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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Intellect, 246:All of us are in danger of being deluded in just this way, when we start to meditate, if theMagic, 25:seeking to save his face by some such statement. Just as a scientific treatise would proveMagic, 25:through the medium of the soul and its powers just as it is possible to arrive at an understandingMagic, 27:the soul the instrument of the spirit or monad, just as the personal man became, at an earlierMagic, 30:which we call spirit or life in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holds together, animates,Magic, 32:or spiritual aspects are inherently different just as in the prism (which is one) there are theMagic, 39:of the soul. It must be also remembered that just as the basic triplicity of manifestation workedMagic, 45:essential unity. Within that unity is diversity. Just as the varied organs of the human body areMagic, 58:intended to be conveyed by my remarks hitherto. Just as in the past the instrument and its relationMagic, 68:and is easy to the man who shoulders his just responsibility. Note the use of the words "justMagic, 68:just responsibility. Note the use of the words "just responsibility." We are considering theMagic, 70:untrammeled by selfish desire, then [70] your just obligation will be met, your responsibilitiesMagic, 83:accomplished much by relegating things to their just position, and, by the removal of possessions,Magic, 89:and the soul is not exempt from the process. Just as the soul of animal-man became united withMagic, 114:agents, fit into the plans of their superiors just as do you in your lesser way. They have theirMagic, 119:life of love and know it as demonstrated power. Just as the personality deals with the principlesMagic, 143:speech can create a form of beneficent purpose, just as wrong speech can produce a form which has aMagic, 164:form and sends it forth to carry out his will. Just as long as he can contemplate and hold steady,Magic, 164:fulfil his intention and act as his agent. Just so long as he can focus his attention on the idealMagic, 164:and the ideal together in one steady vision, just so long will it serve his purpose and express hisMagic, 164:however, that the world cycle has only just been inaugurated and will cover a vast period of time.Magic, 185:those who as yet know not. "The path of the just is as a shining Light" and yet at the same time aMagic, 200:the stage of the third and fourth points and are just beginning to work at the fifth and sixth. LetMagic, 204:stimulate the undesirable aspects of his life, just [205] as the fertilizing of a garden full ofMagic, 212:vehicle in the three worlds is brought about. Just as the fully intelligent human being can onlyMagic, 213:potent enough produce the light in the head. Just as the physical eye came into being in responseMagic, 213:and expressions of the divine life, and not just to the light within the aspirant himself. As hisMagic, 213:world, and contacts the soul within all forms. Just as the physical eye registers forms, so doesMagic, 229:which is called in this rule "the vital power". Just as the eye is the instrument of choice inMagic, 239:it constitutes the "dweller on the threshold", just as ambition and love of power, backed byMagic, 245:and that the cyclic ebb and flow will continue just as long as the soul's [246] attentionMagic, 251:vital airs are swept into form-making activity just as their higher correspondence, theMagic, 258:books, "Kill out desire". Perhaps a more just rendering for the immediate present would beMagic, 262:group soul. It relates to our contacts, not just exterior, but on the inner planes as well. InMagic, 263:3. The Form of the Devotee. Yes, I mean just that word, for it expresses an abstract idea. EachMagic, 274:solar system. Note, I say, our solar system, not just our planetary existence. Speculation aboutMagic, 275:attendant planets, forming part of a whole, and just as our system is but one of seven systems,Magic, 284:body. The contact is made via the solar plexus, just as the vitality, governing the quality of theMagic, 285:its presence felt. The spiritual energy and not just the consciousness or sentient energy poursMagic, 299:all that which is purely psychological and not just the instinctual fear of the animal. ToMagic, 301:under controls and Indian guides are just as much perversions of the intercourse between the twoMagic, 302:people to die. There is a technique of dying just as there is of living, but this technique hasMagic, 308:- Astral Energy and Fear 2. Astral polarization. Just as long as a man identifies himself with hisMagic, 308:man identifies himself with his emotional body, just as long as he interprets life in terms of hisMagic, 308:life in terms of his moods and feelings, just as long as he reacts to desire, just so long will heMagic, 308:feelings, just as long as he reacts to desire, just so long will he have his moments of despair, ofMagic, 322:and often the Great Ones (foreseeing the need of just such points of inner contact in periods ofMagic, 340:points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in a larger case, spirit "mounts on theMagic, 341:own heart. Thirdly, bear in mind, also, that just as in the individual life there come the periodsMagic, 344:you should find out all the knowable, but only just as much of it as may be employed wisely for theMagic, 345:At first you may have to do it many times. Later just once will suffice, and later still the wholeMagic, 348:- not so much by sleep and by rest, though a just proportion of them is necessary - but above allMagic, 361:plane. It is interesting to note that just as the Monad, impelled by desire, produces that form ofMagic, 362:in the head rotate in unison. Remember also that just as the four minor rays pass into the threeMagic, 371:it, imprisoning the life in confining walls for just as long as the purpose is served and the raceMagic, 376:of the Hierarchy It should be remembered that just as the battle ground (the kurukshetra) for theMagic, 382:spiritual kingdom, there to have further lessons just as infant humanity when passing out of theMagic, 390:is the most important. We need to remember that just as in particular incarnations, men are focusedMagic, 395:and his work will warrant the word spiritual just in so far as it is based on high idealism, theMagic, 397:Whole, the light of the little self fades out, just as the light that is inherent in every atom ofMagic, 404:of the plans, and the capacity to know (and not just dimly sense) that tiny aspect of the wholeMagic, 411:the ancient schools of Asiatic philosophers are just beginning to influence western ideas. ThroughMagic, 413:Masters met and came to a momentous decision. Just as it had been decided at the earlier conclaveMagic, 427:will be recognized and where a need exists for just that special approach and the particular noteMagic, 451:which we call spirit or life in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holds together, animates,Magic, 455:vital substance, is potent on the physical plane just as long as: It remains consciously in itsMagic, 464:but only the working out of major effects. Just as for us such a reality as pure reason is totallyMagic, 464:is a thought-form but one having real existence just as long as thought persists. All that is formsMagic, 473:blinds, still others express the truth just as it is. View the world of thought, and separate theMagic, 474:so bring death. If spoken in the light of day, just retribution will they bring; when spoken andMagic, 479:such time as the AUM is used with correctness. Just as the TAU, carrying the note of desire and ofMagic, 480:end, as far as the form aspect is concerned just as the earlier civilizations came to a wateryMagic, 483:temper and hatred may be aroused by what we call just causes. Injustice on the part of others,Magic, 494:another plane and are actively conscious there. Just as long as our consciousness is identifiedMagic, 494:death will hold for us its ancient terror. Just as soon as we know ourselves to be souls, and findMagic, 497:stream and the heart fails to function [497] just as the brain fails to record, and thus silenceMagic, 502:man? A third exit is now in temporary use; just below the apex of the heart another etheric web isMagic, 503:that they will in reality constitute one plane. Just as an at-one-ment has to be brought aboutMagic, 503:aspirants, there are other objectives than just the one of producing soul and body at-one-ment. NoMagic, 504:many people wake with an almost painful start just as they have dropped asleep. This is due to theMagic, 505:recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red [506] stimulates the solar plexus andMagic, 507:than was the case in the other rules, in just the same way that practical application is far harderMagic, 507:is never an easy thing to do. It is however just at this point that a white magician begins to doMagic, 507:magician begins to do his real work, and it is just here that he encounters failure and finds thatMagic, 517:affecting the soul and the mind and the brain. Just as the mind has been held in the light and hasMagic, 526:aspect of deity, from the heart of the sun, just as the first, technically but symbolicallyMagic, 527:to the brain cells in the human apparatus. Just as the human brain, made up of an infinite numberMagic, 544:in process of formation. The world war which has just taken place and our present cycle ofMagic, 549:enlarge on many other quaternaries, but the few just quoted suffice to show some of theMagic, 551:to you, therefore, as you study these words, just what is going on in the world of today. The [552]Magic, 554:is a similar procedure where man is concerned. Just as soon as man becomes a thinker and canMagic, 554:low, and animated by the potency of his thought, just as much of the responsive matter in space asMagic, 554:that this form which he has created will persist just as long as the dynamic power of his thoughtMagic, 605:lies beyond that kingdom must remain hid to man just as much as the human state of being andMagic, 608:new Group of World Workers, for they see clearly just what is the next step which planetaryMagic, 632:vision of a more trained worker and who is only just learning the ABC of public work may, with allMeditation, 20:fair facility his consciousness to include a just part of his environing [21] circumstances. But,Meditation, 22:desire. Consider wisely this sentence I have just written upon the karmic condition of theMeditation, 28:of the causal body, and the "path of the just shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day." ItMeditation, 29:to the consideration of all interested. Just what do you mean when you speak of the causal body?
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