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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUDICIOUS

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Atom, 49:nature of our objective; it necessitates the judicious utilization of that aggregate of cells whichDiscipleship1, 644:apt [644] to forget that much can be gained by judicious reading and by the instruction of certainExternalisation, 143:Mailing lists can be gradually brought alive by judicious correspondence and new lists can beHealing, 100:Lodge. The work is, in reality, that of the judicious use of energy, applied with love and science.Initiation, 1:may be made which seem essential for the judicious study and comprehension of the ideas submitted.Magic, 305:by hysterical and unbalanced people, but to the judicious use of ameliorants of pain under the wiseMeditation, 67:other groups more suitable will be effected by judicious consideration of the work done by them.Meditation, 182:ends is sincerely felt, then, under the judicious guidance of the Masters, will certain of the oldMeditation, 204:laws, their raison d'Ítre, and their conscious judicious application to the circumstances met inMeditation, 245:today, can usually be located and eliminated by judicious treatment. But emotional trouble that is
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