men.Externalisation, 268:contacted by man. The place from which They issue forth to the aiding of humanity is a certain areaExternalisation, 268:call of the world servers, and They will then issue forth through the agency of One of Them, WhoExternalisation, 269:His hour comes around again and He can then issue forth to lead His people to triumphant victory.Externalisation, 269:are on the Path of world Service. They issue forth via that highest spiritual center wherein theExternalisation, 277:days, where peace was a great spiritual issue. But peace and the love of peace can be a deadeningExternalisation, 299:higher on the evolutionary ladder. These Avatars issue forth in response to demand and are not soExternalisation, 301:and results of Their work are very great. They issue forth into manifestation via the center atExternalisation, 303:work permits; it may be One chosen by Him to issue forth, over-shadowed by the Avatar of SynthesisExternalisation, 364:into one united and steadfast whole? Today the issue is clear and the end inevitable. The freeExternalisation, 426:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The issue is far more serious spiritually than youExternalisation, 431:A sense of separateness of which the border issue between such nations as Russia and Poland isExternalisation, 432:the Hierarchy is concerned with the final issue, with the future welfare and the ultimateExternalisation, 467:at this time. I desire to keep the immediate issue clear. We will deal later with the Forces ofExternalisation, 620:He knows that his spiritual life is a side issue; it is something which he keeps carefully toExternalisation, 652:a Biblical phrase - the Hosts of the Lord will issue forth. The Christ Will Come. Fire, xviii:principles, in successive gradations there issue in ordered sequence the numberless UniversesFire, 137:and the point at which the fires of matter issue from the spinal channel. Part of the work the manFire, 183:these two united fires of matter and of mind issue from the top of the head. Each of the threeFire, 1277:the scales. * * * These Words of high direction issue from that which lieth upon the... of theGlamour, 19:to work this way, but regard it as a secondary issue for you at this time. One of the outstandingGlamour, 35:which you might put to yourself, facing the issue in the light of your soul: Do I suffer primarilyGlamour, 44:attempts in these instructions to clarify this issue. One of the problems which confronts theGlamour, 118:the problem. Yet remember this, my brother: The issue is certain and determined for, in this solarGlamour, 153:I know not myself whether you will or no; the issue lies in your hands and in your planned destinyGlamour, 198:of the focused radiant light, reality will issue forth triumphant." It is interesting to note thatHealing, 11:of form life. Is it not wise to face the issue and the facts, as they exist for our present
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