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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Healing, 653:different situation than that of the one we have just been considering. In radiatory healing, theHealing, 662:individual man and the world of men as a whole. Just as today practically every human being hasHealing, 666:is a door into an evil realm and into blackness, just as there is a door into a world of goodnessHealing, 674:the Purpose, as it emanates from Shamballa, just as the lesser initiate understands the Plan as itHealing, 686:(as the Masters comprehend it) and to do his just share in lifting the world karma, working out inHealing, 692:the hitherto informing soul. He is no longer just a shadow, but has now those qualities which makeHealing, 710:believes to be so profoundly more effective. Just as all modern knowledge, developed on theHealing, 710:and space, so it is with the medical sciences. Just as right application of these varying sciencesHercules, 4:Hercules or Herakles, will be found to give us just such a synthetic picture. It leaves untouchedHercules, 45:group of stars called Pleiades are represented just at the shoulder of the bull. Now, in EgyptianHercules, 47:task of working out their own salvation. just as Orion [48] symbolizes the spirit aspect, soHercules, Known:so long as it was in contact with the earth. just as soon as Hercules lifted the serpent (Antaeus)Hercules, 71:the Race, it will be found that the Master works just as Nereus did. He cannot always be contacted,Hercules, 83:hunting it, going from one forest to another, just catching sight of it and then again losing [84]Hercules, 89:to descend from their heavenly home to earth, just as at the winter solstice in December, they wereHercules, 95:a lethal brew, for dire and dread is the labor just ahead. Let him prepare." But Hercules, restingHercules, 95:from his labors, wot not the trial which lay just ahead. He felt his courage strong. He rested fromHercules, 102:entity which we call the soul or the Self. Just, however, as this is the sign wherein manHercules, 119:means literally "anything that is done amiss". Just not hitting the "bull's eye", the "eye ofHercules, 129:we bear). There is no special praise, Hercules just passed, not cum laude; but the seventh laborHercules, 133:salvational leap. Serving others requires a just appraisal of their capacities; to expect from themHercules, 137:the deserting of principle for safety. But just as the Tibetan has told us that "spiritualHercules, 158:beings with relationship to other human beings just does not enter into their consciousness at all.Hercules, 160:double sign you have a problem. In Sagittarius, just as in Scorpio Hercules took up and completedHercules, 164:One-pointed, yes. But a little bit of the truth. Just so much of the truth as your poor littleHercules, 166:but from the standpoint of saying, "I have been just like that", or "I am just like that". The giftHercules, 166:saying, "I have been just like that", or "I am just like that". The gift of existence, the gift ofHercules, 174:are and, seeing them clear-eyed, to love them just the same. In the Rules of the Road it isHercules, 175:our reactions to our fellowmen would be just right. Hercules, 182:the New Testament, "The end of the world". It is just beginning to dawn upon many of us that whatHercules, 184:he learned certain great lessons: that it was just possible he was not as important as he thought,Hercules, 191:my mind, the word God, three little letters, is just a symbol. I do not pretend to know what it isHercules, 191:that has to happen in the Aquarian age. We are just beginning to do it. We are just beginning toHercules, 191:age. We are just beginning to do it. We are just beginning to think in broad terms, to leave offHercules, 202:New Group of World Servers Such a group as has just been described already exists. There are twoHercules, 203:no sentiment. Let us be loving and kind. That is just decent behavior; but the love the ChristHercules, 203:and appreciation of the need of the individual just as you find him. When you are up against theHercules, 217:form the Zodiac of the whole solar system... just as the rotation of the earth makes the signs riseInitiation, 10:definitely human kingdom into the superhuman. Just as he passed out of the animal kingdom into theInitiation, 11:knowledge. Wisdom is the science of the spirit, just as knowledge is the science of matter.Initiation, 21:of the second aspect of divinity is to be seen, just as in the mineral kingdom a similarInitiation, 31:mind) who had for long ages been waiting for just such a fitting. The fourth, or human kingdom,Initiation, 32:between the vegetable and animal kingdoms, just as the radioactivity of minerals is the method ofInitiation, 35:and the World War through which we have just passed was a recrudescence of it. On every side inInitiation, 43:He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as his predecessor, the Buddha, was the LordInitiation, 44:he is a child of God and a son of the Most High. Just as the Manu is occupied with the providing ofInitiation, 47:idealism. The ray of ceremonial law or magic, just as the three departmental heads represent theInitiation, 67:subjected to wise foresight and discrimination. Just as we do not put university professors toInitiation, 69:discarnate egos awaiting incarnation or having just left the earth, sacrifice their time in heavenInitiation, 69:Karma is largely the arbiter of this relation. Just at present, owing to the great need in theInitiation, 76:is based on confidence in the God within, a just appreciation of time, and a forgetfulness of self.Initiation, 84:the exact procedure at each initiation, or as to just what centers; are to be vivified, or whatInitiation, 85:the crisis in the control of the astral body. Just as, at the first initiation, the control of theInitiation, 86:more into the prepared and cleansed channel, just as in the third, or Moon Chain, the EgoInitiation, 98:passing through the Venusian scheme to us, just as the Sirian energy passes through the Saturnian.Initiation, 110:cooperate in the work, for that work is one, just as man, though a triplicity, is yet an individualInitiation, 113:knows himself to be that Self in reality and not just theoretically; he becomes aware of the GodInitiation, 114:of faculty, always present yet unknown. just as an infant has eyes which are perfectly good andInitiation, 114:and reflects the three aspects of divinity, just as the Monad reflects on a higher plane the threeInitiation, 118:of that Star which encloses his planetary star, just as that star has earlier been seen asInitiation, 123:in the working out of solar evolution. Just as all manifestation proceeds through duality andInitiation, 135:with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. There are just two ways in which some idea of the fundamentalInitiation, 136:of expression for the Monad or pure spirit, just as is the personality for the Ego on the lowerInitiation, 136:throughout the entire cycle of incarnations, just as the personality persists during the tinyInitiation, 137:triumph to the bosom of its "Father in Heaven," just as the life within the physical body at theInitiation, 145:Lodge greatly assists in the work of initiation. Just as in the Wesak Festival, results in forceInitiation, 150:it is of interest to the student to realize that just as at each initiation some Word of Power isInitiation, 159:forms persist and carry out their functions just as long as the sound which caused them isInitiation, 183:has been dominated by the sixth ray, which is just passing out, and the two preceding. In theInitiation, 186:will of the cosmic system is under limitation, just as is the free will of the system of which weInitiation, 189:cosmic ray), on to the corresponding cosmic ray. Just as the evolution of man in this system isInitiation, 189:cosmic planes is evolving inner cosmic vision, just as man in his lesser degree is aiming at theInitiation, 193:to be a practical, tested manifestation, and not just a theory, nor simply an impractical ideal andInitiation, 197:members of the Hierarchy. Equilibrium, a just sense of proportion, a due regard for environingInitiation, 210:they lift one hand aloft to him who standeth just above; they lean one downward to the man whoIntellect, 5:are analogous to those of a foreign psyche, just as the East cannot do without our technique,Intellect, 13:sustain our human relations, and discharge our just obligations, thus fulfiling our temporaryIntellect, 24:and haphazard public opinion now moulds thought just as much as theologies formerly did. TheIntellect, 27:something more to the educational process than just fitting a man to cope with external facts andIntellect, 40:type, as the human has done upon the animal, and just as the human type is the product of massIntellect, 61:ever to be satisfied? How can he know, and not just believe and hope and aspire? The experiencedIntellect, 91:attained. The preliminary requirements need only just be noted, for they are universally recognizedIntellect, 92:to a mountain top of wonder on which we stay just long enough to get a vision of beauty, and thenIntellect, 109:state of consciousness desire is transcended, just as later in the stage of contemplation, thoughtIntellect, 114:student after he has entered into Meditation, just as the exoteric form of the symbol is all thatIntellect, 114:the symbol is all that is seen by the man who is just beginning. As soon as a man beginsIntellect, 115:sense and which is veiled by the idea or thought just as the idea is veiled by the form it assumesIntellect, 125:have hitherto been sealed to him but which are just as much a part of the Whole and of the worldIntellect, 171:symbolically when he said that "the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more andIntellect, 178:of physics or of chemistry bear witness. Just as these three great sciences are occult to, andIntellect, 193:of method and they too use the intellect just as far as it will go and then suspend all effortIntellect, 193:of awareness supervenes. St. Augustine says: "Just as that is ineffable out of which the Son leapsIntellect, 201:efficiency in living and in service is not just as much a step on the path of spiritual progress asIntellect, 204:of the soul. This has always been present, just as mind is always present in human beings (who areIntellect, 224:able to see it, as the creative work is going on just the same. Perhaps at some time we shall beIntellect, 225:the mind and seek to bend it to our will. It is just here that we find our problem confronting us.Intellect, 233:with emotions? Why should not knowledge be just as divine as feeling? Of course, this way doesIntellect, 239:of the race to participate in their endeavors. Just to love God is not entirely sufficient. It is aIntellect, 244:The power of the creative imagination is only just beginning to be sensed, and it is quite possibleIntellect, 244:to be sensed, and it is quite possible to see just what we desire to see, even if it is not there
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