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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Atom, 91:of the group consciousness. I suggest that just as self-consciousness is the goal for all [92] theAtom, 100:individual consciousness may be defined as just as much of the universal consciousness as aAtom, 122:cases there is an active radiation going on. Just where this discovery is going to lead it isAtom, 124:His consciousness; He is Himself at school, just as you and I are at school. So again, it may beAtom, 128:what we do every hour of the day, and not for just about fourteen hours out of every twenty-four.Atom, 129:will be our consciousness, and when it will be just as easy for us to contact the consciousness ofAtom, 132:the Buddhic plane, and its symbol is the air. Just as man is beginning to find his way through theAutobiography, 5:those things which will benefit all and not just a chosen few is of encouraging importance. We areAutobiography, 7:the unfolding future for which the world war (just ended) is but a preparatory stage, and theAutobiography, 8:blend and then humanity will know God and not just "feel after Him if haply they may find Him."Autobiography, 10:thing I can tell you. You never know what lies just around the corner." I never found thatAutobiography, 21:I made my first attempt to commit suicide! I just did not find life worth living. The experience ofAutobiography, 22:instinct must precede spiritual knowledge, just as the instincts of the animal, the child and ofAutobiography, 29:but a connection by marriage and to all of us just "Uncle Billie." He was one of the men - a youngAutobiography, 29:1934. She was then an old lady but seemed to me just the same. Two things interested her at thatAutobiography, 34:to come into the world but here I was. I was just 15. Nobody loved me and I knew I had a hatefulAutobiography, 39:a narrow, bottlenecked passage at the end. Just before this funnel shaped passage there stood anAutobiography, 47:give. I had an answer for everything and knew just what should be [48] done. I handled life andAutobiography, 50:minded and willing to listen but most people just want to talk and lay the ground so that their ownAutobiography, 50:be right. Today, I often feel that there is just a chance that I am wrong in my diagnosis andAutobiography, 57:and then to put them at their ease by being just human. I have never attempted to lecture. I justAutobiography, 57:just human. I have never attempted to lecture. I just talk to an audience as I would to one humanAutobiography, 61:fellowmen is evidence - undefined, maybe, but just as sure - that we love God. Elise Sandes taughtAutobiography, 68:his wife in a lunatic asylum; his only son had just been killed and his only daughter had run awayAutobiography, 71:of India. I asked for a truthful answer and not just propaganda. He hesitated and said: "Riot,Autobiography, 74:- Chapter II When I had at last discovered just who they were and who were the ring-leaders, I sentAutobiography, 74:I too terrified to bring the matter up or was I just clever? The episode happened: I did notAutobiography, 75:Old Lady." The majority of the boys called me just "Mother," probably because I was so young. MyAutobiography, 76:got sick to death of hearing the men roar out, "Just like the ivy, I will cling to you," etc., or,Autobiography, 76:its points but as literature and poetry it is just too awful. I remember one night at Chakrata IAutobiography, 79:Once a murderer took refuge with me having just shot his pal, and I had to give him up to justiceAutobiography, 81:I knew would be there. During the day she was just the upper servant, standing when I went into theAutobiography, 85:a pitying look in his eye and said, "Now, Miss, just so long as you speak the truth we will sit andAutobiography, 85:hitherto I had only been sorry for them. Was God just as I had pictured Him and, (awful thought) ifAutobiography, 85:in, but I cannot and will not punish you just for that. Perhaps you cannot help it, perhaps youAutobiography, 91:that stand out in the recollection of the soul, just as there are days in one's present life thatAutobiography, 93:me, paying his own expenses to Bombay and [93] just because he cared about me. He and my bearerAutobiography, 97:in the Lord and in my friends and so I just waited. In the meantime "Aunt Alice" got in touch withAutobiography, 100:to write about the next few years or to know just how to handle the next phase in my life. LookingAutobiography, 100:woman. For that was what I was. I shall just have to get ahead and tell my story with its sorrowsAutobiography, 100:as best I can, asking you to be patient. It was just an interlude between twenty-eight happy yearsAutobiography, 103:treat you right - you come right back to us. Just drop me a line and I'll meet you at the station."Autobiography, 106:in London I had a letter from a scientist, a Dr. Just, asking me if I would grant him an interviewAutobiography, 109:for whom I had [109] done nothing but who was just straight human and kind and I got another peekAutobiography, 112:into the cesspool. Walter was no help. He just disappeared about his parochial duties. I had a goodAutobiography, 114:I did not turn around, thinking that it was just one of the church women. To my amazement IAutobiography, 114:I discovered it was the Bishop and this act was just like him. Much discussion and talk followedAutobiography, 115:rapidly out of my room and down stairs. It was just the doctor who had looked in to see if I wasAutobiography, 118:I would get back a grateful letter from him just as if I had done him a favor. Apart from the factAutobiography, 127:the point where I was absolutely useless, just doing the chores and the ordinary routine of smallAutobiography, 128:do. But I had no vision; I heard no voice; and I just trotted home to get supper. Yet, all theAutobiography, 128:of my life. I was down among the people; I was just nobody and I had always thought I was somebody.Autobiography, 129:for you and to stop anybody being rude to you, just remember I'm here." He never intruded again butAutobiography, 129:done them a kindness in my life, but they were just straight good to me and I have never forgottenAutobiography, 131:had learnt not to be snooty; I wasn't preachy; I just tried to be polite and kind and, therefore,Autobiography, 132:the man at the front or the man at home are just the same people. I've never understood, either,Autobiography, 134:the world being nineteen million years old was just sheer blasphemy. The lecturer wandered all overAutobiography, 136:I always read when sewing and mending. This is just because I wanted to and many women could learnAutobiography, 136:she left at home in the care of the eldest girl, just fifteen years old. The child did her best butAutobiography, 137:had trained with her and studied with her. I had just made the acquaintance of her great book "TheAutobiography, 139:of the Wisdom were His pupils and disciples, just as people like myself were pupils of some Master.Autobiography, 141:a secretion of the brain and its activity, just as other organs produce their peculiar phenomenalAutobiography, 142:the truth and it dawned on me how silly it was just because some learned preacher or scholar saidAutobiography, 145:reply. "Well, then you see, Madam, what's left? Just human beings." And that has been my experienceAutobiography, 147:if they were different from other people and not just human beings trying, with simplicity, to helpAutobiography, 151:I will live with my fears if necessary and I just pay no attention to them. I don't fight them; IAutobiography, 158:with the T.S. and had never even heard of it. Just as I thought I had found a center of spiritualAutobiography, 159:personalities - fighting that was not confined just to oral battles but which found its expressionAutobiography, 160:her knees from a bough. He looked up at her and just said, "Drop," and she dropped into his arms,Autobiography, 165:Shigatse, a small, native town in the Himalayas, just over the Tibetan frontier. He made thisAutobiography, 165:it was and found a lama, seated on a donkey, just entering the compound. He was attended by fourAutobiography, 168:over the final draft with great care. It is not just a question of taking His dictation and thenAutobiography, 175:entirely new cycle appears. Up till now I have just been Alice Bailey, socialite, mother and churchAutobiography, 177:and she immediately squashed the effort. It was just a little too raw. This was a most difficultAutobiography, 178:the time would come when the teaching that I was just beginning to give out and the work to whichAutobiography, 183:suffering because you want to go to Heaven it is just too bad. If there is one person in the worldAutobiography, 184:should be. They had no such exalted idea. I was just somebody who could be expected to take care ofAutobiography, 187:to be highly intelligent citizens; but they just were not particularly interested. I rememberAutobiography, 200:condition than the one in which I was raised. Just what is the solution of the sex problem of theAutobiography, 204:of growth. There is little to relate. They were just ordinary years - years of work, establishingAutobiography, 208:write and say as I could write and say, 'I've just had a present of a lot of new dresses and IAutobiography, 210:and the need for love in the world. He had just published a book called "The Religion of Love" andAutobiography, 210:him I was not surprised, because I was nobody - just an American citizen with a British background.Autobiography, 219:in the world. They discovered that there were just as nice people, just as intelligent people, justAutobiography, 219:discovered that there were just as nice people, just as intelligent people, just as bad people,Autobiography, 219:just as nice people, just as intelligent people, just as bad people, just as good people in GreatAutobiography, 219:just as intelligent people, just as bad people, just as good people in Great Britain, Switzerland,Autobiography, 222:cafes under the awnings and drink coffee and just sit and watch the people and listen and talk. SoAutobiography, 223:language. I told them baldly and straight just what it was all about, including its degeneracy andAutobiography, 240:serve. Much of this teaching is given in a book just published, Discipleship in the New Age, whichAutobiography, 241:the path of Light between soul and spirit, just as man has created a path between himself and theAutobiography, 265:laying the emphasis upon knowing God, and not just upon feeling after a sensed divinity. At theirAutobiography, 267:struggles to work as a conscious soul and not just as an active personality. He learns to controlAutobiography, 267:world of the inner group or Ashram of a Master. Just as the individual disciple is taught to regardAutobiography, 272:do not establish policies or determine issues. Just in so far as the disciple-leader is consciouslyAutobiography, 302:training of A.A.B. for the job for which she has just now been liberated. This fact carries noAutobiography, 302:years and still has to make in the short years just ahead, are of more profound significance thanBethlehem, 19:comes between the two great world cycles, and just as Christ consummated in Himself the message ofBethlehem, 28:which will make of mankind the Great Initiate. Just as soon as human beings can grasp in a largeBethlehem, 36:Today mankind is being prepared for just such a transition, and for the refocusing of the human
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