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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JOYFUL

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Astrology, 394:his own. He must aim at clear seeing, pure joyful will and the death of personality desire. Such isBethlehem, 48:30.) He passed through the gates of death to a joyful resurrection. The gradual revelation of theBethlehem, 137:revealed in all its beauty. Then we pass to a "joyful Resurrection," and to that eternalBethlehem, 186:passing through the gates of death, attain to a joyful resurrection. St. Paul sought to bring thisBethlehem, 233:Christ be understood and men pass on towards a joyful resurrection. Love makes us humbler, and atDiscipleship1, 185:contact, and this should constitute your joyful service. joy is the most powerful impulse behindDiscipleship1, 461:and to you I feel the need of saying simply: Be joyful, for joy lets in the light, and where thereDiscipleship1, 587:is, however, rapidly ending in you and in joyful (colored by your love, glorified byDiscipleship1, 660:you and to release you to fuller and more [660] joyful service, to a self-forgetfulness whichDiscipleship2, 380:be regarded as good and useful, as desirable and joyful. This revolt has colored the entireDiscipleship2, 380:idea that sacrifice signifies happiness and a joyful process of making desire "holy" is absent:Discipleship2, 611:claims, I would urge you to look forward with joyful anticipation to a fuller and a richer life. ADiscipleship2, 667:will begin to enter in. Go forward with joyful expectation. Get ready for your future service inExternalisation, 172:I ask you to work anew with fresh ardor in joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failuresExternalisation, 210:values of Christ's teaching, and with a joyful determination to go forward with the work ofExternalisation, 670:earthly happiness, the Plan should be something joyful and something which would make material lifeHealing, 394:will gradually disappear, and a new and more joyful approach to that great experience will takeMagic, 81:or the real, then he learns next the lesson of joyful action, and the path of bliss opens beforeMagic, 115:the wisest methods are [115] silence and a joyful confidence that the Law works, an avoidance ofMagic, 349:the world's woe, to see disaster and yet keep joyful? Can you be a partner in the work ofPsychology2, 133:of the whole. Then that "sounding joy" and that "joyful sounding" can make its true meaning felt. Psychology2, 750:for right understanding, and they demand also a joyful cooperation and the sacrifice of yourselves
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