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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JOY

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Healing, 338:of an etheric nature, which robs life of all joy and desire and presents always a sense ofHealing, 388:willingness to take, with understanding and with joy, whatever the future may bring; it may alsoHealing, 389:from whence it emanated, and doing this in the joy of reabsorption. You must all learn to look uponHealing, 423:that pinnacle of peace and that altitude of joy whereon your soul immovably stands, then look intoHealing, 426:the voice once more will speak: "Restore with joy that which was Mine, was thine and now again isHealing, 437:It connotes death, but death as beauty, as joy, as spirit in action, as the consummation of allHercules, 4:turned towards the light, and irradiated with joy. The story of the dramatic experiences of thatHercules, 16:his Teacher, and watched his antics and his joy. He played before the gods, and showed his prowess,Hercules, 28:he caught and tethered them. He yelled with joy at the success achieved. So great was his delightHercules, 58:shall touch the sacred tree," he shouted in his joy, "surmount the guarding dragon; see the fairHercules, 97:yet full of fear. They greeted Hercules with joy at first, with questioning later, as they saw theHercules, 207:a different attitude and release us into that joy on the Path and that freedom in service which isHercules, 208:face turned towards the light, irradiated by the joy of those who know. Initiation, 2:Above all, to each generation is given the joy of demonstrating the strength of the oldInitiation, 73:nor pain dominates, for they are superseded by joy and bliss. We may well ponder on this, for muchInitiation, 76:which may come as trusts to be used to spread joy, and rebel not at happiness and pleasure inInitiation, 76:that lower self, eliminate desire, and all is joy. Have patience. Endurance is one of theInitiation, 132:has to do and how he must do it, and peace and joy unutterable fill his heart. This is an interludeIntellect, 38:'heart,' capable of a higher and richer form of joy." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit,Intellect, 94:bears me. Light leads me on to light. I weep For joy at what I hope to see When, scaled at lengthIntellect, 131:with sorrow, will be forgotten, and likewise joy, for we are not seeking the "consolations ofIntellect, 133:and longing. They are either undergoing the joy and ecstasy of realization that lasts but aIntellect, 160:or feeling body, we have the registering of joy, of happiness, and the experience of ecstasy. ThereMagic, 63:other times in the dark; sometimes he knows the joy of full communion and again all seems dull andMagic, 120:can be reached by love, and the bliss and the joy of this contact can carry with it its abidingMagic, 120:of this contact can carry with it its abiding joy, but that clear perception which comes from theMagic, 120:of Illumination is a different thing to the joy experienced on the Mount of Blessing. The HeartMagic, 153:their period of training with courage and with joy, knowing that they are members of a band ofMagic, 162:aspiration for those possessions which are the joy of the soul - wisdom, love and power to serve.Magic, 348:what the future holds is not revealed, but that "joy cometh in the morning". It results also in aMagic, 350:but realize it, the time is short, and rest, joy and peace are on their way. The half-gainedMagic, 368:To those who wrestle, strive, and hold on, the joy is doubled when the materialization comes. TheMagic, 368:is doubled when the materialization comes. The joy of contrast will be yours, for knowing the pastMagic, 368:you will revel in the light of fruition; the joy of tried and tested companionship will be yours,Magic, 368:suffering will come the strengthened link; the joy of peace after victory will be yours, for to theMagic, 368:of achievement and rest are doubly sweet; the joy of participation in the Masters [369] plan willMagic, 369:well that associates you closely with Them; the joy of having helped to solace a needy world, ofMagic, 369:gratitude of salvaged souls, comes the deepest joy of all, - the joy a Master knows when He isMagic, 369:souls, comes the deepest joy of all, - the joy a Master knows when He is instrumental in lifting aMagic, 369:up a little higher on the ladder. This is the joy that is set before you all - and not so very farMagic, 369:not so very far ahead it lies. So work, not for joy but towards it; not for reward, but from theMagic, 369:is helpful to differentiate between happiness, joy and bliss: First, happiness, which has its seatMagic, 369:emotions, and is a personality reaction. Second, joy, which is a quality of the soul and isMagic, 369:Does the aspirant refer to his happiness or joy? If he refers to the latter it must come as theMagic, 370:of the lower man is discounted and we find joy in our group relationships and in bringing aboutMagic, 370:the souls of those we contact. This bringing of joy to others in order to produce conditions inMagic, 370:understanding. But the effect upon ourselves is joy, for our action has been selfless and nonMagic, 370:protective desires) must not be confounded with joy. Magic, 370:personality distress and unhappiness, the joy of the soul may be known and felt. Such however isMagic, 533:They grow through appreciation [533] of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. TheMeditation, 44:Perhaps it may mean the renunciation of joy, or the renunciation of good reputation, or theMeditation, 173:(as in the second line) as from admiration and joy in their achievement, and gratitude for whatMeditation, 183:should give strength to the deva, and the deva, joy to the human. Man should communicate to thePatanjali, 30:and happiness. It is based upon the "forms of joy." It is a condition of sensuous enjoyment, andPatanjali, 34:of consciousness takes place, involving bliss or joy. Beatitude always follows upon realization ofPatanjali, 147:from matter causes bliss or pleasure - the joy of realization. Evil causes pain, for just in so farPatanjali, 174:dissatisfaction. Nothing brings him any true joy or peace. He has exhausted himself in the searchPatanjali, 174:He has exhausted himself in the search for joy for himself. Now he begins to widen his horizon andPatanjali, 174:that his capacity to appreciate sorrow or joy is greatly increased. This becomes terribly true inPatanjali, 386:and in the outward going tendency, lie no real joy or pleasure, and there starts a new effort whichPatanjali, 424:method, - complain that the old moments of joy and bliss, experienced in meditation, [425] havePatanjali, 425:followed seems arid, dry and unsatisfactory. But joy and peace are registrations of the emotionalPatanjali, 425:plane consciousness as a sense of peace and joy; it must work out in increased capacity to serveProblems, 137:setting an example of simple faith, confident joy and assured knowledge of God as Christ did? CanProblems, 154:Let them have courage and cheer, optimism and joy, for the forces of evil have been greatlyPsychology1, xx:out for help, cast away fear and go forward with joy and courage into the future? There has been,Psychology1, xxiii:and in which the mystic finds such relief and joy. I will however ask those who study this treatisePsychology1, xxv:- keep you from taking fresh hold and with joy and interest making that needed progress which willPsychology1, 49:bliss, and why the morning stars sang together. Joy is the strong basic note of our particularPsychology1, 81:asked these questions in a spirit of heavenly joy and love, but with the intent to throw some lightPsychology1, 396:outside. Many were raised unto the heights of joy. The three remained without the gates, holdingPsychology2, 24:period of slow tamasic reactions to suffering, joy, pain, to the urge and satisfaction of desire,Psychology2, 33:the wonderful injunction: "Therefore be full of joy, 0 pilgrim on the Way towards [34] enlightenedPsychology2, 38:this Blessed One upon the lighted way into the joy of proved success.' " Ray Seven "The Blessed OnePsychology2, 94:it, pain and sorrow, loss and disaster, joy and distress, are only such because man, as yet,Psychology2, 108:own activity measures up to theirs, and in the joy of struggle and on the way of service thePsychology2, 108:with freedom, for in freedom and in the sense of joy and in the strength of inner cooperative lovePsychology2, 117:they learn to cherish a spirit of confidence, of joy and of love, deep and lasting, for each other;Psychology2, 133:to the service of the whole. Then that "sounding joy" and that "joyful sounding" can make its truePsychology2, 157:story of man as he searches for happiness, for joy and for bliss, or (expressing it in terms ofPsychology2, 200:of the race is the peace of serenity and of joy - a serenity, based upon spiritual understanding;Psychology2, 200:based upon spiritual understanding; and a joy which is untouched by circumstance. This joy andPsychology2, 200:a joy which is untouched by circumstance. This joy and serenity is not an astral condition but aPsychology2, 200:These two qualities of the soul - serenity and joy - are the indications that the soul, the ego,Psychology2, 370:leads to what might be called the "ending of the joy-life and of desire." This is not a pleasantPsychology2, 437:will enter into human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom. Psychology2, 493:it back to an old Anglo-Saxon root, signifying "joy or bliss." Is there not a chance, that bothPsychology2, 494:brain of man so that the Anglo-Saxon emphasis on joy and bliss eventually became descriptive ofPsychology2, 494:idealistic presentations of future beauty and joy which distinguishes the thought life of theRays, 59:the Spirit which is at once its horror and its joy. I mean just that. The symbol or firstRays, 99:It connotes death, but death as beauty, as joy, as spirit in action, as the consummation of allRays, 119:in understanding the three words - Happiness, Joy, Bliss. Do you, as you speak of bliss, understandRays, 119:understand wherein it differs from happiness and joy? Bliss is associated with complete Being; itRays, 234:the agony of the Cross are well-nigh finished. Joy and strength will take their place. Instead ofRays, 234:their place. Instead of sorrow we shall have a joy which will work out in happiness and leadRays, 234:groups of youths, banded together by the motto "joy through strength and strength through joy." ItRays, 234:motto "joy through strength and strength through joy." It seems to be a law for group developmentRays, 234:coming from the good. But "after weeping cometh joy, and that joy cometh in the morning." Only theRays, 234:good. But "after weeping cometh joy, and that joy cometh in the morning." Only the dawn is with usRays, 369:of success and have in them the quality of joy. Mankind will then be much freer from the spirit of
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