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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JOB

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Atom, 156:but even our Christian Bible recognizes it, and Job speaks of "the sweet influences of theAutobiographyto go out actively working and still on the job. This she did. Even during the last days in theAutobiography, X:been held only by her strong will to finish her job and by her ardent desire to complete thoseAutobiography, 6:the same group of workers and go on with the job. If the story of my life encourages anotherAutobiography, 58:over everything - except the Gospel. My first job each morning, after a quiet hour under a tree inAutobiography, 89:devotees. The Master is a busy executive and His job is world direction. He never runs aroundAutobiography, 97:too ill to be left alone. So I went back to my job and did it, having no faintest idea how my lifeAutobiography, 122:keeping is hunting the eggs, and that's a dirty job. But I did manage to feed the family, and theAutobiography, 128:of the great sardine canneries and applied for a job. I got it, as it was the rush season and theyAutobiography, 128:I was somebody. I was holding down the kind of job that anybody could hold down. It was unskilledAutobiography, 130:in a factory?" and "She looks too good for her job, but is probably no good." "She must have doneAutobiography, 302:in fact a part of the training of A.A.B. for the job for which she has just now been liberated.Bethlehem, 152:meet this triplicity. Moses, Aaron and Joshua; Job and his three friends; Shadrach, Meschach andBethlehem, 153:Take, for instance, the meaning of the names of Job's friends. They were Eliphaz the Temanite,Bethlehem, 153:are the result of mental activity. Thus, in Job's three friends the three aspects of his lowerDiscipleship1, 361:Hence your soul's choice of your personality job - one that embodies service, that appeals to theDiscipleship2, 84:may be a new idea to you. When she finishes her job there is no gap in any department. So whyDiscipleship2, 594:Master K.H. so as to release him for some brief job, and found himself unable to understand them orExternalisation, 572:that these men are adequate to the demanded job, and whom they therefore choose as directing agentsExternalisation, 585:idea of academic service. Their eyes are on the job to be done, their hearts are with theirGlamour, 28:from these conditions. Second, that the first job that each of you has to do is to determine hisHealing, 453:realization that led the disciple in the Book of Job to cry out and say, "I have perverted thatHercules, 46:sun, with its attendant planets. The words of job when he said: "Canst thou bind the sweetHercules, 173:in bulk, since in that sign Hercules has the job of cleaning out the Augean stables, his first workInitiation, 4:come comprehension of the words in the Book of job: "The morning stars sang together." DissonanceInitiation, 188:types, and this is hinted at in the Book of job, in the words, "Canst thou bind the sweet influenceMagic, 169:assumes control of his life. He works at his own job, and carries forward his contribution to thePatanjali, 403:realization that led the disciple in the Book of Job to cry out and say "I have perverted thatPsychology2, 691:the right and the permission of men? Your major job at this time is not to wrestle with the powersReappearance, 153:the sweet influences of the Pleiades?" (Job XXXVIII, 31.) Many other passages bear out this
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