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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Meditation, 30:by intelligence." What do I mean by this phrase? Just this: that when animal-man had reached aMeditation, 43:under the law and naught can stop His approach. Just now the great need of the time is for thoseMeditation, 48:is the ideal, and only in the advanced stages or just prior to taking Initiation will the pupil beMeditation, 53:- creative and destructive - of the Word. Just a few broad hints will be possible, to form a basisMeditation, 56:musical terminology) of the solar system, just as the third Breath corresponds to the major third.Meditation, 64:subtones egoic. You will have in the egoic note just the same sequence as in the note Logoic. WhatMeditation, 99:not desired in either of the bodies, and it is just this very negativeness that beginners inMeditation, 100:Meditation Some Thoughts on Fire July 28, 1920 Just prior to beginning the consideration of theMeditation, 107:or on the subtle planes and so esoteric. Just what do you mean by the "karma of the student?" WeMeditation, 107:matter first in a large manner, for oft in the just apprehension of big outlines comesMeditation, 141:see that what I am endeavoring to produce is a just apprehension of the value of forms inMeditation, 141:in the minds of those who read these words a just apprehension of the relationship between spiritMeditation, 142:principle of Brotherhood; it involves not just a theoretical recognition, but a merging of theMeditation, 143:consciousness and to know experimentally and not just theoretically that whereof I speak before heMeditation, 168:through ceremonial or devotion, or it may be just pure love and wisdom, blending all the others.Meditation, 169:grasp it as a fact past all questioning and not just as a mental concept, and in his meditationMeditation, 173:or science or even of business organization, be just as far advanced as the more highly consideredMeditation, 173:of the divine Self. Forget not that activity is just as divine and just as fundamentally anMeditation, 173:Forget not that activity is just as divine and just as fundamentally an expression of theMeditation, 178:a deva, for it involves something more than just chanting the words and sounds. This something isMeditation, 183:the custodians of prana, magnetism and vitality, just as man is the custodian of the fifthMeditation, 184:into obscuration. So it is in the Macrocosm. Just as the sun is the center for our system, so theMeditation, 193:of the Hierarchy is based on Their ability to do just this very thing. As evolution progresses, andMeditation, 194:its destructive and creative effects, - knew just the moment to apply that science and effect theMeditation, 207:indigo and its relationship to the auric egg; just as the Solar Logos is spoken of as the "BlueMeditation, 208:attain any measure of accurate discrimination. Just as the green of the activity of Nature formsMeditation, 216:for you have to remember that this fifth ray (just as the fifth plane and the fifth principle) isMeditation, 220:The Power Ray and that of Ceremonial Law, just as it does between the first and the seventh planes.Meditation, 220:Ray and that of Concrete Knowledge or Science, just as it does between the third plane of atma andMeditation, 221:His robes and made them white in the blood," just as the microcosm, in a lesser sense, does inMeditation, 221:ray when manifested in the three worlds. Just as the synthetic Ray of Love and Wisdom is theMeditation, 228:colors in the life of the reincarnating Ego, just as the synthetic ray blends all the colors inMeditation, 228:three worlds as virtues or faculties. Therefore, just as the seven colors hide qualities in theMeditation, 236:Hierarchy, awaiting opportunity of expression, just as some of you awaited a period in theMeditation, 247:groups under expert supervision. You ask, just what is the point at which these groups may nowMeditation, 250:effects will be achieved. Color can destroy just as it can heal; sound can disrupt just as it canMeditation, 250:destroy just as it can heal; sound can disrupt just as it can bring about cohesion; in these twoMeditation, 252:sun of wisdom will all things be seen in their just proportions, and will the forms assume theirMeditation, 264:with all the seven Planetary Logoi, and not just the three in control of allied chains. The wholeMeditation, Since:been a shift to the Buddhic Plane. (A. A. B.)] just as the Heavenly Men have Their originatingMeditation, 277:the pupil himself on his side provides not the just conditions, the Master's hands are tied and HeMeditation, 278:and through their means effects certain results. Just as later the Rod of Initiation is applied toMeditation, 284:Discrimination and fire are occultly allied and just as the Logos by fire tries every man's work ofMeditation, 284:microcosm on a lesser scale has to do the same. Just as the Logos likewise does this paramountly inMeditation, 288:resulting in a physical vehicle that is a fairly just exponent of the inner man. Oft the man is ofMeditation, 290:his Master as earlier he formed his figures. Just what did occur? The pupil had succeeded in doingMeditation, 307:talismans have been kept by the Brotherhood with just this aim in view. Branches, affiliated withMeditation, 327:evolution at which he enters the school. Those just entering the Path of Probation will be thereMeditation, 335:rice, and may I again reiterate, [335] just as much of all the above as to insure activity. ByMeditation, 336:the vivification of the bodies, especially just now of the etheric. The principal use the sun hasMeditation, 336:purpose. Now, on a higher turn of the spiral, just the same need and purpose are served, though theMeditation, 337:and to move under definite direction and not just as blow the winds of [338] thought, or rise theMeditation, 340:the higher Self) is reached: Clear thinking, not just on subjects wherein interest is aroused, butMeditation, 343:and passed through the system, causes just the above conditions. The analogy is correct. MuchMeditation, 345:his capacity contains but the expenditure of just so much force and no more, wisely adjusts hisPatanjalionly to subjective impressions. 19. The samadhi just described passes not beyond the bound of thePatanjaliknowledge and the field of knowledge become one, just as the crystal takes to itself the colors ofPatanjali, 37:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 19. The samadhi just described passes not beyond the bounds of thePatanjali, 45:is slow. They are the "tortoises" of the Path just as the first group are the "hares." In some ofPatanjali, 54:forms. It is the Word of the second aspect, and just as the Word of Nature when rightly [55]Patanjali, 57:study and self initiated effort - arrives at just conclusions. It might be added, that this greatPatanjali, 62:of the fires of the body and their just progression up the [63] spine, in order to make union withPatanjali, 66:aware of the obstacles; he knows theoretically just what steps he has to take but there is noPatanjali, 67:to separate himself from the material aspect, just so long will his perceptions remain erroneous.Patanjali, 69:underlying all manifestation are thus realized just as pure vision permitted its owner to tap thePatanjali, 70:medium of a planetary scheme in a solar system just as a man manifests through his bodies. By thePatanjali, 70:of perception, the student will arrive at a just appreciation of the work he has to do. He is thusPatanjali, 91:knowledge and the field of knowledge become one, just as the crystal takes to itself the colors ofPatanjali, 109:and emotional energies, is a psychical state, just as the mind picture of a stage with the actorsPatanjali, 120:is no confusion, no complex dissertations, but just a clear simple statement of the requirements.Patanjali, 121:science of the last root-race, the Atlantean, just as the science of Raja Yoga is the great sciencePatanjali, 126:and their total destruction as by fire; that just as a burnt, dried up seed is no longer capable ofPatanjali, 142:to fruition in this life or in some later life. Just as long as man on the physical plane isPatanjali, 142:is subject to, or governed by these hindrances, just [143] so long will he initiate thosePatanjali, 143:which will produce inevitable effects, and just so long will he be tied to the wheel of rebirth andPatanjali, 143:are severed one by one. These chains are triple just as the field of ignorance is triple, being thePatanjali, 147:- the joy of realization. Evil causes pain, for just in so far as the Inner Ruler is limited by hisPatanjali, 147:Ruler is limited by his body of manifestation just so far does he suffer. Patanjali, 177:the seven ways to bliss. Now the "Path of the just shineth ever more and more until the perfectPatanjali, 188:coming to them from their environment, just as the physical body must be kept cleansed from similarPatanjali, 189:all conditions are regarded as correct and just, and as those in which the aspirant can best workPatanjali, 212:with all selves and the All-Self, and this, not just theoretically, but as a fact in nature. ThisPatanjali, 219:It should also be remembered that the key to the just response of the lower to the higher, lies inPatanjali, 228:the saints. The halo is a fact in nature and not just a symbol. It is the result of the work ofPatanjali, 232:of the benefits. In Book II which we have just completed, the hindrances are specifically dealtPatanjali, 250:Group consciousness somewhat expresses the idea, just as separated consciousness, or realization ofPatanjali, 270:clear, and a sense of proportion and a sense of just values as to the present point in time willPatanjali, 271:breath, then the word and all that is, appeared. Just as long as the great Existence who is the sumPatanjali, 271:consciousness continues to sound the cosmic AUM, just so long will the objective tangible solarPatanjali, 296:"Let your light shine!" It is the "path of the just which shineth ever more and more until thePatanjali, 302:the meaning of the two sutras we have just considered. One deals with the soul and the variousPatanjali, 308:and the unreal and which cultivates in him a just [309] sense of values. Then follows dispassionPatanjali, 311:of the great nerve in the throat which lies just below the throat center (found in the well or pitPatanjali, 315:the pineal gland, or over the medulla oblongata. Just as the light of a lamp burning within thePatanjali, 323:is beginning to take effect. It might prove just the opposite and [326] inevitably will, should thePatanjali, 326:is emergent thinks highly of these perfections, just as a man born in misery considers even a smallPatanjali, 337:comprehend the nature of these distinctions. Just as all the substances of our manifested solarPatanjali, 342:upon the point in evolution of the man, just as H. P. Blavatsky stated in connection with thePatanjali, 352:Through the mind, the soul realm is cognized, just as through the senses the objective world wasPatanjali, 361:or disciples. These are: Those whom the light is just beginning to illumine. They are called
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