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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JEWEL

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Astrology, 289:links them with Taurus, which "carries the fair jewel which gives light upon its forehead." In theDiscipleship1, 329:and the self truly and to guard the precious jewel of the vision untouched. You are evidencingDiscipleship1, 763:in the ring of petals immediately around the "Jewel in the Lotus"; from thence to the sacrificeDiscipleship2, 249:Formula Four has a specific effect upon the "jewel in the lotus," awakening it to life; this itDiscipleship2, 250:is, consequently, the correspondence to the "jewel in the lotus," where the individual isFire, 39:vestures, are darkness and light; the kaustubha jewel indicates inseparable connection with all;Fire, 608:Ego Will. Atma. Electric fire. The Spark. The Jewel in the Lotus. Conscious Will. Love-Wisdom.Fire, 611:its petals, and in the final revelation of the jewel in the lotus. All that can be said of man canFire, 628:their own plane in a peculiar sense the logoic "Jewel in the Lotus," and [629] hence areFire, 630:on: The cosmic lower mental levels. The logoic "Jewel in the Lotus." The cosmic atmic plane. TheFire, 672:the three, the nine, and the inner blazing JEWEL, then is the circle of manifestation consummated,Fire, 709:until the time comes for the revelation of the "jewel in the Lotus." The egoic lotus is nowFire, 711:energy of the petals, the atoms and the "jewel" is now centralized, because impulse must now beFire, 762:of electric fire of a blue-white hue (the [762] jewel in the lotus) surrounded, and completelyFire, 763:forming a gracious setting for the central jewel, and their orange hue is now of a gorgeousFire, 763:center are opening up, revealing the "blazing jewel." At this initiation, through the action of theFire, 767:and close down upon the vibrant point, or "jewel" under the potency of the Law of Attraction. OneFire, 769:consciousness of a still greater Entity whose "jewel" may be found on the second subplane. AllFire, 807:of the three inner [807] petals shielding the "jewel," and their ability to disclose at the rightFire, 818:Treatise: Electric fire - Spirit - Will aspect - Jewel in the lotus. Solar fire - Consciousness -Fire, 820:and all shielding the inner bud where hides the jewel. It is with the evolution of these petalsFire, 830:ray of the solar system itself; the inner jewel is thus revealed. The work has been accomplished;Fire, 855:Lotuses of revelation. Those in which the "jewel" is just about to be revealed. Lotuses withFire, 876:reality of life itself. Only when the "jewel in the Lotus" is about to be revealed, or the thirdFire, 877:It concerns, therefore, the nature of the Jewel in the lotus, and it is only when the threeFire, 878:produced by the blazing forth of the central jewel) straight to the central spiritual sun, there toFire, 883:whirling energy, which immediately surround the "jewel in the lotus." Each of these three petals isFire, 883:electric point. At the fourth Initiation, the jewel (being completely revealed) through its blazingFire, 1017:where we have the will aspect forming the "jewel in the lotus," or the inner [1018] center ofFire, 1100:egoic lotus; this is the revelation of the "Jewel in the Lotus," and macrocosmically is the perfectFire, 1101:manifestation. The energy emanating from the "Jewel in the Lotus" itself, the focal point of energyFire, 1105:rows of petals unfold. [1105] As the "interior jewel" rays forth more powerfully. The reflex actionFire, 1111:the quality of the "light" of the concealed jewel. In all these petals, groups of lives, solar andFire, 1112:Man or planetary Logos, and which uses the "Jewel in the Lotus" as its focal point. In thisFire, 1115:the opening of the bud and the revelation of the Jewel. The other types of energy find theirFire, 1116:emanates from the "Sacred Bud which veils the Jewel." This is a particularly strong vibrationFire, 1116:because, when the inner circle is unfolded, the jewel is revealed, and the three "veils" or "sacredFire, 1116:Finally, we have the dynamic force of the "Jewel" at the Heart, which is itself the focal point forFire, 1118:with life, whilst at the center glows the Jewel, raying forth streams of energy from the center toFire, 1118:likewise active, and revolves around the central Jewel, so that we have, not only the activity ofFire, 1118:that which is hid, and revolves around the Jewel, only in a contrary direction to the rapidlyFire, 1118:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The Jewel itself remains occultly static, and does notFire, 1119:impulse is akin to the nature of the living Jewel, it is synthesized in the central living unit andFire, 1119:in the central living unit and only the Jewel of fire remains. When all the petals have mergedFire, 1119:is to be seen at the final Initiation. The Jewel of fire blazes forth as seven jewels within theFire, 1120:and through the raying forth of the fires of the Jewel, a specific rhythm is imposed upon theFire, 1121:coherence, and the force latent in the Jewel makes its presence felt. It might specifically be saidFire, 1122:has been called at times "the reflection of the Jewel in the Mother's forehead." The eighteenFire, 1129:magician what the fourth energy center (the jewel in the lotus) is to the lotus, or to the threeFire, 1129:petals. The correspondence is interesting: The jewel in the lotus is the director of energy fromFire, 1129:the energy of the Ego on the physical plane. The jewel in the Lotus is the center of force whichFire, 1130:enables him to function consciously there. The jewel, or diamond concealed by the egoic lotus, isFire, 1130:he looks inward into the three worlds. The jewel in the lotus is situated between manas and buddhiFire, 1130:and the energy of the Monad, focused through the jewel, makes itself felt also on the physicalFire, 1131:following mystical and occult phrase: "When the jewel sparkles as does the diamond under theFire, 1186:Nature of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. Central Spiritual Sun. Cosmic Will. ElectricFire, 1186:PLANETARY LOGOS: 1. Planetary Causal Body. Jewel. Heavenly Man (on his own plane). Systemic Will.Fire, 1186:Friction. Negative. MAN: 1. Human Causal Body. Jewel. Monad. Spirit. Atma-Buddhi. Electric Fire.Fire, 1232:to him through a just appreciation of the Jewel hidden at the heart of his own being; then onlyFire, 1232:then only does he become aware of that greater Jewel which lies hidden at the heart of solarFire, 1232:visualize, is the light which emanates from the Jewel and the radiance which veils the inner glory.Fire, 1245:life which in the human unit we call the "Jewel in the Lotus." It should be remembered in thisFire, 1245:be remembered in this connection that there is a jewel at the heart of every atom. Every jewel hasFire, 1245:is a jewel at the heart of every atom. Every jewel has seven facets which are the seven doorways toFire, 1246:eventually bring about within the jewel, which is essentially the true spiritual unit, a momentousHealing, 45:Dominant Atma Monad via soul Will Causal body Jewel in the lotus Aspirant - Disciple - Mystic -Healing, 517:that two of the inner petals, surrounding the jewel in the lotus, are no longer acting [518] asHealing, 518:are no longer acting [518] as veils to that jewel. I am here speaking symbolically. Because of thisHealing, 622:of the center. This is sometimes called "the jewel in the lotus," though the phrase [623] is moreHercules, 144:however terrible it may appear to be, contains a jewel of great value. No attempt to dominate theHercules, 144:to dominate the lower nature and discover that jewel is ever futile. The immortal head, disseveredHercules, 182:light that the light of others might shine. The jewel that the eleventh labor gives is yoursHercules, 197:of man," he greeted the returning warrior. "The jewel of immortality is yours. By these twelveInitiation, 116:shield what is called in the eastern books "The jewel in the Lotus." This Lotus is a thing of rareInitiation, 137:in their turn secrete the central life, or the "jewel in the lotus." As evolution proceeds, theseInitiation, 138:of the central bud, the revelation of the jewel, the withdrawal of that jewel from the casket whichInitiation, 138:revelation of the jewel, the withdrawal of that jewel from the casket which has so long shieldedMagic, 41:hides within itself, as a casket hides [41] the jewel, that point of soul light which we call theMagic, 41:nature. The soul hides within itself, as the "jewel in the lotus," that faculty of dynamic energyMagic, 90:that they cannot grasp what has been called "the jewel in the lotus." Magic, 223:to the melody of its voice. Let him discern the jewel, set in the forehead of the serpent whosePatanjali, 47:lotus of the heart, holding in his hands the "jewel in the lotus." Thus the devotee finds Ishvara.Patanjali, 47:Ishvara will reveal to him the secret of the jewel. When Christ is known as king upon the throne ofPatanjali, 83:c. A center of pure white light called the "jewel." Each center corresponds to a sacred planet, thePatanjali, 266:and polishing is accomplished, the glory of the jewel will be seen. When the lotus plant has grownPatanjali, 266:to fruition and in the center of its petals the "Jewel in the Lotus" (Om mani padme hum) can bePatanjali, 266:an animal or the "form of the Son of God" the jewel of the first aspect will be found hidden. ItPsychology1, 227:goal of the universal concept is seen when the jewel rays forth its beauty, and when radium sendsPsychology1, 372:now be seen in the organization of a crystal, a jewel and a diamond, with their beauty of form andPsychology2, 153:three rows of petals in the egoic lotus. The "Jewel in the Lotus", at the heart of the "flower ofPsychology2, 339:integration. The heart of the lotus, "the jewel in the lotus" also becomes actively alive. This isRays, 22:Let the group together move the fire within the jewel in the Lotus into the Triad and [23] let themRays, 182:particular center employed. It is the central "jewel in the lotus" from which the initiate works,Rays, 182:jewels, so-called, are the correspondence of the jewel in the egoic lotus. This means, therefore,Rays, 190:Some are untranslatable: Focus the force at the jewel's point and find the veil that it can touch.Rays, 215:Let the group together move the fire within the jewel in the Lotus into the Triad and let them findRays, 217:Let the group together move the fire within the jewel in the Lotus into the Triad. Let me firstRays, 219:inflow of the life at the heart of the jewel is not permitted full sway. It is blocked andRays, 222:vitalized to a new potency the life aspect, the jewel in the Lotus of the soul. Rays, 375:of focused fire, found in the center of the jewel. [376] It stirs to life the quality of love which
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