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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JEWS

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Problems, 104:long and sorry story of the persecution of the Jews by the Gentiles - widespread in the Middle AgesProblems, 104:but culminating in the violent treatment of the Jews during the world war. It was, however, aProblems, 104:of many nations. This is a point which the Jews today appear to forget. They have not been alone inProblems, 104:have not been alone in their persecution. The Jews constituted only twenty per cent of theProblems, 104:wants to open its doors and offer the unwanted Jews asylum. No nation wants to admit them in theirProblems, 105:hope that because it is prompted by love, the Jews will shoulder their own responsibilities, willProblems, 105:both sides, but very largely on the side of the Jews; there is evidence that these new attitudesProblems, 105:the right solution may take much time. There are Jews who today are saying what is said here. Problems, 105:This problem is totally different to that of the Jews. In the first case you have an exceedinglyProblems, 115:be entirely [115] superficial; although the Jews have gained their desire and Palestine was handedProblems, 172:progress; it is the devious actions of the Jews and the hatred which they cultivate which tend alsoPsychology1, 174:is the goal for all, and that Asiatic, Nordics, Jews, Gentiles, Americans, and Anglo-Saxons, thePsychology1, 399:history of humanity. The ancient tendency of the Jews to grasp and hold, and also to preserve theirPsychology1, 400:them to trace our modern Western history to the Jews of the Dispersion. It is a far more ancientPsychology1, 400:into a period that antedates the history of the Jews as it is related for us in the Old Testament.Psychology1, 401:intermarriage with the ancestors of the modern Jews and other racial types, but they have not mixedPsychology2, 580:is neither purely Oriental nor is it Aryan. The Jews are a group of people in whom the principle ofRays, 243:of aeons of conflict, pain and suffering. The Jews, as a product of the humanity of the previousRays, 318:gave us with the old blood religion of the Jews. In the coming cycle, this distorted teaching onRays, 429:well known - is the Near East and Palestine. The Jews, by their illegal and terrorist activities,Rays, 429:out (and I commend him on his soul vision), the Jews have partially again opened the door [430] toRays, 430:shape and warrants recognition. It involves the Jews (who are not a nation but a religious group)Rays, 634:of Poland, lately of the Irish, and today of the Jews, is territory, thus evidencing a mostRays, 634:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The Jews are governed by the third Ray of ActiveRays, 634:which they have no possible right and which the Jews have ignored for two thousand years. TheirRays, 635:Son of The New Testament. Curiously enough, the Jews have never been a fighting race since the timeRays, 635:camps of Europe and only twenty per cent Jews. The Jew, however, fought only for himself, andRays, 636:lies in their willingness to give refuge to the Jews, and such a refuge would have been offered ifRays, 636:The unwillingness of the nations to admit the Jews (though many have willingly offered), andRays, 636:for the United States, for it is the American Jews who have created the situation, with relativelyRays, 636:relatively little help or endorsement from the Jews of other nations. The United States, urged byRays, 636:led me thus to enlarge. The decision anent the Jews is one of hierarchical importance, owing to theRays, 705:take a Jewish body as He did before, for the Jews have forfeited that privilege. The Messiah forRays, 705:intended, the Christ. Symbolically, the Jews represent (from the point of view of the Hierarchy)Rays, 706:Who will not, however, be the world Messiah. The Jews need humility more than any other nation. ByReappearance, 30:brought with the old blood religion of the Jews. In the cycle which Christ will inaugurate afterReappearance, 52:Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created a disturbance! Humanity is passingReappearance, 80:cannot explain away the fact that the Jews demonstrated [81] their liking for the Taurian worshipReappearance, 110:plethora; He will not come as the Messiah of the Jews to save the so-called Holy Land and the cityReappearance, 110:Holy Land and the city of Jerusalem for the Jews, because He belongs to the whole world and no JewsReappearance, 110:because He belongs to the whole world and no Jews nor any other people have special rights orReappearance, 127:Dispensation which is of importance to the Jews and unfortunately of importance to the ChristianReappearance, 162:than fifteen hundred years, the plight of the Jews in Europe, the desperation of the little man inSoul, 75:a peculiar, fluid-like compound, whilst the Jews regarded it as the vital principle. The Hindus
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