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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Glamour, 109:consciousness flourishing at the same time, just as today in this modern Aryan race, there areGlamour, 111:which they believe to be ideal, to be true or just, based on their reactions to the thinkers of theGlamour, 129:briefly react to them. That reaction may be real just in so far that it conditions, withGlamour, 130:far fluid and pliable. But it is far more than just this, for, to the members of the Hierarchy, theGlamour, 147:the Germans and the Jews are curiously alike. Just as many British people and the preponderance ofGlamour, 152:watch yourselves with care and remember that just in so far as you can live in the head and in theGlamour, 152:for man to sense - intelligently and not just mystically - the Angel and so intuit the PRESENCE.Glamour, 159:that of the Dweller is still the most powerful, just as in the life of the aspirant, hisGlamour, 178:activity of the lower mind. The masses are just beginning to use that lower mind and illusion is,Glamour, 187:but they do believe that God is love - just simply that - that there is a way which leads to peaceGlamour, 192:of fusion which is most confusing to beginners. Just as the result of innate reaction toGlamour, 193:the first step towards dispelling glamor; and just as the technique of the Presence becomesGlamour, 194:worlds of experience. It produces understanding just as the light of soul produces knowledge,Glamour, 197:illumined minds of groups, working in unison for just that purpose. The proposition, therefore,Glamour, 202:the desired ideals can come in "on the beam," just as the beam directs and brings in the airplanesGlamour, 210:plane disappears in this triple blended light just like a fire can be nearly put out if subjectedGlamour, 221:own lives and have learnt to use the formula just given. The majority of those so working are sixthGlamour, 255:of purpose, unless the disciple knows just what he is doing as he practices esoteric breathing, andGlamour, 267:which is characterized by the conscious will, just as the aspiration of the disciple isHealing, 11:for our present realization, and understand that just as man can enter more intelligently into theHealing, 11:all things. The best minds of this age are only just beginning to see the first dim ray of lightHealing, 22:and prejudices. These factors again prevent a just appreciation of these realities. I have givenHealing, 25:agent in the ill health of the individual, just as group ills and the sweep of epidemics of anyHealing, 29:are consequently inherent in humanity itself. Just as the insect world devastates and destroys theHealing, 31:entering into the etheric bodies of all forms, just as the world illusion and the miasmas of theHealing, 43:in the case of the aspirant, turns inwards. Just as the centers in man, the "lotuses of life," areHealing, 59:Cancer is primarily a disease of inhibition, just as the syphilitic diseases are those ofHealing, 60:in the field of esoteric correspondence that just as the light of the soul, pouring into the mind,Healing, 61:diseases will be the last to disappear, just as they were the first to devastate the race.Healing, 64:constantly meet with this problem, and it is just as well that some distinction is made between theHealing, 72:jaw bones are connected. There are two of them just above the two breasts. There is one where theHealing, 73:each in the soles of the feet. There are two, just behind the eyes. There are two also connectedHealing, 88:that the bulk of humanity is astrally focused, just as the bulk of the forms in the animal kingdomHealing, 107:elimination. I seek here to emphasize one point. Just as our solar system is developing the loveHealing, 107:the love aspect, which is the second aspect, and just as the human being is polarized in the astralHealing, 146:eyebrows and is found in the region of the head just above [147] the two eyes, where it "acts as aHealing, 147:throat center (the center of creative activity), just as the head center is related to the centerHealing, 147:the highest manifestation of "fire by friction," just as the energies of the head center and theHealing, 149:enough - it is closely related to the sixth ray, just as the head center is essentially related toHealing, 151:that The throat center is ruled by Saturn just as the two head centers are ruled respectively byHealing, 155:the entire area of the throat and of the head. Just as the head symbolizes the essentiallyHealing, 160:center up the spine. It is the organ of fusion, just as the head center is the organ of synthesis.Healing, 169:it was brought to a high stage of development, just as in Aryan days, the throat center is beingHealing, 169:from the ajna center to the heart from the soul, just in so far as the aspirant is in touch withHealing, 170:two important triangles to consider: [170] Just as there is, astrologically, a Science ofHealing, 170:in the personality of the "heart of the sun," just as the heart center is. It is the central factorHealing, 172:of Disease It is interesting to note here that just as the ajna center (the synthesis of theHealing, 178:the energy of the third aspect of divinity, just as the solar plexus center registers that of theHealing, 181:directs the life principle in matter and form. Just as we are told that the life principle isHealing, 206:and the patient as he passes out of the stage of just loving and sending out love or of seeing theHealing, 216:throughout a man's entire life expression. Just as the stage of regulating the creative life has aHealing, 221:glandular system, and to relate, as far as is just and wise, some of the oriental theories anentHealing, 228:and significance of the physical vehicle, just as in the next race, the emotional was fostered andHealing, 229:own methods of teaching these infant peoples, just as the smallest child can be taught today toHealing, 231:(when seen and coveted) could be appropriated. Just as the major sins of Lemurian times (if theyHealing, 233:themselves brought about in a new way and not just by physical means. This had to be dramatized forHealing, 233:and consequent actions, commits suicide just as truly as the man who deliberately blows out hisHealing, 238:as far as the Aryan masses are concerned, just as heart disease is also a disease of stimulation,Healing, 266:the race there are and have been great, good, just and spiritual men is unalterably true. AHealing, 266:about the good of humanity as a whole, and not just the good of an individual nation or people orHealing, 267:Karmic Liabilities Let me point out also that just as the Kabalah and the Talmud are secondaryHealing, 296:vicissitudes of the body are only of importance just in so far as they contribute to the enrichmentHealing, 297:a form of transient imperfection, and death is just a method for refocusing energy, prior to aHealing, 317:after much experimental work. That time is only just arriving. Those in which the mind is undulyHealing, 322:origin and method remains an insoluble problem just a long as man remains equipped with his presentHealing, 322:and emotional reaction to pain and disease, and just as long as he places the same exaggeratedHealing, 334:subjects himself to a discipline of food, just as there may be other phases or an entire lifeHealing, 341:comes around at the full moon period each month; just as you have your daily meditation so He inHealing, 347:the soul, as of the Hierarchy, is illimitable. Just because we speak symbolically and say the soulHealing, 360:efforts. He can and will work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves for plannedHealing, 363:a sense of futility. Is it possible to know just what he can do? Should he continue his effort toHealing, 372:if I had defined vibration or pointed out to you just how much progress, through what process, youHealing, 380:(speculative to all of you) which we have just concluded. Much that I have there told you is, forHealing, 409:thing as the astral plane or the astral body. Just as the physical body is made up of matter whichHealing, 414:dropping of the dense body will be considered just as a release. - Page 735. b. The second stage isHealing, 418:3. Rhythm These three are experienced in just the above sequence and presuppose a period of slowHealing, 432:with form life, they have consequently a just appreciation of the relative importance of life inHealing, 437:another plane and are actively conscious there. Just as long as our consciousness is identifiedHealing, 437:death will hold for us its ancient terror. Just as soon as we know ourselves to be souls, and findHealing, 442:under controls and Indian guides are just as much perversions of the intercourse between the twoHealing, 443:people to die. There is a technique of dying just as there is of living, but this technique hasHealing, 451:heaven. I am talking to you factually and not just symbolically. The bodies of men, women andHealing, 454:blood stream and the heart fails to function, just as the brain fails to record, and thus silenceHealing, 456:man? A third exit is now in temporary use; just below the apex of the heart another etheric web isHealing, 457:recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red stimulates the solar [458] plexus andHealing, 465:where the jaw bones are connected. There are two just above the two breasts. There is one where theHealing, 465:each in the soles of the feet. There are two, just behind the eyes. There are two, also, connectedHealing, 477:keeps the spiritual man still close to the body just vacated. That is why clairvoyants often claimHealing, 483:called cemeteries, will eventually disappear, just as ancestor worship is passing out, both in theHealing, 489:at this stage, dissolves the astral substance, just as it will be the combined light of the soul ofHealing, 493:incarnation, he will also seek them out and - just again as he did on earth - he will remain inHealing, 501:essentially conditions inherent in substance; just as long as a man identifies himself with theHealing, 506:incarnations, a man is not a personality. He is just a member of the mass. The consciousHealing, 510:and of techniques are right in their own place, just as long as they have teaching value, andHealing, 549:speaking, is sharing or distribution, just as it is the keynote to the general well-being ofHealing, 552:New Age will also establish their own clientele, just as physicians do today, and so learn to knowHealing, 580:patient can be receptive to this energy, and not just one, as in the previous two types of healing.Healing, 629:of handling disease. The law which we have just considered was also exceedingly simple and direct,Healing, 632:knowledges of medicine and surgery are just as much an expression of divine experience andHealing, 643:healer's aura, flooded with soul energy. From just casually reading this Rule it will be obvious
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