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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JEWS

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Autobiography, 118:youth there. Some of our greatest men have been Jews, such as Lord Reading, Viceroy of India, andAutobiography, 119:"blacklist" because of my defense of the Jews whilst lecturing up and down western Europe. InAutobiography, 119:I refer to all those people who are for the Jews and not against them. We Gentiles have not yetAutobiography, 119:found out what to do in order to liberate the Jews from persecution - a persecution that is many,Autobiography, 119:early phases of Biblical history persecuted the Jews, and persecution has been their record downAutobiography, 119:complain (and it is frequently true) that the Jews lower the atmosphere of any district in whichAutobiography, 119:groups on the sidewalks. But for centuries the Jews were tent dwellers and had to live this way andAutobiography, 120:and his aunts [120] are in it too. But the Jews have had to hang together in the face of centuriesAutobiography, 120:mind and are - for me - part of the answer. The Jews hang on to a religion which is basicallyAutobiography, 121:emphasizes "racial purity" and so have the Jews down the ages. The Jew never seems assimilable. IAutobiography, 121:The Jew never seems assimilable. I have met Jews in Asia, in India and in Europe as well as hereAutobiography, 121:and in Europe as well as here and they remain Jews, and in spite of their citizenship they areAutobiography, 121:The Gentiles have frequently treated the Jews abominably, and many of us are heartsick about it andAutobiography, 121:hard to help. One handicap comes today from the Jews themselves. Personally, I have never yet foundAutobiography, 121:right action but we get no cooperation from the Jews. Forgive this digression, but the memory ofAutobiography, 126:question in my mind: Why did God speak only to Jews? I knew nothing of the other Scriptures in theAutobiography, 145:had and that some of my closest friends were Jews. He then inquired if I had ever known a bad JewAutobiography, 225:him at Ascona and later visited him in Italy the Jews were well treated in that country. TheAutobiography, 225:in that country. The approximately 30,000 Jews in Italy were valued as Italian citizens and wereBethlehem, 46:imagery was familiar among the mystics of the Jews is shown by the surprise evinced by Jesus whenBethlehem, 166:achievement and by being acclaimed King of the Jews. Success constitutes a far more drasticBethlehem, 232:of being the divine Son of God, and King of the Jews, He was nothing but an ordinary man, convictedDestiny, 15:of this can be noted in the history of the Jews as found in the Old Testament. When the first rayDestiny, 34:or soul and of the persona. The problem of the Jews which is symbolically the problem of humanityDestiny, 34:made this mistake and, as an Oriental race, the Jews have failed to hold before the Orient theDiscipleship1, 155:that you have no racial relationship to the Jews at all in spite of the fact that you are of theDiscipleship2, 616:an instance of this in the thought-form of the Jews which is the most powerful of all because theyDiscipleship2, 616:were great nations and as civilized as were the Jews, possessing a great and beautiful religion.Externalisation, 74:the world problem, centering around the Jews as a whole. These two forces greatly complicate theExternalisation, 76:Remember that it is an interesting fact that the Jews are found in every land without exception,Externalisation, 76:before this one and those whom we now call the Jews (a purely modern name and distinction, as IExternalisation, 77:only and with external conditions, and that the Jews were the highest product of that system youExternalisation, 87:of world affairs at this time, is that of the Jews; they, as a whole, constitute the solar plexusExternalisation, 88:cleavage as a part of the divine plan. The Jews are instruments in the working out of the Plan forExternalisation, 88:Dark Forces will change and the problem of the Jews will disappear. Mankind is not yet handling itsExternalisation, 91:case of that potent energy connected with the Jews, you have a very temporary inflow of energy, andExternalisation, 92:4th Ray Harmony through Conflict. 4. The Jews Solar Plexus Center. Kingdom of man. Quality ofExternalisation, 134:and the constant moving onwards of the wandering Jews indicate a breaking down, upon a worldwideExternalisation, 195:is, and if coupled with an effort by [195] the Jews themselves to solve it, and to be cooperativeExternalisation, 437:when she began her attacks upon the [437] Jews; she is now in danger of drowning in the watersExternalisation, 475:Fascist-minded aristocracy and her hatred of the Jews. The United Nations then began slowly toExternalisation, 543:of the Ten Commandments, given through the Jews and - because of the negativity shown then andExternalisation, 543:of the negativity shown then and today by the Jews - given [544] in a negative and not a positiveExternalisation, 544:that He came to the whole world and not to the Jews alone. For this new revelation the Christ isExternalisation, 544:In saying this I do not fail to recognize those Jews throughout the world who acknowledge the evilsExternalisation, 545:little sympathy from the Hierarchy. That the Jews should be rid of fear is of major importance;Externalisation, 551:teachings are largely obsolete. Because when the Jews become spiritual they will greatly benefitExternalisation, 605:Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created a disturbance! Humanity is passingExternalisation, 615:- fomented by the Zionists, and not by the Jews as a whole - a fight in which the ZionistsFire, 110:must be turned seven times. - S. D., I, 22. The Jews availed themselves of two keys out of theGlamour, 146:with almost equal justification against the Jews themselves. The latter have always been separateGlamour, 147:always the correct one. Both the Germans and the Jews merit our impersonal love, particularly asGlamour, 147:so are an equally small number of Jews. I could continue piling up these resemblances but the aboveGlamour, 147:swings away from like, and the Germans and the Jews are curiously alike. Just as many BritishGlamour, 147:Romans, so many Germans are reincarnated Jews. Hence the similarity of their points of view. It isGlamour, 147:am going to ask you to take the Germans and the Jews into your group meditation and pour out yourGlamour, 148:love of your souls, remembering that both [148] Jews and Germans are souls as you are and identicalGlamour, 148:one stream of living light and love going to the Jews and the other to the German peoples. TheHealing, 263:subjects of worldwide, universal concern. The Jews have always had a symbolic significance; theyHealing, 263:produced Him. Let this never be forgotten. The Jews were great aggressors; they despoiled theHealing, 264:of their action. Palestine was taken by the Jews because it was "a land flowing with milk andHealing, 264:Israelites with headquarters at Samaria, and the Jews (meaning two or three special tribes out ofHealing, 264:renounced Him. Today the law is working, and the Jews are paying the price, factually andHealing, 265:Liabilities It is interesting to note that the Jews who inhabited southern Palestine, and whoseHealing, 265:hopefully), the problem is one to which the Jews themselves must make the larger contribution. TheyHealing, 265:have attempted to do so. Until, however, the Jews themselves [266] face up to the situation andHealing, 266:of the truth. But, viewing the problem of the Jews in time and space, in history and today, theHealing, 266:have made will bear careful consideration by the Jews. What I have said in no way mitigates theHealing, 266:the guilt of those who have so sorely abused the Jews. You have a proverb, have you not? that "twoHealing, 266:white." The behavior of the nations towards the Jews, culminating in the atrocities of the secondHealing, 266:work. Though much that has happened to the Jews originated in their past history and in theirHealing, 267:and compromise on the part of the orthodox Jews - not the concession of expediency but theHealing, 269:of [269] every country to assimilate the Jews, to intermarry with them, and to refuse to recognizeHealing, 269:at the changing of the situation. There are Jews today, a few in number, who do not think in termsHealing, 269:in number, who do not think in terms of being Jews; who are not preoccupied with the Jewish problemHealing, 393:Testament anent Jehovah, the tribal God of the Jews. Jehovah is not God, the planetary Logos, theMagic, 421:human beings is a group of brothers. Catholics, Jews, Gentiles, occidentals and orientals are allProblems, 95:understanding. They are: The Jewish Problem. The Jews constitute an international minority of greatProblems, 95:of usefulness may be gained. In the case of the Jews, the sin of separateness is deeply inherent inProblems, 95:but for the perpetuation of the separation the Jews are largely [96] responsible; in the case ofProblems, 96:Let us look for a moment at the situation of the Jews, prior to the bitter and unpardonable attackProblems, 96:by the land of their citizenship. The Jews have always constituted a nation within a nation, thoughProblems, 97:and for which he makes no allowance; the Jews are, for instance, the product of centuries ofProblems, 98:Hebrews in new lands and cities that they were Jews as they claimed to be. It is this that makesProblems, 98:in the different countries. Down the ages, the Jews for measures of protection and for communalProblems, 99:where the individual Jew is concerned. There are Jews in every nation and locality who are deeplyProblems, 99:religion is separative; God is the God of the Jews; [100] the Jews are God's chosen people; theyProblems, 100:God is the God of the Jews; [100] the Jews are God's chosen people; they must be preserved inProblems, 100:today neither remembers nor cares that the Jews were instrumental in having Christ put to deathProblems, 101:dislikes the cruel and jealous Jehovah of the Jews and looks upon The Old Testament as the historyProblems, 101:of migrations, with great streams of wandering Jews moving ceaselessly north, south and west and aProblems, 101:of relative quiescence again the displaced Jews were on the move in Europe, homeless, driftingProblems, 102:the centuries. The responsibility of the non-Jews, in the light of humanitarian demand, is vital;Problems, 102:is vital; the record of the persecution of the Jews is a grievous and ghastly story, onlyProblems, 102:as related in The Old Testament. The fate of the Jews in the world war is a terrible tale ofProblems, 102:and wholesale murder and the treatment of the Jews down the ages is one of the blackest chapters inProblems, 102:solution, however, will be found only when the Jews themselves seek to find the way out and ceaseProblems, 102:of the problem alone, and, unaided by the Jews, bring the evil situation to an end. The Jews voiceProblems, 102:Jews, bring the evil situation to an end. The Jews voice loudly and constantly their demand forProblems, 103:of the Racial Minorities The problem of the Jews goes deeply into the entire question of right
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