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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUDGMENTS

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Autobiography, 163:on to say that wise people did not make snap judgments, that I had a peculiar gift for the higherDestiny, 17:not so undeveloped and so superficial in their judgments and their vision, they would be able toDiscipleship1, 66:but actually full of prejudice and hasty judgments. We have to use the material which lies to handDiscipleship1, 66:prejudice, from preconceived ideas and hasty judgments and determinations (based upon your ownDiscipleship1, 623:but you are fortunately less sure now of the judgments of the personality. When the personality isDiscipleship2, 594:and any mistakes you may have made in harsh judgments and in its physical expression in speech areDiscipleship2, 674:curb your critical mind and cease all harsh judgments. When in difficulty, go or write to A.A.B.Fire, 1151:factors will deter the wise student from hasty judgments, and from rapid conclusions concerning hisHercules, 131:and fools may stumble upon treasures; that the judgments of the world may be reversed by a higherMagic, 116:in all dealings with others and should modify judgments. To apprehend a principle justly marks aPsychology1, 210:bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgments, self-opinion over-indulged. Virtues to be
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