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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ISSUES

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Externalisation, 478:have been directed towards clarifying the true issues in the minds of men, towards indicating theExternalisation, 482:desires to see work out, a revelation of the issues involved in their right and possible sequence;Externalisation, 494:to get humanity to choose rightly and to see the issues clearly. The necessity to withdraw wasExternalisation, 552:war may be over in the physical sense, but great issues are still involved and undetermined and canExternalisation, 578:In the achievement of these ends (and only major issues will be considered, leaving the lesser andExternalisation, 658:(1914-1945) was the first evidence, clarifying issues, presenting opportunity, purifying humanFire, 125:downwards till a flame of real brilliance issues from the top of the head. This flame surgesFire, 170:from the heart of this many-petalled lotus issues a flame of fire with the basic hue of a man'sFire, 1015:not to subdue it. Like a stream of flame it issues forth, and traverses the waters, which disappearFire, 1270:and draws within itself its own. The smoke which issues from this fiery wheel formeth a living WAY,Fire, 1277:enters by that which is uppermost, and as it issues from the lotus within the head of Him who hathGlamour, 24:contribution will help in the wider human issues. The acuteness of the intellect, and theGlamour, 158:of the world and the world disciple do see the issues today relatively quite clearly. WillGlamour, 160:taking hold of the personality and its little issues, leading it to discriminate rightly and toGlamour, 162:Because of this clarity of demarcation, the issues underlying the present world events, theGlamour, 270:The need to cross the burning ground. The issues are now entirely clear. It is a question of timingHealing, 102:to be projected into the stream of energy which issues from the ajna center. The healer will,Healing, 232:This action of the Great White Lodge forced two issues and confronted the race with two hithertoHealing, 260:There had been other World Saviors, but the issues involved had not so clearly been expressed,Healing, 319:working out, and even then grave and serious issues might develop. But some hastening of theHealing, 352:laws and propositions, and not to cloud the issues with purely physical plane occurrences,Initiation, 1:her name happens to be appended. In spiritual issues, names, personalities, and the voice of [2]Intellect, 32:man can reorganize his Being towards the wider issues. It concerns itself with the technique byMagic, 11:so expanded that he becomes aware of the greater issues. When, through contact with his own higherMagic, 75:listens. The roles are changed. A threefold word issues from out the triple form. A turning roundMagic, 108:from the lotus of the head, the path of light issues. It enters into the Greater Being, producing aMagic, 132:who can be used but who are blind to the greater issues. Those who can sense nothing except thoseMagic, 183:would-be disciple. All these matters are side issues and only handicap and limit, and one of theMagic, 219:as it expresses itself through humanity, and issues forth from the mental realm. The pioneers ofMagic, 342:need, and too quick an apprehension of the many issues involved in connection with some particularMagic, 344:disorders. 2. By a direct realization of the issues at stake and the consciousness that, for aMagic, 347:they do doubt at times the working out of those issues in the present time, and they shrink backMagic, 396:and frequently destructive, because the higher issues are not registered as yet. The stage of aMagic, 420:the world has set for its highest and best. The issues have been confused and the emphasis has beenPatanjali, 207:work. Instead of repining, and clouding the issues of life with worry, doubt and despair, hePatanjali, 294:soul, and that this soul should guide the heart issues from the throne or the seat between thePatanjali, 305:spleen - Heart center. "Out of the heart are the issues of life"; from it the current of the lifePatanjali, 332:of Glory) manifests." Out of the heart are the issues of life, and the vital energy called samanaPsychology1, 103:light, and those of you who are awake to these issues and happenings will find it interesting toPsychology1, 106:attracting Their attention needlessly. The world issues today are of such importance, and thePsychology1, 362:prepare the way for the recognition of the wider issues which will materialize as the new worldPsychology2, 17:onlooker. When he is definitely aware of the issues involved, and definitely throws the weight ofPsychology2, 47:that stretches from the heart, the life that issues forth from God, have served the Plan. The mindPsychology2, 116:lives and at a truer comprehension of the larger issues, when they see that their little,Psychology2, 133:the things of the personal self to the larger issues of the group, a reorientation which is realPsychology2, 199:at peace can hear the thunder of the Voice which issues from the dark depths of the cloud. Only anPsychology2, 282:of the personality from the angle of the larger issues. We have, as the occult law dictates, begunPsychology2, 452:developing process of destruction which involves issues with which it seems beyond the capacity ofPsychology2, 464:fellowmen; they should awaken him to the higher issues and realities; they should pour light intoPsychology2, 582:undoubted difficulties. They are faced with issues they cannot resolve and which they do notPsychology2, 617:strongly, though not individually directed; it issues continuously and as a steady stream, sentPsychology2, 669:of chaos, and to resolve the widely separative issues of modern life into some kind of stability.Psychology2, 669:the newer ways of living, so that the wider issues may be perceived and developed. At present, suchPsychology2, 677:people have been awakened to the finer spiritual issues and values that the old attitudes andPsychology2, 700:their lives and true comprehension of the larger issues, when they see that their littlePsychology2, 744:and untrue details from the broad and true issues. These lines of cleavage fall into three generalPsychology2, 747:the training of ourselves to see clearly the issues involved in any situation (personal, nationalRays, 58:august recognition which comes when the Voice issues forth - as annually it does - from the centerRays, 76:has wrought, and thus gear events to the larger issues. Rays, 145:and dark are in a more brilliant juxtaposition; issues of right and wrong are appearing withRays, 146:to die down. The next two rules will reveal the issues still more clearly and will outline for youRays, 154:service. Coming down to the immediate practical issues, the initiate is confronted with the problemRays, 603:The determination of mankind to fight out the issues involved in the world war upon the physicalRays, 606:even in intention, completely over, but the issues are becoming increasingly clearer in men's mindsRays, 610:the current ideologies. It is essential that the issues become still clearer in the minds of men,Rays, 611:conflict, emotional strain and tremendous mental issues, and which will greatly lessen when theRays, 612:The causes of war are better understood; the issues involved are slowly being clarified;Rays, 613:lead to certain basic renunciations, once the issues are clearly seen and the cleavage which existsRays, 613:of those who are aware of the unneeded and old issues, and who pioneer all the time, even thoughRays, 614:and in the life of mankind as a whole, the issues are being clarified, and humanity is being ledRays, 615:ways or in all three of them simultaneously. The issues which have emerged as the result of theRays, 622:when they have been educated to see the issues clearly, the relationships which should beRays, 624:the past one hundred years have confused racial issues and national ambitions. Races are basicallyRays, 638:point of view; let them think truly, evading no issues, but preserving always a calm, dispassionateRays, 640:I do not know. I can, however, say that the issues at stake are now becoming so clear that rightRays, 673:assumed. The cave is lighted up and the new man issues forth." That this may be true of all of youRays, 747:than the present expressions of Democracy. These issues will emerge clearly in Great Britain, whereSoul, 14:thought to things and 'mind' to 'matter,' and issues in the disguised materialism of Spencer andSoul, 14:an inner purpose determines every form), and issues in the vitalism of Bergson and the pragmatismTelepathy, 30:when viewed in relation to the momentous issues of the present time. Keep an attentive ear to the
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