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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IVORY

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Discipleship1, 231:- A gate of brass, a golden portal and then an ivory door. Three gates, but only two are shut. PassDiscipleship1, 510:suggestion to you? Build in your garden an ivory tower and from the summit of that tower surveyDiscipleship1, 510:of your quiet hour. Build then your tower of ivory and may the light of your soul pour upon you andDiscipleship1, 542:The vase of life is formed. Second month... The ivory puzzle box contains the many lesser forms,Discipleship1, 629:much and, fortunately for your progress, your ivory tower of beauty and of isolation is rocking toDiscipleship1, 629:the good work and see to it that this year your ivory tower - erected with care during the past sixDiscipleship1, 630:more of the disciple upon the Way of Light. Your ivory tower is still there and stands in beautyDiscipleship2, 26:yourself as standing before a golden or ivory door. [27] See that door slowly open, revealing aDiscipleship2, 57:disk, at the end of the golden pathway, was an ivory door which was slowly opening into a room withEducation, 64:[64] superior to such affairs and - in their ivory tower - concentrate on their own development,Telepathy, 177:which is to be found in the intricate carved ivory balls of the Chinese craftsmen where ball within
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