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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ITEM

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Autobiography, 217:travelling expenses of five people were no light item and we were not at all sure that we wanted toDestiny, 144:and solar facts (under which heading the above item of information might well be placed) canDiscipleship2, 122:is dependent upon the ray quality. One new item of information comes naturally here. The throatDiscipleship2, 182:I have here given you a most valuable hint and item of information. In this connection it isExternalisation, 527:or Power. I have here given you a most important item of occult information, but one which is of noExternalisation, 534:in His greater body of manifestation. With this item of information you can have no possibleExternalisation, 534:levels of our planetary system. Again, this item of information serves only to indicateHealing, 60:rate arrest, the disease. It is an interesting item in the field of esoteric correspondence thatMagic, 487:it is an evil piece of information, a lie or item of gossip. Devitalize it by love, break it inPsychology1, 254:in the animal kingdom than in man. This is an item of information not hitherto given out. [255] ThePsychology2, 218:and Their objectives involve humanity only as an item in the Plan of the Great Life "in Whom wePsychology2, 218:does the detail and the finished structure, the item man, and the entire life of the planet, withPsychology2, 684:an era of peace and of soul-culture. This item of information is of interest, is it not? InPsychology2, 686:of the world measure up to the opportunity. One item of esoteric information is of interest here.Rays, 387:- was 2, 7, 4, 6, 5, 3, 1. In giving this item of ashramic information I am giving you more hints
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