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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - JUST

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Patanjali, 361:"observant of practice," and are those who are just entering the Path. These are the probationers,Patanjali, 363:a true understanding of the Eternal Now, and a just appreciation of the significance of the past,Patanjali, 369:but they serve to remove obstacles, just as the husbandman prepares his ground for sowing. 4. ThePatanjali, 379:In this enumeration, it might be noted that just as intense desire of a spiritual kind is aPatanjali, 383:but they serve to remove obstacles, just as the husbandman prepares his ground for sowing. This isPatanjali, 385:itself and the reason for all appearances. Just as long as the consciousness of any entity (solar,Patanjali, 385:the life of sensuous perception and enjoyment, just so long will the vehicles or organs be createdPatanjali, 385:and as long as the glamor exerts any power, just so long will the Law of Rebirth bring thePatanjali, 387:lower aspects, the "shadow" of the Trinity, just as his spirit, soul and body are the reflectionsPatanjali, 394:and by these the soul is taught and trained. Just as the dynamic mind-images of desire ripen out inPatanjali, 400:the indwelling spiritual life. They are produced just as rapidly as the spiritual Indweller can setPatanjali, 406:higher consciousness? Though in the body, is it just my instrument, and am I awake on another planePatanjali, 411:man on the physical plane is blind to it or just awaking to the dual possibility. The work of thePatanjali, 418:knowledge and the field of knowledge become one, just as the crystal takes to itself the colors ofPatanjali, 426:and karma are overcome. The two verses we have just studied have carried the aspirant on from thePatanjali, ix:apparent why the day of opportunity has only just arrived. The East has preserved rules for usProblems, 17:When France finds her spiritual soul and not just her intellectual soul, she will prove to be theProblems, 19:of caste into all her international relations just as the class distinction system has controlledProblems, 20:the interests of the whole; her intentions are just, and her will is towards cooperation; herProblems, 27:human relations; nations will stand or fall just in so far as they measure up to that vision. TheProblems, 27:period of discovery; we shall discover just exactly what we are - as [28] nations, in our groupProblems, 62:in writing - its composite glory and not just those aspects of it which are strictly national. ItProblems, 73:relatively powerless. They are fair and just, decent and kind, simple in their way of life and withProblems, 76:came together for mutual protection and their just rights. The Labor Union movement came into beingProblems, 94:be the result of sound educational methods and just and exact propaganda. It will be obvious thatProblems, 95:what they consider (rightly or wrongly) their just rights. The story of the little nations wouldProblems, 113:voice and demand that Negroes be given their just rights. Every white American should shoulder hisProblems, 116:should the minorities do in order to gain their just demands, without promoting more differencesProblems, 145:disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, those "just men, made perfect" (as the Bible calls them);Problems, 150:its latent beauty of wisdom; love today is only just beginning to engross human attention; itsProblems, 159:of words which will later be given to the race, just as the Lord's Prayer was given by the Christ,Problems, 162:of [162] the crisis through which humanity has just passed and is now passing, men and women ofProblems, 173:to see that good comes to all men alike and not just to a few privileged groups, and to learn alsoProblems, 175:a time - a hundred years or more ago - when a just distribution of the world's wealth would haveProblems, 175:necessities are available for worldwide use upon just and equitable lines. But these commoditiesProblems, 178:How can the Four Freedoms become factual and not just beautiful dreams? How can true religion bePsychology1, xxi:a parallel volume to A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Just as the first dealt with the psychology ofPsychology1, 11:and interplay of the seven types of force, just as every human being is also a meeting place forPsychology1, 20:constitutes Their body of manifestation, just as the solar system is the body of manifestation ofPsychology1, 25:touch with the mind of the creative [25] Deity, just as the Lord of the second ray is in closePsychology1, 25:its real work. His influence is waxing in power, just as the influence of the sixth Lord is waning.Psychology1, 25:the great scheme of the universal universe (not just our universe) our solar Logos is asPsychology1, 26:seventh ray and the seventh plane, the physical, just as the seventh root race will see completePsychology1, 27:will of an ego on the ray of the destroyer. Just as the human family has a relation to thePsychology1, 27:the expressed. The work of the esotericist is just this very thing: to bring, out of latency, thePsychology1, 29:other adequate medium of expression? So it is. Just as the phrase "group-consciousness" wouldPsychology1, 29:string of alphabetical forms, so (lingering just below the surface of our manifested world) liePsychology1, 36:also be posited of the cosmic reality, and that just as a human appearance on Earth veils both thePsychology1, 49:seem to think. The artist is found on all rays, just as is the engineer or the physician, thePsychology1, 53:and of greater and lesser limitations, in just the same sense as [54] a man is one identity,Psychology1, 56:of the three expressions of the soul as we have just outlined them: The soul of all the atoms,Psychology1, 57:is immanent, yet persists aloof and withdrawn. Just as a thinking, intelligent human beingPsychology1, 62:sweep around the confines of the solar system just as the life impulses of a human being - hisPsychology1, 76:mind with the destroying power of the lower. Just as the personality has no other function in thePsychology1, 79:Ray VI. Devotion or Idealism This ray, which is just going out of manifestation, is of vitalPsychology1, 82:of law and order, though this quality is only just beginning to make its presence felt. This isPsychology1, 104:friends and relatives, of men or women who have just died, before any word of their death has beenPsychology1, 109:soul is not an imaginary fiction, that it is not just a symbolic way of expressing a deep seatedPsychology1, 120:(regarding that kingdom as a distinct organism, just as man's body nature or personality is aPsychology1, 135:how the problem of light, with which I have just been dealing, has a definite relation to ourPsychology1, 151:their turn the expression of seven great Lives) just as our solar Deity works through the sevenPsychology1, 160:astray in their handling of the human unit, for just this reason; they do not judge a man as aPsychology1, 180:the power of [180] speech makes itself felt, just as in the department of religion or of educationPsychology1, 187:society or organization as demanding their help, just in so far, and only so far, as the principlesPsychology1, 192:the principle of Brotherhood, which the race is just beginning to grasp and to discuss. Thus one ofPsychology1, 197:wind and the insect world. This is not just a pictorial way of portraying truth. The very nature ofPsychology1, 198:the wind and the insect world are its agents, just as man and the agency of water are thePsychology1, 218:pictorially true, but not to be taken literally. Just as the center at the base of the spine is thePsychology1, 225:of the initiates of high degree. [225] Just as science has discovered the ninety-two elements soPsychology1, 228:and the point of their densest concretion. Just as they "substand" or form the basis of thePsychology1, 244:life would appear to you in all its glory. But just as the last of the five senses to make itsPsychology1, 262:can be occultly "raised" up into life and power, just as there are five centers always to be foundPsychology1, 265:to it. A planetary cycle, such as those we have just considered in connection with the races, - thePsychology1, 276:and sexual abstinence will receive a just reward, seems too far away to offset the temptations ofPsychology1, 290:of the spirit or positive masculine aspect, just as the center between the eyebrows is the symbolPsychology1, 291:ends and ambitions, and to consequent disaster, just as we have seen the power of sex prostitutedPsychology1, 293:well-meaning people of today. Psychology is only just come into its own, and only now is itsPsychology1, 295:law of love, as understood practically and not just sentimentally. Men and women will knowPsychology1, 318:the point of achievement for the Monads of Will, just as the present Aryan race marks, and willPsychology1, 322:is the inner creative side of consciousness, just as we have the outer creative side in thePsychology1, 332:the basic and fundamental science of that age, just as electrical science (the electricity ofPsychology1, 332:of the entire integrated personality, and not just from the outer and objective physical condition.Psychology1, 337:Intelligence, and of selective Adaptability. Just as every cell and atom in the human body isPsychology1, 338:from the angle of the world Knowers it is only just beginning to express itself, and is relativelyPsychology1, 341:and the welfare of the individual is important just in so far as the unit is an integral part ofPsychology1, 343:Being embodied in every kingdom [343] in nature. Just as the myriads of atomic lives in the humanPsychology1, 348:upon itself, and thus return." It is therefore just beginning to wane. When this event occurs inPsychology1, 350:are either manifesting simultaneously or are just passing out and are therefore not entirelyPsychology1, 370:the unseen and the intangible, the astral world. Just as there is a veil called "the etheric web"Psychology1, 373:of electrical phenomena which produces cohesion, just as there is an aspect which produces light.Psychology1, 381:of the great nations are controlled by two rays, just as is the human being. With the smallerPsychology1, 387:in intelligent government, based eventually on just loving understanding. This, I say, is the idealPsychology1, 392:and transmuted by her egoic ray of love into just and intelligent world service, she may give toPsychology1, 398:disciple who has not yet learned the lesson of a just sense of values. He has been the victim ofPsychology2, 15:demonstration of the dominant individual is just as much a divine success in its proper place andPsychology2, 20:knowledge and a more inclusive grasp of wholes, (just as is the case with a so-called fact). HencePsychology2, 22:body. This, as far as the race is concerned, is just beginning to wax in power in this Aryan racePsychology2, 27:The soul is then in no way conditioned by form. Just as man can express himself in what is calledPsychology2, 51:Growth of Soul Influence a. The Points of Crisis Just as there are five points of crisis in thePsychology2, 71:endeavor, and into the world of soul activity. Just as the soul makes a way for itself by
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