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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Discipleship2, 667:care. This will tend to bring in more than just soul wisdom, for the angle of the spiritual willDiscipleship2, 668:to the Divine Organizer of their future work. Just what this work will be is not for me to say. ItDiscipleship2, 669:from the plane of atma or pure spiritual will, just as today they work from the plane of buddhi orDiscipleship2, 671:Have you ever thought, my brother, that just as there is a discipline of pain and of sorrow, thereDiscipleship2, 676:in spiritual work." Many of them are still just as spiritually motivated. An Ashram exists for workDiscipleship2, 684:then - what would that feed and develop in you? Just self-satisfaction and a settling back upon theDiscipleship2, 713:the seed or germ of the new life which is just beginning to emerge. The Old Commentary says: "TheDiscipleship2, 716:say the one for that particular month aloud - just once - thus striking your keynote for the day.Discipleship2, 734:in it but with complete detachment from it - just as you do not identify yourself with physicalDiscipleship2, 743:disciple of your standing serves a group and not just a person here and there, and frequentlyDiscipleship2, 745:see it motivated and implemented by the energy just received, and let your creative imaginationDiscipleship2, 747:Use this exercise as often as needed, but just now and for six months use it every day. You will beDiscipleship2, 754:out before practicing so that you can know just what you are attempting to do and can then do itDiscipleship2, 757:a willingness to recognize them as correct and just when your own conclusions and your intuitiveEducation, 7:step and stage by stage, we construct that Path just as the spider spins its thread. It is thatEducation, 31:which uses the soul as its medium of expression, just as the soul in its turn is endeavoring to useEducation, 64:tinged with karma." It should also be noted that just as the physical plane, so familiar to us, isEducation, 68:differentiations in a practical sense and not just theoretically and mystically. We have to liveEducation, 97:is called the science of vision, because [97] just as the first half of the bridge is built throughEducation, 107:in Europe and Great Britain. The people are told just what is good for them; reservations andEducation, 114:here that the power of speech makes itself felt, just as in the department of religion or ofEducation, 126:own soul is an integral part of that kingdom, just as his physical body is an integral part of theEducation, 141:the methods, productive of quality and not just of quantity, which will facilitate the emergence ofExternalisation, 46:brother, that the work of the first three groups just discussed, and viewing them as constitutingExternalisation, 74:that is of moment; the "human state of mind" is just beginning to focus itself on the things thatExternalisation, 95:with which humanity is at this time faced. Just as in the life of the individual a man isExternalisation, 95:occupied at this time, and of which the outline just given is an inadequate analogy, is as follows:Externalisation, 110:key to the study of human affairs as a whole. Just as the aspirants and disciples are at this timeExternalisation, 115:cruel and painful ways is indeed true, just as it is true today that human beings by their wrongExternalisation, 116:or matter aspect, is dying consciously, and just as consciously the child, the infant civilization,Externalisation, 120:the mental element unfolded among these pioneers just as the intuitive element is today unfoldingExternalisation, 121:and the production of large families, just as it is among the lower orders in our civilized areasExternalisation, 127:a clear understanding of what is at stake and a just appreciation of the values involved and also aExternalisation, 132:the will-towards-synthesis and the will to just and legal procedure. It is the force of theExternalisation, 135:dictators, demagogues, inspired leaders, or just and wise men, according to our peculiar ideology,Externalisation, 137:is expressive of the spirit of Antichrist, just as no one nation expresses the spirit of Christ.Externalisation, 164:its finished work; the present is evoking its just and right development; the future of wonder andExternalisation, 168:The General World Picture I would point out that just as the energies released by use of the firstExternalisation, 169:of a constructive use of the Great Invocation, just as the previous one is related to the effect inExternalisation, 187:weight of its strength against the Axis powers just in so far as the spiritually minded peoples ofExternalisation, 187:of the little nations will be allowed to go on just in so far as they serve the need of Germany.Externalisation, 197:the hands of the selfish, and there has been no just distribution. Some nations have had too much,Externalisation, 209:closest collaboration. Men of vision, and not just politicians; world servers, and not justExternalisation, 209:and not just politicians; world servers, and not just military leaders; and humanitarians, and notExternalisation, 209:military leaders; and humanitarians, and not just the rulers of nations, must determine theseExternalisation, 215:relations. It is world goodwill in expression, just as the will-to-good is the basis of anyExternalisation, 220:of Light, and will lead to an eventual right and just peace; it will involve also right action uponExternalisation, 229:or refrains from action (which latter course is just as determining for good or evil as is theExternalisation, 236:than a possibility if men will shoulder their just responsibilities and together make it a fact inExternalisation, 252:of karma combine to prevent an intervention in just these terms. This does not mean that some formExternalisation, 262:no matter under what name - then there is just a chance that this type of divine activity might beExternalisation, 264:embodiment of another divine revelation, and - just as the Buddha expressed the Wisdom of God andExternalisation, 269:This coming One is on the Path of a world Savior just as the more potent Lives, the Lords ofExternalisation, 273:will break out among the sons of men as a whole, just as light breaks out in the individualExternalisation, 274:as concerned with the problems of civilization, just as the work of the Christ, the Master of allExternalisation, 275:characteristic. One hint here I will give. Just as the externalization of the materialistic lodgeExternalisation, 293:attempt to make this analogy a little clearer. Just as in the case of individual man there comes aExternalisation, 296:Demand without paralleling action is useless, just as faith without works is dead. It is here thatExternalisation, 332:I can make my meaning clear if I point out that, just as long as the contact is a vertical one, theExternalisation, 344:It is the theme of the Christian teaching, just as Will, divinely expressed, will be the theme ofExternalisation, 345:that God works out His Will through men, just as He is ever seeking to express His Love throughExternalisation, 345:is a real detriment to the ending of this war, just as the massed negativity of the German people,Externalisation, 346:All the time I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but the focusedExternalisation, 370:not be permitted, and yet at the same time a just payment for evil action cannot, and should not,Externalisation, 397:and the establishment of right human relations. Just as the Great Lord of Love and Son of God, theExternalisation, 397:invocation intended to evoke the Forces of Life just as the previous one invoked the Forces ofExternalisation, 406:[406] because related to the Whole and not just to individual man and his personal salvation. It isExternalisation, 406:"the Kingdom of God." Here dwell the "spirits of just men made perfect"; here [407] the spiritualExternalisation, 407:and nations and their progress are determined, just as the religious movements, the culturalExternalisation, 410:that He achieved illumination under the tree, just as Christ achieved the liberation of the humanExternalisation, 416:through its most advanced individuals, just as humanity is related to the Hierarchy by itsExternalisation, 417:shall know and see and understand. We shall not just believe, have hope and try to comprehend. WeExternalisation, 421:divine attributes in the consciousness of man, just as the major festivals establish the threeExternalisation, 424:the selfishness and the self-interest of man; just as good can stimulate the latent goodness inExternalisation, 436:expenditure of force, of second ray energy, just as His first activity demands an unusualExternalisation, 444:the Christ to deviate from His planned purpose; just in so far as His purposes coincide with yourExternalisation, 458:with intelligence. On a planetary scale, and not just in reference to mankind, this Spirit ofExternalisation, 480:(The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter II.) Just what is entailed in that statement I am notExternalisation, 487:called "the Throne of God in Heaven." He meant just what He said - that He was staying with us. TheExternalisation, 492:function under the laws of the Spirit and not just under what you call natural laws; they are theExternalisation, 497:liberation which is the keynote of the new era, just as it has ever been the keynote of theExternalisation, 502:the public for a form, seek at this time to hold just as much as may be of the old form andExternalisation, 503:and judge the significance of reality. It is not just the two or three of supreme importance, orExternalisation, 507:souls, be they far advanced along the path, or just starting upon their planetary pilgrimage underExternalisation, 518:the life within the confining walls for just as long as the purpose is served and the race isExternalisation, 524:demand much from the Members of the Hierarchy. Just as it has not been easy for me to establish andExternalisation, 525:the Shamballa force has had to be stepped down, just as the force of the Hierarchy requiresExternalisation, 527:relation between the three planetary centers. Just as the third planetary center, Humanity, has nowExternalisation, 528:can also be set up between It and Shamballa. Just as the rapport between the Hierarchy and HumanityExternalisation, 531:the Hierarchy. It is rapidly proceeding, and just in so far as disciples demonstrate upon the outerExternalisation, 532:average. It involves tremendous sacrifice. [532] Just as the disciple has to live a dual life, withExternalisation, 534:on the highest levels of our planetary system, just as the Will, Purpose and Plan of Shamballa workExternalisation, 535:the planetary crisis through which the world has just passed and, from some standpoints, is stillExternalisation, 550:to find fault or take a stand against wrong, just as many repudiated the fact that the HierarchyExternalisation, 556:of world servers is a far larger group than just the few known to you. Today its numbers areExternalisation, 597:if you appreciate the import of what I have just said? The idea of the return of Christ is a mostExternalisation, 604:efforts. He can and will work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves for plannedExternalisation, 608:intellects of men must now be reached and not just their hearts (as in the earlier days), if theExternalisation, 613:First of all, the outer, physical war is only just over; two years is a short time since the firingExternalisation, 634:under the title of World Goodwill) and these are just on the verge of a major creative activity.
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